Saturday, January 09, 2016

Travels With Harley

Another beautiful day in paw-adise...

Wickham Park Campground, melbourne, florida

Mirror reflections in a small pond mesmerize my canine soul.

frog chalk

Space is at a premium in our little old wheel estate  but during the holidays the human let me doodle on the windows with Liquid Chalk Markers by Frog Chalk. 

I paws-itively love hamburger! I guess the human isn't very hungry. She made her burger very small.

hamburger for Harley

I'm in the basket, ready to ride... and nothing is happening.

Is there a secret to make this Day 6 bicycle roll through the park? I want to feel the wind in my fur. It makes my ears stand up!

Look at me! I can stand on one paw! Looky looky!

Nap time is more fun with my new buddy ducky from Secret Supa Santa.

harley dog naps, rving with pets, rving with dog

While I am napping...

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