Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Looking Like A Man Now

Polyester itch.

It's plagued me all my life. I thought polyester clothes went out with leisure suits in the 70's. But this past year I've been in a few stores searching for clothing and so much of it was 100% polyester or polyester blends.

I can't wear them without spending my days and nights scratching away my skin. One place I workamped as a volunteer was pretty upset that I wouldn't wear their 100% polyester uniforms. But I felt like I was trapped in a hot itchy oven the few minutes I tried them on. I guess my polyester itch had not suddenly gone away.

Finding pure cotton can be hard indeed. Sometimes I can get away with 95% cotton and 5% spandex but on a humid day even that might give me a rash.

Good grief.

Rayon seems to work for me, no idea why but rayon is manufactured from naturally occurring polymers, it is considered a semi-synthetic fiber. Of course one in awhile some rayon labeled fabric turns up from overseas and one can tell right away that it's not real rayon.

Last year I was walking out of a store empty handed when the man shopping with me said "Did you see the V-neck T-shirts in the men's department? They are the tunic length you desire, 100% cotton and V-neck too.

Well, I now wear 2 men's T-shirts from that shopping expedition, one in chili red and the other in teal. It's scary when men's clothes fit better than women's.

Recently I was rounding up RV parts and had to traipse through the women's department sale items on my way to hardware. Funny how that happens.

I was disgusted with the women's sale items. A beautiful T-shirt dress that was heavily reduced was 60% polyester. No can do. Not for me. I searched all the sale items and walked away empty handed. Well, that was  easy on the budget!

On my way out of the women's section, I slammed on brakes at the men's section. This 100% rayon shirt was on sale drastically reduced. I tried it on and it fit beautifully. I like the longer "tunic" length. The sleeves were loose and fell almost to my elbow. The collar could be opened up to a decent V without my body parts hanging out the wrong way. (Use your imagination!) The rayon was a nice tight but breathable weave and the colors of the shirt were a happy Caribbean summer theme.

Oh sure the buttons are on the wrong side but what the heck. It accidentally fell into my cart and followed me home.

So if you don't recognize me lately, it's because I've been shopping in the men's wear for my clothing.

Even funnier... three women commented favorably on my new "on sale" shirt recently. Were they just being polite or did they genuinely like my man-blouse?

What does it say about my middle-aged body if men's clothes are starting to fit me and actually look nice?

Help me here.

If I run into a man dressed like me... what should I say to him?

Compliment his taste?


Ask him where he shops?

Life is goof.

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  1. Me too. For years (50). My sons' and my husband's cast-offs. Madras stylishly faded. Oxford cloth dress shirts, all weights - white and blue. Most anything from India or Nicaragua, Honduras. They're great for out-doors in summer, especially the long sleeves to block heat. If you sweat, the tiniest breeze or just walking briskly colds you down. At the garden nursery where we worked, we turned the garden hose up occasionally to cool us down. Try as is stores. Keep writing. I do enjoy it.

  2. I had to laugh at your comments.

    Ever since "they" shipped the cloth mills out of South Carolina, we have had problems. In the late 60's you could find beautiful materials in outlets all over the S.C. and we sewed our dresses. Now we have synthetic materials from China and the "hand" of the clothing is terrible. They look old even when they are new on the hanger.

    I am constantly searching for quality silk and wool for the winter and cotton for the summer. It is hard to find for a decent price. Sometimes Goodwill is the best place to look as older articles of clothing are better quality. You just gave me a new idea though. The men's department might just work. lol

  3. I wear lots of men's t-shirt because they have v-necks and fit much more comfortably. I like your shirt and all the colors.

  4. I enjoyed "anonymous" comments about the madras and oxford shirts and how the long sleeves are even good in the summer. I live out in Indian territory on the Red River Oklahoma so I don't think anyone will notice what I wear. Comfort has become my focus, especially as I get older. I, too, appreciate your site.


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