Monday, November 25, 2013

Lost and Cataloged

I get lost so often in beautiful places, might as well snap a photo. This is my dashboard in the RV, I keep my jumbo Atlas up there on a piece of rubber shelf liner with a basket of fruit.

Just kidding about the fruit basket, it's a basket of doodads, that would normally live in the glove compartment, but my RV doesn't have one of those. However, I do tend to add one or two pieces of fruit in my little basket when I am going out driving, in case I get stuck in traffic and feel faint, I can munch on some.

On travel days, I am often too excited to eat breakfast, but then I set out on my venture and suddenly feel faint but don't want to pull over. This also came in real handy when I was driving through the Sea Islands stopping at draw bridges. I had breakfast on the fly, a piece of fruit at each bridge that opened.

And the fruit comes in handy when I am lost.

It's hard to believe I finally found my new old campground in Melbourne, Florida.  Been here over a week now. Yesterday 40mph winds rearranged my outdoor patio living into a disaster zone. Today I cleaned up most of the mayhem. Even my bicycle was turned upside down, despite being locked to an 8 foot 8 ton picnic table.  I give the thieves a double for nothing; if they steal the bike it comes with the picnic table too!

Harley's toys were scattered across the park by the high winds, but we rounded them up again. I'm just glad we didn't have to chase down laundry, I had hung it up inside this time, thank goodness.

Today's Tip:

Receiving unwanted catalogs in the mail when you are a traveler can be a real nightmare. Especially when months of mail catch up to you and it includes fifty pounds of catalogs because you ordered one little part months ago.

To Remove Your Name from All Catalog Mailing Lists:

Send an e-mail to with your name and mailing information. Abacus is the database used by nearly all product catalogs.

To Opt-Out of Just the Catalogs that You Don't Want (Or to make sure certain companies are specifically notified):

Create a free account at  then choose the catalogs that you'd like to unsubscribe from. They'll take care of the rest.

I have recently done both because I don't need or want catalogs from anybody about anything. I like to think I am doing more with less!

That reminds me, another nice thing about shopping with Amazon is they never send you any catalogs. Hooray!


  1. We too forget to eat on travel days. End up longingly gazing at Krystal...

    We're at Carrabelle just in time for the first gale of the season. It's great to be back!

  2. I find snacking on fruit when I drive helps keep me awake and alert.


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