Monday, August 06, 2012

Mind Ogling

Do you require a park which accepts fur-bearing pets?

That was a question I had to answer today on a workamper application.  I've never quite seen it expressed that way before. Matter of fact, I read and reread the question to make sure I understood it correctly.

WHO wrote this application?

So the pet python might not be a problem but otherwise  I "require a park which accepts fur-bearing pets".

Is that the new politically correct term for  our cats and dogs?

Next time I check into a campground, I can see the fur beginning...

Clerk:  Size of your motorhome?
Me:  28 feet
Clerk:  Number of nights?
Me: Three
Clerk:  How many in your party?
Me:  Two. One humanoid and one fur-bearing pet. 

Should fur-bearing pet be shortened to FBP?

Or how about "furbet"?

So WHAT is this?

A fur-bearing pet?

A coat-wearing canine?

A fleece-lined fur-bearing faux-suede pet? 

That reminds me...

Most parks require dogs to be kept on a six-foot leash at all times. Only problem is, some of Harley's leashes are 4 feet long and one is 5 feet long. If they catch me walking him on a leash less than 6 feet long, will we be in trouble?  


Another application asked me for my last 7 addresses. I have no idea if they meant the last 7 addresses where I lived long enough to get mail or the last 7 campgrounds I stayed the night or what?

Did they realize that 99% of the applicants who apply for workamping positions live in their wheel estate fulltime and therefore move around more often than the general populace?


Then there was the permission for a CBC or a Criminal Background Check. This was for a  unpaid volunteer temporary position for the government.

My thinking is most criminals tend to want to stay far far away from anything to do with any type of government.

Maybe I am wrong.

Maybe there are criminals with spare time on their hands just itching to volunteer their services.

Yes, I have time leftover after my nightly  "Stop and Rob" or "Breaking and Entering"  to volunteer my time working for free...


  1. I assume 'fur bearing pet' would include you gorilla or polar bear, but any iguanas you own aren't counted. Geesh!!

  2. Fur-bearing Pet...







  3. Hmmm, what if you have a hairless dog or cat?? Guess they don't count then? What if you are hairy!??
    OK, go back to that store that you are robbing because you've got to get paid somehow as a volunteer...(I didn't say that in case the gov is reading)

  4. My first thought when I read "fur-bearing pet" was animals who have fur that is harvested as wool rather than just having fur. I was thinking sheep, llamas, alpaca and cashmere goats. Not common pets for those full-timing in an RV! This however suggests a possible way a full-timer can earn extra cash. If one's rv had a toy hauler garage then it would be possible to outfit it as a barn and keep some of those productive fur-bearing animals. Perhaps a better idea would be to outfit the garage as a hen house and sell fresh eggs to the other campers. As chickens are not "fur-bearing" you'd even be allowed to stay in campgrounds that restrict them. Heck if the rule was "no pets" you argue the hens are not "pets" but "indentured servants".

    When my mother was a kid her family had an egg farm. They had 14,000 free-range hens! Surely it wouldn't be that hard to have a few dozen in a toy hauler. =;^)

    Regards, Ross


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