Thursday, April 03, 2014

Good and Evil

Harley dog is always try to drag me down this path near our campsite whenever we are walking on poop patrol.
He knows it leads to the beach.
When we reach the sand, he loves to run circles around me on his long flexi-leash.
This makes the other beachgoers laugh, point, and stare at his sheer exuberance.
We could all learn a lot about seizing the moment and embracing life, from the antics of silly little puppy dog.

Sometimes I take some ribbing and ridicule about my other worldly feelings. But today I feel a tad vindicated. When I was staying in Orlando near the triple murders that were found, I couldn't sleep. This evil presence kept waking me up. On day 2 it seemed to leave, only to return again. While my friends pleaded for me to stay, I decided to cut my visit short and leave several days early. I took off out of sheer exhaustion but as I put more miles on the old motorhome, the evil feeling finally abated. I felt a huge relief, like I had made the right decision. 

At the next campground in Georgia, things felt fine, so I slept and rested up for 3 days, before traveling onwards. In a stroke of pure luck the site I had reserved at Hunting Island opened up for a few more days meaning I could arrive much earlier than the original reservation. Considering the place was booked solid, this was such fabulous luck, I wondered if angels above were looking out for this fool. I snatched up the days by internet reservation, then rerouted my trip. 

I quit following the unsolved triple murder story, trying to focus on positive things. It looked like the whole situation was helplessly botched. Why keep reading the same articles over and over? I needed to focus on peace and healing. The spirit is willing but the body is failing.

Tonight when my internet kicked in briefly, for some absurd reason I looked up the awful news, just to see if anything new had happened on the triple homicide. Incredibly, an arrest had been made three hours earlier and the murderer was caught about a mile and a half away from where I had been previously camping.

Creepy indeed.

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  1. i'd say that you got out of dodge on time. botched it was. the cops now blame dispatch. maybe it's only on tv that they talk to the complainants. yep that's it. glad you are away from there.

    peaceup raz


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