Sunday, January 01, 2012

Looking Cool

Fabulous Pictures...

I've found that I practically need to wear the camera 12/7 to capture fantastic pics.  Once you miss an awesome photo op, it's gone forever. I need a camera like a miner's light; stuck to my forehead!

Pet Cam...

Sometimes I wish I could put a pet cam on Harley to see what he sees at his diminutive height. I think all he sees when it comes to people, is their shoes and shins. He loves people and wants to see their faces or plant a kiss on them or both.  I've tried to discourage him from jumping on folks, something a puppy loves to do. He will often try to greet a person by standing on 2 legs with his front paws almost reaching their thigh. While this is cute, it's not cool. 

Now when he has the urge to greet people by touching them with his front paws,  I often just snatch him up, holding him upright  in my arm, so that his eyesight is about level with ours.  This enables him to see the faces of the folks he wants to flirt and lavish his love upon. 

Harley plays king of the mountain with my bed pillows.
He is wearing his new birthday coat.
We came back from a walk.
When I tried to remove his coat, he ran for his pillow mountain, so I left it on him.
Silly dog!

Ut Oh...

I thought by moving to America I was forever escaping frequent random power outages. But here in the middle of nowhere, we have power hiccups. For some strange reason, a power hiccup can shut down my heater. This happened recently while I was sleeping. Outside temps were plummeting to the very low 40's.  My particular motorhome was built for occasional vacationing, not for year round living. Just the same, I am living in it year round. It is insulated, but not very well. So it loses heat quickly. I woke up shivering, cold and having health problems that plague me when I am plunged into cold. I discovered the heater was on but off. Kind of like my brain...  on but off...

So far our power hiccups have not exceeded 5 minutes, but it reminds me how wonderful that I am mostly self sufficient and prepared for longer power outages. But I wasn't prepared for a safety heater that doesn't come back on after a brief outage. 

Now I have the propane furnace set up to come on as a backup. But I forgot to top up the propane when I was in Melbourne. It's always something!

Finally!  Harley poses in his new winter doggy coat! This was his birthday gift.  He was very cold so he has a sweater on underneath. He also has his collar turned up. He thinks it makes him look cool. 


  1. Happy New Year. A doggie cam is a good idea.

  2. Happy New Year Ms Mermaid and Harley.
    Trey and stay warm.

  3. Don't you just love it when your fingers think they need to add letters?
    Now that I am awake just a little bit more tell Harely he looks like a Great Dane standing on the pillows.

  4. Harley is like the Fonz in his new coat! My heater probably will have to be turned back on after an outage too. IF I could use my a/c with the heat strip, that would come back on because it's totally manual, but since I can't get 30amp power here, I have to use the space heater. However, it's much quieter than the roof a/c is.
    Try to keep warm, you need an electric blankey. (then Harley would never ever leave your bed!)

  5. don't sell the cranberry stuff short. If you are a cola drinker, put a couple of onces of cranberry juice into your glass of pepsi or coke .... it gives it a zing. maybe try it in the coffee


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