Friday, November 20, 2015


Thank you for the wonderful comments and emails. I feel so encouraged!

tioga montara, a big wheel rv park, st marys georgia
Tiny Home Living at A Big Wheel RV Park, St Marys, Georgia
Whenever I camp, my site looks huge, because my rig is small with no slideouts and I don't have a car. Sometimes I whimsically wish campgrounds and RV parks would charge by the pound. Just have a big truck scale at the entrance, weigh us with all our junk then figure up the cost for camping per pound.

There are many RV-ers who travel with 10 times the stuff I do and there are minimalists who travel with a lot less than me.

Considering everything I own fits in my little old wheel estate and it's my 24/7/365 home, I feel pretty darn lucky! I have a home. Whee!

Lately I've been making numerous changes in my day to day life. This is HARD work. It's so much easier to be ho hum and make up a ton of excuses. That's easier than actually getting anything done. I tell myself "Just do it, no excuses. Excuses are a waste of time, energy and breath."

I realized I didn't have time to do the things that are very important to me. Hmmm...

Something wrong with this picture.

So I began looking at positives and negatives. What was sucking away at my time or energy that I could control and change?

That is when I discovered my AH HA moment.

So I began contemplating eliminating certain time and energy hogs. A few of them require me to finish up loose ends first. Grrr...

Not an easy task!

So far I'm plowing through at a snail's pace, seeing minor accomplishments hither and yonder. It feel terrific!

It's in my nature to lead a busy life, but these days and times, I need to slow way down for personal reasons. Maybe in the future, I will pick up the pieces and run full speed ahead, for now, I have to be content with a slower but peaceful lifestyle.

The hardest part is remembering each and every day to be super grateful for all the bounty that has come my way. I woke up alive, the sun came up, I was fed and my little doggy tried his best to drive me crazy. Life is goof!

Best of all, I had earthly angels make beautiful comments on my blog encouraging me in so many ways., telling me things I needed to hear. You touched my very soul.  I owe you many thanks.




  1. Good luck to you in changing your lifestyle. That is not easy to do.

    I think I have accumulated things over the last three years, so time to clean out those storage basements and toss. But I am always amazed at how much stuff people carry around in those big Class As! WOW.


  2. It's hard to toss stuff. Even my doggy is a little consumer, loving his toys and "stuff". I have to be super sneaky to get rid of any of his excess.


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