Sunday, February 17, 2013

Crazy Stuff

I can't find my stuffed toy!

Some days I am as out of sorts as my silly dog who can't find his toy.

High gusty winds destroyed my patio umbrella and damaged my awning. INCREDIBLE!  I didn't need this. Grumble mumble.

Now the weather has suddenly become severe winter with night time temperatures barely above freezing. I was barefoot just the other day.

Thank goodness for my nearly new used trench coat, I am wearing it all the time now to walk the dog. It is lined inside and the sleeves are too long, but that's OK, it keeps my hands warm. Harley is so cold, he wears a doggy Tshirt under his sweater with his cowboy coat on top of all that. He often runs circles around me on his flexi-leash to warm up. He is also eating a mountain of food, but not gaining any weight. He burns it all off just trying to stay warm.

I was wearing 2 pair of pants, socks, fleece lined boots, 2 shirts and the trench coat. YES, it is c-c-cold here. But at least the doggy and I get in some exercise.

These northerners walk by me in their thin little spring jackets and tell me it's not cold. Well 30 something effing degrees IS COLD to me and nothing will change that. I can't seem to warm up!

It snowed in my southern hometown in South Carolina. I guess that makes me officially a snowbird for a day since I am not there.

We're all here, cause we're not all there.  

I am trying a new treatment. It makes me smell funny and cat nap a lot. This might be a miracle.  I sure hope so. My doggy naps with me. What a trooper!

I met a crazy woman in the discount dent and mangled grocery store. She had one item in her buggy. She followed me around chatting, so I made appropriate comments to her revelations.  She tried to strike up odd conversations with other shoppers but they ignored her, giving us strange looks and turning away.  So she kept coming back to me with the same stories, following me around, pushing her cart with the lone gallon of corn oil in it.

She told me she had kidney stones. I told her that was awful and I felt her pain. She told me all about her old diet and her new diet. I told her it sounded like a good plan. Then she told me she might have to go in the hospital. I said that would be dreadful and I hoped she got better.  Suddenly she changed tacks to tell me all about her neighbor and what the neighbor liked to dine on.   All the while she is picking up products, studying them, then either putting them back on the shelf or tossing them in my cart.

After a few minutes, the conversation came back to the same subjects. I pretended like her latest speech was all new to me. She would pick up items off the shelves, then rave about the bargain prices.  Next she would go into a lengthy excuse as to why she might not buy it, then she would place it back on the shelf. A few times she asked me if she should put it in my cart for me. I told her no thanks, I already had some. This seemed to appease her some of the time.

Occasionally she would drop something in my cart after telling me what a good deal it was. My cart was becoming a chaotic mess but I just let her continue to add things now and then to it.

I learned a good bit about her life and her neighbor's life too. She followed me up and down every aisle and finally to the cashier where she said it was nice talking to me. I told her it was delightful meeting her. She seemed quite pleased. Then she started over on one of her stories. I pretended I had not heard it just 5 minutes ago, smiling and nodding. Finally when she paused for breath, I told her again, how much I enjoyed meeting her.  By now I had paid for my purchases after removing the items I didn't want that my new friend had thoughtfully placed in my cart. I told the cashier, I had changed my mind on these items. The cashier gave me an odd look.

Two crazy people in one store?

I left the market with my bargains but the chatty lady stayed behind talking to the clerk. It solved my dilemma  because I wondered what I was going to do with her if she followed me home with her gallon of corn oil.


  1. You are a good person to listen to that lady throughout the store. I can empathize with Harley - I do something like that every day. Great photo of him and his "lost" toy.

  2. This must be "crazy" week at the grocery store. Just this afternoon I was in check out line directly behind some strange happenings.

  3. No wonder you have great friends who come to see you and bring you stuff ... good karma ;)


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