Thursday, June 09, 2016

Non Colin

We survived tropical storm Colin. In spite of my numerous preparations, it turned out to be a non-event for this area.


Thank goodness for small favors.

Now it's time to pack up the circus and shuffle along.

That's me in site number one. Luckily it came with a huge expanse of green grassy mowed weeds that also harbored little sharp sticky things that kept sticking into my bare feet like splinters. I had to wear shoes outside, what a shame.

It's always nice when a campground leaves some wide open spaces for breathing room rather than pack us all in like a tree-less Walmart parking lot.

Earthing or grounding is a way to walk around barefoot and discharge built up energy from electronics and electrical items.

The number one cure for sadness and depressions is *drum roll* go outside and get some fresh air and sunshine. The further from civilization... the better. If you can walk barefoot, it's a huge bonus. Did you know feet are designed to walk barefoot? It's tortuous shoes that fight with this scenario that often wreck feet. Funny how that works out.

The problem is, comfy shoes that resemble walking barefoot are often wide, flat, plain and mundane. In this modern vain society, many choose fashion over health. When you see me, I am easy to recognize, I wear comfy slip on Crocs because for me, they are lightweight, easy to slip on and off and I can walk very comfortably on all sorts of terrain as well as pedal my bicycle. I used to love Birkenstocks, but they are pricey and don't hold up well to getting wet but they were oh so comfy.

Time to pack up.

See you around the campground or down the byways and highways.

Thank you for stopping by. 
We woke up alive and life is goof!

Harley dog recommends it. 

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