Monday, July 28, 2014


Just a fan-tabulous day all around.

Sunny and fab-tastic!

I decided to do things I didn't want to do. That was hard work and I didn't finish. So tomorrow, part two of things I don't want to do. Yucky poo!

It's more fun to putter and sputter than to do the nasty chores. One of my nasty chores is paperwork. It's piled up everywhere and it's overwhelming. I used to be such a wizard at organizing and dealing with paperwork, now it just mystifies my addled brain and tortures me. Accounting I am a wizard at (my first career) so I am able to post that in a heartbeat. The key to living on minimal funding is keeping up with every little penny (but it's still a chore!)

But today I plowed through a big pile of paperwork in between all the other chores. WHEW. More tomorrow...

Now for some fun stuff...

I went from air conditioning to the steamy outdoors
to do my workamping chores.
The camera was fuzzy and caught this photo of Harley Dog
seemingly blending in with the scenery. It's rare that I can get
him to stay still for a photo. *Sigh*

By the time I was ready to walk on water,
the camera had thawed out.
The lake is not at full pond, so a new shoreline is slowly emerging.
It's some kind of iron oxide that gives us that red clay which is
stunning against the white sands.

I am so super lucky and very grateful for another gorgeous day in paradise. Every day is just full of wonder. I wonder where I am, I wander where I wonder.

Earth's Biggest Selection

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