Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thank You

I cherish my Readers, Fans, Subscribers, Sponsors, Saints and Angels.
THANK YOU with love, hugs, wild applause and happy paws.
Your readership, patronage, support and encouragement keeps me humbled in gratitude.
I feel so blessed, grateful and lucky to be alive in this wondrous world.
THANK YOU from Dear Miss Mermaid and her funny little dog.

A mere 5 years ago, I took this picture from my patio
in the Virgin Islands of sunrise on Thanksgiving morning.
I owned 3 cats that I loved dearly.
I had no clue that 5 years later I would be living in a little
old motorhome, camping in Florida with a funny little dog.

Life is goof.


  1. I want you to know, Miss Mermaid, that I follow your heroic journeys, and they are an inspiration.

  2. Thank you , that is very moving.
    You make me blush.


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