Friday, June 01, 2018


I am so confused.

Every time I try to post here this notice flies up in my face. 

I spent almost 3 weeks offline with no internet. It was heaven on earth in so many ways. My technology is old and my plan is super frugal. I don't have the latest and greatest of anything in technology. 

But I come back and my email over runneth with over a 200 changes and notices from dozens of corporations. Some of them sending me multiple changes and notices, to click here and click there for urgent messages about who merged, who splurged. I visit a website to check my email and suddenly splash screens hog everything telling me I have to agree to this or that or I can't do one simple thing.

I stay off the internet for 3 weeks and what happened?

It can't grind alone without my consent to  thousands of pages of legal garbled goop?

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