Thursday, October 26, 2017

What the Heck?

What the heck it that?
Oh it's just my awning.
It's been through quite an ordeal lately.
The night before I ran from Irma, it was hit by a heavy tree branch.
The next day I had to roll it up during heavy rains. Then I left to run and hide.
I've patched, glued and cajoled it back into reluctant service.
Now it needs a serious cleaning (or a serious replacement.)

Wait a minute.
There is something else there.
What the heck?
 It's my froggy!
Ever since I have owned this RV there has been a froggy traveling with me. I've collected pictures over the years of froggy. I have no idea where he lives or how he has survived this long.

I suspect that once I round up all the pics and organize them, it may turn out to be multiple frogs.
In the past I have written about this froggy phenomenon and posted pics. 

But still the question.

Why my rig?

Someone near and dear to me, who is long departed from this world used to collect froggy stuff. Whenever I see my froggy, I think of them.

Are they riding along with me as an angel frog?

Life is goof.

Thank you kindly for stopping by today.

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  1. One of the reasons I love staying in Florida is that sometimes when you park at a site and open up the electric hookup box to plug in, you find a little green tree frog. Adorable! So nice that you have your own frog that has survived a hurricane and all that driving.


Life is goof!