Friday, June 24, 2016

A Basket of Shrimp


 I went bike riding with a friend at 7:30 am. It took nearly 45 minutes to arrive at the seafood shop.

We intended to buy fresh shrimp. 

Since I had to go inside I removed the dog from his front bicycle basket then tied him up up to their porch railing. 

Looking bewildered, Harley dog climbed up into their rocking chair outside so he could have a better glimpse through the window what we were up to inside. 

When I handed over a hand woven basket lined with a flimsy garbage bag and asked for some ice for the shrimp purchase, the fishmonger looked askance at my basket and said "THIS is your cooler?"

Nantucket Cisco Rear Bicycle Pannier Basket w/Hooks by Nantucket Bike Basket Co.
Nantucket Pannier

I said well the dog and I came by bicycle and that's the rear basket for carrying it home.
"You brought a dog?"
"Yes. He rode in the front basket. He's the little mutt outside sitting in your rocking chair."


I wonder why I get such strange stares from people. 

Life is goof. 




  1. Everyone would do well to get a bicycle and live like you and Harley do.

  2. Where I go my dog goes except mine won't fit on any bicycle. Enjoying your blog!

  3. I envy you for being able to ride a bicycle. Sadly, I wasn't taught that and swimming; these are two very useful skills one must have in life.

  4. Thanks for the great comments and to DUTA...

    Don't give up yet! Swim lessons for adults are available at the YMCA and YWCA. Also check with the Red Cross, they can usually tell you where adult swim lesson are available.

    I spent 40 years not riding a bicycle. I had to relearn. It can be done. Go to any bicycle shop on a weekday when they are not so busy and get help learning to ride one. You don't have to go very fast to achieve balance. If you had a chance to try out a Day 6 bicycle, you would be able to put your feet on the ground without leaving the seat. A Day 6 would be super easy to learn to ride.

    Even so there are training wheels, but many adults have learned or relearned to ride a bicycle.

    Don't give up, it can be done.


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