Thursday, January 26, 2012


Camouflaged closeup of a hunter's travel trailer. 

Seven days makes one weak...  I get  tuckered out so easily, it's frustrating at times. Of course I wake up with enthusiasm, trying to stay busy all day long. I have so much to do, I never get it all done. When someone tells me they are bored or need something to do... my jaw drops open in total shock. 

Maybe I learned it from my mother. She was never bored (nor boring.) As a child, if I dared to say I was bored, heaven help me. She would rattle off a dozen things I could do from going outside to play to reading a book to folding the laundry or doing the dishes. On a pretty day, she never wanted us indoors. I can hear her voice now. "It's a beautiful day!  Go outside and play!  You need some fresh air and sunshine!"

Is that a donkey or what?

I've been busy with repairs. It's never ending.  The other evening it was way past dark thirty when I closed the door to the wheel estate. It would not lock. I like to  lock all the doors at dark thirty. I found the tool box then commenced fiddling with the lock. I guess one screw vibrated loose, which made the whole lock a little wiggly. It bounced  as I drove, loosening up more screws. It's a darn miracle the entire lock didn't just fall off completely. The second lock, the one I rarely use as it doesn't seem as strong as the deadbolt, is missing a screw. I just hate that. Well, I have to take out the twin, then size up a new one for that too. 

Yesterday, for some fool reason, I decided to wash the outside of the wheel estate. We've had summery weather every afternoon the past week. What I didn't realize was that my RV was well overdue for an outside bath. It doesn't want to come clean!  It didn't look that dirty, until I washed one area, then the rest of it looked positively dreadful. Rather spiteful of it, don't you think?

Even worse, it is 10.5 feet high and I am 5.25 feet tall. My neighbor was amused at me only washing the bottom half, so he brought over his long handled scrub brush. Grrrrrr...  OK, I was gracious about it...

About the time I got the upper side good and sudsy, I frantically realized the windows were opened. Oops!  I never thought I would get so much washed. 

I dashed inside to close them all firmly. Then back out to rinse off the drying suds. Now the flat calm air turned to gutsy gusty winds. As I tried to rinse off with my long wand attached to the water hose, the gale blew all the rinse water back at me, soaking me and my clothes. Harley ran under the wheel estate whimpering. 

I managed to scrub about 40% of the RV before I pooped right out. I dare say only 20% of it looks kind of clean. Oh pooh. 

Puppy dog and I laid down. I was so exhausted, it worried me some, but this happens to me often enough, that I am more or less getting used to it. We both fell asleep for a good 90 minutes. It used to be I could get by on a 20 minute nap, then a 30 minute, then a 45 minute snooze. lately I am astonished to wake up, realizing I have been at my siesta for 90 or more minutes. 

It's 11:15am as I type this, I have over 2 more hours left at my 8 hour shift at the hunters station. I am dead tired, ready to nap. Oh dear me! 

Well, I will get up and start puttering around, trying to jar my self into staying awake. Sure I've been busy since 4am, when I woke up, but now I am fatigued. No fair!


OK, I went out and played ball with the puppy, then we went for a walk.  Next I shook all the muck out of the rugs and washed them. Whew. Anything to keep me awake for a few more hours until my shift is over. I ran out of work to do, as we had no hunters at all show up today. I cleaned up the station, did the paperwork, waved at the workers that went in to spray bushes.They are vague as to what they are doing, but there's a crowd of them in there doing it. They drive 100 miles every day to come spray. I waved at the wildlife biologist who drove by. Then a little old lady blew through the stop signs and entered the wildlife area.

She didn't even stop when I tried to flag her down. Very strange. At least she didn't run me over!  

Life is good. 
The palmetto prairie at Three Lakes Wildlife Management is just awesome. 


  1. I'm glad the little old lady didn't run you over!

    It used to take me about a week to wash my entire 5th wheel. I don't miss that job!

  2. Hi,
    I think it is a wild boar with the tusks.

    It sounds like you are physically doing better than when you first arrived in the United States, and that this lifestyle suits you. Hang in there!

  3. It does look like a donkey to me too. But why is there a fishey swimming above it's head? Maybe they do that in real life & I had just not noticed huh? That's got to be it.
    Yikes, sounds like a little old lady needs glasses or a scolding! Glad she didn't run over you, she'd of thought you were just a speed bump & would have yelled at you for slowing her down! Get some rest when you can. Those are such long shifts...
    Oh & I wash my RV with one of those brushes too. Used to use a mop, but that didn't work too well.


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