Wednesday, June 29, 2016

My baby boy otherwise known as a crazy little 6.6 pound dog who refuses to believe he is small except when he needs comforting and leaps into my arms.

Anyhow in the motorhome he rarely gets to hang his head out the window because I won't leave the passenger window down for him and I won't let him touch me while I am driving. Not even my thigh or calf. Certainly not my lap. He has to sit in his seat or sit on the floor between the seats but he can't touch me if I am driving.

He knows where park is on the transmission. Let me shift to park and he leaps into my lap as if we have been separated for weeks. Good grief.

Too many gate guards and toll booth operators have given him treats. If I pull up to a booth, he jubilantly lands in my lap and hangs out the window before I can scold him. It's the only exception to the "don't even think about touching me while I drive" that I have reluctantly allowed him. One time years ago, my RV was being repaired and they loaned me a car to go get lunch.

I had to take my dog with me and you can't go inside restaurants with a dog. So I went through a drive-up window for food. He thought that was coolest thing. People handing out hamburgers. Yes I got him one. The plain cheap 99 cent one with just a burger and nothing else. Poor baby had to eat something.

Recently we were riding in my friend's car. I held my silly dog out the window. He loves this. I also use his leash as a secondary safety feature. He hangs out as far as he can to feel the wind in his fur.

He is a scrawny little dog with a lot of wild fur. Nature was kind to him in a twisted way.

Life is goof.

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  1. Harley is the perfect little friend/companion for you. I love to watch his antics.


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