Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lost and Confused But Alive and Kicking

I am so lost and confused, but meeting awesome people and laughing all the way.

Things are breaking and non-functioning, but I've decided to just give up, let it stay broken and move on with life and staying alive.

Today I have internet and computer phone working, a huge bonus!

Last night in pouring down rains I had six adults cozied up inside my tiny wheel estate. Astonishingly we managed to have an incredibly tasty pot luck meal that rivaled any high end restaurant within 100 miles. Through the efforts of several talented camping chefs we had pork tenderloin, seafood pasta salad, potato salad, green bean bacon casserole, beans and rice pilaf and as if that wasn't enough to stuff us fully, making the motorhome and our waistlines even snugger, we polished off the meal with Kahluha chocolate cake.

Pot luck. My favorite! What a treat. Life is grand. I am oh so blessed.

While the storm dumped copious amounts of cold rains all around us, we yacked it up until past 1am in the wee hours of the morning.

Yippee doodle doo!

My writing has been very erratic lately. I guess you probably noticed that. I think if I were to be brutally honest, I live in a warped timeline of happy confusion.

The last week I was at Hunting Island, I had pot luck nightly at my place with three other ladies who were traveling solo and staying in the campground. Somehow 4 women managed to provide enough food to feed a small army. We had copious leftovers each evening to carry us through lunches and more potlucks.

I think there is nothing finer than to sit down and leisurely share a meal with fascinating people.

While I love my puppy dog, he is not much on conversation around meal time, so this exotic treat of random potluck meals has been a wonderful diversion.

I am the luckiest person alive!

By the way...

If you are scratching your head trying to come up with gifts for the holidaze, I am pushing my book "Hurricanes and Hangovers" as a wonderful gift suitable for anyone that loves to laugh.

Harley dawg and I thank you; our wonderful readers, fans, angels, friends, framily, subscribers, and all around wonderful human beings that enter our lives bringing us joy and laughter.

Life is goof.


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  1. With all the adult sized friends in your wheel estate not only was our belt lines get snug. But your wheel estate was also bulging at the seams. But enjoyed it. Hopefully next time we all meet up I'll be able to join for the entire camp out. I do have a mental list in my head of things you need to fix. And will put aside.
    Hope y'all dry out and have a safe trip to your next destination.


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