Sunday, November 30, 2014

Doodling Around

Random fun!
Daytona Beach gives a tropical welcome to interstate travelers. 

The view from my rocking chair. 

Some evenings the sunsets are incredible!
(Wickham Park, Melbourne, Florida)

Flowers from a secret admirer.
Fun and beautiful!

Harley: "No I did not rip the green tennis ball. Nope. Not me. I'm innocent. Some other doggy must have ripped the fluff off the ball. Wasn't me."
(Look closer at the green tuft on his chin that matches the green tuft ripped from the tennis ball.)

Sunshine! At long last! Beautiful glorious sunshine!

Harley woke up in the guest loft. 

A speedy Brunch for two
Egg frittata with Vidalia onion, red bell pepper, mushrooms, cheddar cheese, cracked pepper and Italian seasoning.
Fresh fruit salad over shredded Romaine lettuce with cinnamon honey yogurt dressing 

Harley's passenger seat has been rotated around to face the living area of the motorhome.
He has his bed on a pillow, stuffed with his blanket and 2 toys he added.
When the armadillo outside caught his attention, he climbed to the headrest for a better view.
And you wonder why his nickname is Monkey...
Life is goof.
Earth's Biggest Selection, Delivered To Your Door
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And we Thank You oh so much!

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