Thursday, February 13, 2014

It's A Dog!

It was cold and very windy today. We walked to the off-leash dog park, when we returned, Harley sat down on his favorite perch which is the top of the driver's seat in the little old motorhome.

Since he adopted that spot, I keep a little washable blanket there for him. It was labeled as a car wash towel, but it was super soft like a baby blanket. I think the Chinese got their labels all mixed up.

The package labeled a car wash towel was really a soft baby blanket.

My wash cloths I use in the shower, were labeled as dish cloths, but they are thick and fluffy like a bath wash cloth.

What I bought labeled as a bath wash cloth, was thin linen like lunch napkins.

What I use for a dish cloth, was labeled as a dish towel but tiny, square and thin to dry quickly.

My dish towel was labeled as a stove mitten.

Somebody's needs to straighten out the Chinese labeling system.

Speaking of more funny stuff... this is how Harley looked after a very windy walk from the dog park.

Ever since an angel sent him Newmans Organic Dog Food, his fur has sprouted out in all directions.

People look at him then ask me all the time "What is it?"

"It is my dog!"

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