Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Shuffle Down the Road

Soon I have to load up the circus and move along. My time here is up. I am unclear about my future reservations, but I have a plan. More or less.

More less than otherwise.

There is a campground I want to visit that refuses all reservations. They will allow me to call ahead and ask if there is currently any space, but they won't save any or accept any reservations. It's how they keep their office simplified.

Well whatever works for them. I can understand simplicity.

Doing more with less.

Go small, go now.

Go big, go later.

You walk in the door, you plunk down your money, that's good enough for them.

So it might be a day or two before I post. Traveling can sometimes seriously wear me down. Just shopping the other day wore me out but we had crazy weather. Sun shining, full steamy humidity. Step inside a store, step back out to full blown storm.

What's funny is that scenario was repeated several times.

At one point I was parked and making a snack because a huge storm made it impossible to drive. I had a tall bridge to cross. I didn't fancy being on the bridge in my motorhome in high winds. So I stayed put until the weather improved.

Better safe than sorry.

I am parked backwards on this camp site, but I wanted to enjoy the shade. My electric just barely reached with a few inches to spare. That's my shadow taking the picture.

Harley will be sad to go. He always is. But here he had the luxury of dragging his leash around playing with a big beach ball. Whenever he would get near the road I would yell "STOP!" and he would. He learned that years ago from me trying to take pictures while walking him.

All my pictures were coming out blurry so I started yelling "STOP!" and eventually he got the hang of it.

He is real smart.

So smart, he has a selective learning disorder.

Does't come when his name is called, but if an "audience" shows up, he goes into his full clown mode.

An audience can be one or two or more. He loves an audience to show off.

No idea where he got that notion.

Harley reads old yeller

Harley loves to read a good book, but he hasn't learned how to hold the book and turn the pages. He needs help with that. Here he is reading "Old Yeller".

Thank you for stopping by. 
We woke up alive and life is goof!

Harley dog recommends it. 

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