Thursday, July 21, 2011

Magic Whats

Drink plenty of liquids during the heat waves.  I went through about 3 gallons of iced green tea in 2 days. I think there is a hole in my foot. It just all drains out when I am not looking. 

We went from cool weather to heat wave to  mini-tornado to cool weather again. 

At least I am guessing it was a microburst or mini-tornado. It looks like a tree exploded somewhere, but I can't find the tree, just ten thousand pieces of greenery decorating the boat ramp parking lot. A good bit of it was a pine tree complete with green rather than brown pine cones still attached. 

Luckily my laundry survived on the clothes line, but it's soaking wet now. It wasn't quite dry, then this deluge hit with no notice, soaking it all. Ah that rain fresh smell.  Hopefully it will dry overnight.  

The 13 and 17 year cicadas are in full force. They play a symphony each night as they try to woo their potential lovers. They are aptly called Magicicada.The name sounds more like a happy drug than  animalia. 

For the first 13 or 17 years of their life, they live underground in total silence without even moving around. One day they emerge by the thousands.  Hours later they become rowdy flying adults. They are the loudest insects known on earth. 

Their mating and dating is rather short lived, as two months later, they simply drop dead. I find them all over the yard and patio. But they leave behind a legacy of eggs.  These eggs will hatch to become a new underground generation, living in complete secrecy, silent and immobile until it's time for them to spring forth loudly crooning for a mate 13 or 17 years later. 

I have no idea what determines if they emerge in 13 or 17 years. 

Every night they play a loud raucous chorus. I love the sound. 

Recently I had a visitor for a few days who claimed to have never heard these in their entire life. 

The heat wave left with the storm today. I have my windows open but I am using artificial wind because I am so used to the constant trade winds of the Caribbean, it's hard for me to get used to non-wind. 

But the winds today, sent this bird's nest flying.  It landed pretty as you please, right on my patio with a near silent whoosh. What's even funnier, some of my long hair appears to be part of the nest's building materials. 
I'm going to look pretty strange bald headed. I have a big lumpy head. I so love to wear large brimmed summer hats, but finding one big enough for my head is always a problem. 

My DNA was donated to nature. How cool is that. 

Hurricanes and Hangovers and Other Tall Tales and Loose Lies from the Coconut Telegraph by Dear Miss Mermaid

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