Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Famous Harley

Harley dog is rather famous in the campground. He makes friends easily what with his goofy look and enthusiasm at wanting to meet new people and dogs. He sometimes is polite to a new doggy just long enough to get his paws on their human and flirt with them too. 

People come up to us and say "Oh I remember you from last year." Most then ignore me while they play with Harley. He's been photographed quite a few times and he just soaks up the attention doing random tricks like a circus dog. Tricks he refuses to do on command. What a curious mutt!

Today while we were walking the garbage out, a man exiting the restroom we were passing came up to us and said "I remember you from last year!" Then he picked up Harley cuddling him. He said "I'll keep the baby while you carry the garbage out!" It was funny. Harley was more than happy to be cuddled and loved, but alas, I made Harley carry the garbage out with me. I encourage Harley to do his doggy business at the dumpster. Or maybe he got used to this waiting on me to finish dumpster diving. Either way, we linger around the dumpster area in case he needs to make a deposit too. 

If you travel and camp with a dog, this a good thing to teach or train them. Of course most folks don't walk the garbage out daily or more like I do, but in my case, if I don't get the little bits of garbage out daily then it might get too heavy for me to walk it out. 

Sometimes I can't resist dumpster diving and I said I wasn't going to do that this trip,  but I guess old habits are hard to break. Just the other day I came home with a stainless steel baking sheet and a nearly new broiler pan that both fit my oven perfectly. Amazing! I can and will use both of those. They were inside a toaster oven. I didn't need the toaster oven (no room). Though two winters back while I was camping for 8 weeks in one spot, someone gave away a big electric convection oven. I baked outside with it for the rest of my stay, then I gave it away. No room to travel with it. 

I've been taking Harley on the bicycle to the far end of the beach where he slips his leash long enough to play about 50 rounds of Frisbee. I have to take the Frisbee away sometimes and insist he drink water. He will happily gulp down a a good bit, then sometimes spit and sputter water he breathed in by mistake in his haste to finish this ritual. 

Then he spins around once, twice, thrice beckoning me to throw that beloved Frisbee again. Other beachgoers find it hilarious to see such a tiny dog playing with a big Frisbee. Shhh... Harley doesn't know he is a small dog. A few times I've told inquiring minds he was a Saint Bernard. 

Matter of fact there is a Saint Bernard in the campground. One thing I love about South Carolina State Parks is that they are dog friendly without imposing ridiculous restrictions. Some folks come over to love on Harley because for whatever reason, they had to leave their dog(s) behind. Several families admitted they have so many dogs from rescuing those with sad tales, that they felt it was too many to bring the whole pack camping. 

I met a 3 generation family of 6 camping that arrived with 6 dogs, each one vastly different, big and small. When they walked, it was like a pet parade, with each family member having their own dog on their own leash. It was cute as can be and the dogs were all well behaved. They put up a temporary fence around part of their camping area. I would see them sitting outside with all their dogs lazing about, some on laps, others laying on the grass, some playing. They said it started when they adopted one doggy who was smitten with the grandmother. The rest of the family was a tad jealous, so they went to adopt a second dog. This time the new dog was nuts about the father. And so it began. They each ended up adopting a dog of their own. 

And of course, Harley is famous as the doggy on a bicycle! He likes to sit up front regally with the wind blowing his fur as we traverse the campground and the beach. Lately it's been a tad cold, so he has had to wear his sweaters to brave the winds. He loves getting dressed! Too funny. 

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Harley and I keep rolling along.

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