Sunday, November 09, 2014

Found Florida!

September 2, 2014 doggy and I left South Carolina in search of Florida.

I am pleased to announce that on November 8, 2014 we managed to cross the state line "Welcome to Florida!"

Needless to say we are extremely please with our herculean efforts to tackle this adventure and say by golly "WE DID IT!"

The sunshine state gave us a very warm greeting by pouring down icy cold rain.

Ain't life grand!

We have met the most astonishing wonderful people in our wanderings. Even now we seem to be surrounded by earthly angels. This mermaid feels right at home.


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  1. Glad your having fun, Will try and make it up there tomorrow.

  2. I'm so glad. I do worry about you.

  3. Lots of anonymous comments, so I have to guess who! Tee hee hee.


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