Saturday, August 18, 2018

Only 104

A tad warm here today.

A day to go play with the garden hose, watering the tiny garden and washing the RV.

The first one is fun, the second one is a necessary evil chore, but hey let me brainwash myself... getting wet when it's this hot is going to be fun fun fun ho hum... fun fun fun ho hum....

The view from my front door, 5 steps up. The thing on the right is my electric wind. It is covered up for protection from the frequent rains.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Beauty, Hope and a Miracle

I've been busy with alternative treatments.


But today a flower bloomed in my garden!

It gave me beauty. It gave me hope. It gave me a miracle!

Maybe every  thing is going to be all right.

This flower and plant came from a "dead" pot.

I think I wrote about this before, rescuing pots from the dump that had dirt and dead plants or no plants in them. Also when the heirs were cleaning up from my deceased neighbor, they gave me his one living plant and all his dead plants and pots.

I cut down the dead plants but kept watering the dirt and even gave them some plant food. 

Ironically, I got the plant food for free too. I was told I could have anything out of an old shed after the heirs were through emptying it of what they wanted,  they said "Whatever is left in the shed, go in and take all you want."

Well, I found plant food, bug spray, floor vinyl, RV parts, a bench vise, a ton of odd things that were useful.

I figured one of these days I would have something to plant  and the pot(s) would be there waiting.

Surprise surprise!

Even green weeds would be nice (and I am growing lot of green weedy things. )

It's my nature to be eternally optimistically and very hopeful and sometimes a bright yellow flower just pops up and says  "I'm alive AND you're alive!"

Life is tough but miracles do happen.

A little hope and optimism can go a long long ways.

Now maybe a master gardener will tell me what kind of flower this is.

THANK YOU for all the wonderful comments. Now if I can figure out how to respond to them life will be goof... um good!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Deep Discounts

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The Doo-Doo List

A dog's life is never done.

My pet parent was exhausted. She said "I am going to take a nap, you be a good little doggy."

Well, poor thing she looks kind of ruff, so while she naps on the sofa, I might as well knock out her TO DO list she left on the table. She was mumbling that it was too long, too much and she was too tired. If I do it all for her, then she will have more time for me! We can go for long walks, do pee-mail,  play frisbee, play ball, we can ride the bicycle, we can play with all my toys. Oh joy! Yes, I willbe a good little doggy while she naps.

Her handwriting is a bit messy. I wonder if she meant the DOO-DOO list? I am good at doo-doo, so good at doo-doo that every time I go outside to doo-doo, she says GOOD DOGGY! So this should be a snap.

First item says PAY BILLS. Hmm, she probably meant PLAY BALLS. I am good at playing with bouncy balls, so yes, I can do that one. I like to climb up the steps to the bedroom then drop my rubber ball and it bounces down the steps and through the hallway for me to retrieve. Oh this is fun! Check it off as done.

Next on the list is FOLD LAUNDRY.  Gosh, I am great at folding laundry. I love to sit on the entire clean pile until it flattens down folded. First I have to walk all over the clean laundry in a circle going round and round many times so that it flattens down better. Then I plop down and lay on it. Every few minutes I get up and walk round and round on it some more, then lay on it again. It may take awhile, but eventually I get it flat, folded and stacked. As a bonus,  it smells nice too when I am done. She will be so happy cause it will smell fresh, just like EAU DE PAW-FUN.  So check that off as done.

Third item is vacuum. Well that is easy enough. We have this iRobot named Ronda Roomba. I just push the big round button and Ronda starts zipping around, sucking up dirt.

Fourth item is WASH DISHES. That is so easy peasy! I licked all those dishes with my tongue in under 10 minutes. Honest to goodness, she is going to be thrilled when she sees I've done all the dishes plus the pots and pans too!

Next on the list is EMPTY GARBAGE CAN. Well, I can knock that over and empty it for her. Mark that DONE (and it only took me 5 seconds!) Now the garbage can is empty and there is a pile on the floor.

Ronda Roomba is pushing the pile around.

Oh never mind, next on the list is DECLUTTER. I wasn't sure what that meant, but now that I've emptied the garbage and made clutter, I see Ronda Roomba is pushing all that garbage clutter under the couch. Looks pretty nice to me! I wonder why she doesn't use that couch storage more often? Plenty of room under there to hide a lot of stuff. Oh boy is she going to be so HAPPY with me!

Let's see, the next item on the list is wash windows. Another job for my tongue! Hey this doo-doo list is getting to be quite entertaining. If I slobber enough, the window washing goes much faster. Whee!

OK, that's crossed off,  let me check the list again. It says SHRED PAPERS. I know she hates paperwork and the mailman just dropped off a big stack of envelopes stuffed with papers. She likes to open them and growl and groan. I can rip them all open with my teeth, then shred it all into tiny itty bitty pieces AND growl at them just like she does when she opens them. Won't she be so proud of me! Ronda Roomba is vacuuming up all the little shredded bits of paper and pushing some of the ones she spits back out under the couch. Wow, we sure are getting a lot done today.

Back to the list, it reads WATER PLANTS. Well, I can just lift a leg here and there and call that a done deal. A sprinkle here, a sprinkle there, now all the plants have water.

Checking the list again, she has written CHANGE BED. Um, OK. Let's see, I can drag the covers off the bed. Let me jump up and down on the pillows and waddle my butt across them.  It sure looks different without the covers in the way and the pillows are unique looking now. I guess that is what she meant by change bed.

No idea why she thought this list was long and hard. I have done it ALL for her. See? She said "Be a good doggy while I nap" and she is going to LOVE me  when she wakes up and sees what a great big help a little doggy can be. 

