Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dinner For Two Twice

Life is crazy.

So what else is new...

I made dinner for my friends who drove 200 miles to come camp here. There was a problem with the lot they had reserved, so they ended up at the opposite end of the campground. This worked out fine because it was much larger and had healthy grass growing. Harley has enjoyed his bike rides to go see them. Ride is correct, he rides and I suffer through pure torture pedaling him around.

On the way back home, I was working my short legs as fast I could go straight into a strong headwind when a jogger came up behind me, then effortlessly passed me with rivers of sweat running down his body and dribbling on the computer he had strapped to his arm.


I've been passed by a runner while I was on my bicycle!

Gee wiz... I thought I was really improving. Oh well. *SIGH*

Harley loves to repose in his front bicycle basket, looking cool as can be while I try to plaster a smile on my face that probably looks more like a terrified grimace.

In the early evening my friends walked over, enjoying dinner al fresco. The weather was perfect! As usual, I made way too much, but hey, leftovers are good to have around for sure. After they went home, I felt a spurt of energy, so I did all the washing up rather than let it rest until morning as I sometimes do. I had just emptied the crockpot and stored the food when my phone dinged me.

Apparently I had voice mail. A call to check and I found out friends of mine from Minnesota had flown in one way, rented a truck, loaded up a bunch of furniture and were now 67 miles south of me and closing in as we spoke.

Naturally I invited them to come over, offering my spare bunks for the night, but they said yes to the visit and no to the bunks. I asked them to dinner explaining they caught me at a great time. This  thrilled them.  So we had a lovely visit while first I plied them with food then with strong coffee for the drive north.

Harley dog was in dog heaven what with all this company to pay him attention!  He loves nothing better than to show off his toys. My picture below was so dark, I tried to lighten it up, it was taken at night.

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