Tuesday, October 02, 2012


faver-dykes state park florida by dear miss mermiad

We arrived at the park for workamping. 

The last three miles were all flat dirt roads, winding us through the lush hammocks  (the slight highlands between the wet lands that can support trees.)

So what awaited us at the end of the dirt roads?

A paved camp site. 

faver-dykes state park florida by dear miss mermiad


  1. That is a big paved spot, odd but nice:) I can see that nobody is going to get by Harley:)

  2. Looks nice and large! Why do I need to rent a spot when I get there? I can share yours. Get some wood ready for a fire next month :))

    The Troutman (In Spirit)

  3. YAye, a spot fit for a land lubber!


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