Saturday, January 31, 2015


Seems like everything is falling apart, so I have been working left, right and center like a blind one-armed wrestler fighting an octopus.

Oh how I wish I could draw a cartoon of this.

Better yet, if I were the octopus, I could fix things that requires 14 fingers, 3 thumbs and a left-handed right-angled screw driver.

Here's the turkey vulture, waiting to clean up after the fight. He looked to be about 3 feet tall! 

See ya round the campfire soon.



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  1. wondered where my buzzard went. i live in indiana and our buzzards go south in the winter. they make great pets. friendly and tasty if cooked right.

    ice cream raz

  2. newagenomad posted that with amazon for you to get your spif we need to enter through you. if i look it up first and then order through you nothing. truth? i can believe it.

    ice cream raz

  3. Just click on my Amazon link, then order whatever you want. We THANK YOU!


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