Thursday, May 15, 2014

It's All My Fault

We've had a roller coaster ride of weather lately. Soaring temperatures in the 80's and 90's Fahrenheit (or 26-32 Celsius) brought out swimmers and boaters in droves at the park where I am workamping in my little old motorhome for the spring and summer.

There is no campground here. I sometimes miss the the camaraderie of other travelers and campers. But I couldn't find workamping in a campground that didn't include heavy labor so I ended up here. No complaints. Life is full of trade offs. I am super lucky to have this gig.

I've noticed taking a picture downhill makes the area seem so small. Such is the case with the picture below. The beach and swim area are huge, but I am standing uphill looking downhill. When the 2 dimensional picture shows up here, it makes the beach and swim area appear so tiny. I wish I were 20 feet taller, then the picture would seem more realistic.

Now the weather is cooling off again. So cold that now it's expected to be in the 50's (10 C). It's all my fault too. I put away my boots and temporarily took the comforter off the bed.

I say temporarily because it has to live on the bed year round. There is no where else to stow it in the motorhome. I like the feel of it year round anyhow. It's soft and cuddly.

But I took it off the bed, so I could remove the duvet cover for a good washing. I hung it out to dry and wadded up the comforter on the guest loft. Then I foolishly made up the bed without the comforter. While doing that, I tripped over my warm winter boots, so I stashed those away in a hard to reach storage area, thinking I surely would not need them for a few months.

So that folks, is why temperatures plummeted from 90 to 50F (32 to 10C).

It's all my fault.

Stay Cool (or Warm)

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  1. I laughed as you recounted all your "sins". Don't be too hard on yourself.


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