Maybe I will do an extra chore for her! I will give her a doggy kiss and clean her teeth while she snores away.

She is the luckiest pet parent in the world. She has ME to do her doo-doo list.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Hello? Hello? Hello?

Hello? Hello? Hello?

Technology has been super messy lately and that's why I haven't been able to post here. I hope to keep writing 6 days a week, just that my computer, the internet, and the new and improved cantankerous super slow programs have to all agree at once. When they don't, I move onto other things. I can't sit at the computer for an hour trying to do a 5 minute task. It's too stressful.

Funny how technology used to speed me up and save me precious time. Now it's purposely designed to be slow, cumbersome and waste precious  time.

I was forced into a new phone recently because my cell phone company lied to me and said my simple flip phone was bad. In reality, as I found out days later, they had some major glitch in their system. I ran into other people who had been told their phones were bad when Verizon cell service stopped working in this area. At the time I was using a simple flip phone and not a smart phone. The rate was pretty high for just basic service of 700 minutes and no frills. 

Shockers, I have never done texting before as I am still confused as to the usefulness of this feature. I see people attached to their phones rapidly moving their thumbs but it just wasn't something that appealed to me. However, I saw a friend of mine (who also doesn't like texting) use speech-to-text to answer a text. He can't type so he said a sentence and it was translated to text and sent on its way. That intrigued me. When people text me, I can verbally answer their text by saying "Call me". 

Too funny!

I must admit when AOL worked marvelously a few years back and had the instant chat feature, I did use it to chat from the Caribbean to friends in the US and avoid the $4-6 per minute long distance calls we were surcharged in the British Virgin Islands.

Recently I had discovered while selling or buying used things that not having texting ability can be a huge disadvantage. Also when shopping around for a bargain RV, I found out many folks won't answer their phone, they want you to text them! How nutty. Seems to me if they want to sell something, they would answer the dadgum phone when they place an ad. Ditto for selling. I was trying to help a friend sell some stuff, they asked me to type up the ads for them and I am a terrible typist but they have no computer and needed help. I am so backwards these days, yet I used to be on the cutting edge, but those days are long gone.  Neither one of us text and we discovered that even trying to sell things on Craigslist requires texting. Many buyers won't talk on the phone until they've texted back and forth. Even crazier!

So I switched to because they operate off Verizon towers but offer cheap rates and free phones (and pricey phones one can buy.) I read somewhere they are actually owned by Verizon.  My new rate is $23.70 a month, so I am pretty happy with that. Of course it means no "data" or internet once I am out of wifi range, but hopefully I can make and receive calls.

I picked a free Android phone, as the apple phones were not part of the freebies. I had been learning Apple-ism on another device thanks to an angel that gave me their old Ipad. It's too big to carry around as a phone, but I was learning nifty things now and then by spending a few minutes on it here and there when I had wifi.  My wifi shot up 40% in cost and I had to cancel it but it seems like I have come up with a work around solution. I had NO idea that phones were so different. I thought a phone was a phone was a phone. How wrong I am!

Finally the phone arrived. I tried to play with it for a few days, but one must hook it up to make it work for calling. It kept wanting to take over my entire life and link and hook things that I don't want linked and hooked. Eventually I took the plunge and set it up.  It was a nightmare! Still is!

Hello? Hello? Hello?

Lawdy mercy!

Could they make answering a phone any more complicated? For a week, I couldn't answer incoming calls. I still have a lot of trouble with it. I don't understand why I can't just push a button and say hello. I have to swoop or tap or click or push or do all three at once. I am still unclear why I can't simplify this or why it's so important to make answering a phone call so complicated. 

Making calls out was even more cumbersome. They couldn't move my phone numbers over for me, all those nifty stored numbers in my old phone. The dialpad as they call it is "hidden" on the new phone and I don't understand the purpose of hiding the numbers from me.  I need the number pad to dial the frigging phone number! But that is hidden. I don't understand why it's important to make an outgoing call a lengthy  complicated affair.

So I have to manually enter each phone number and go through a big lengthy process to store it. The keyboard is super tiny, I honestly don't understand the how and why of a tiny keyboard and trying to type in someone's name such as Bill Smith and it comes out as Vokl Snuyh.I was trying to correct that when I spazzed out and pushed something the wrong way and now Vokl Snuyh is stuck in my phone for Bill Smith. Even worse, I was doing this at 5am because I was up early having coffee and figured I would spend a few minutes "fixing" my phone and guess what I accidentally called Bill Smith at 5am because I didn't understand what the phone what was doing! Bill Smith likes to sleep until 9 or 10am so when I heard the phone suddenly start ringing, I was trying to hang up but I couldn't figure out how to end the call because my screen had gone blank. 

Luckily Bill Smith's phone went to voice mail where I apologized profusely. But I still couldn't hang up the phone! Bill  Smith called me back later (actually it was 3 more days before I could figure out how to answer his incoming call!)  to say he could hear me talking to the phone, saying funny things like how the heck do I hang this up? My screen has gone blank! Ugh! Screech! Then he heard me scream and mutter something unprintable. I also said very unkind things about the phone company, the phone itself and technology in general.  When we finally talked... he was laughing so hard because  apparently his voice mail was recording my movements and noises for 10 minutes. GOOD GRIEF. I am mortified!

Now Bill Smith knows when I am super frustrated with technology, I can turn to potty mouth. Oh dear me. I normally do not do that, but I was plenty frustrated with my phone. I thought I was home alone muttering to myself about this blankety blank phone that is so ridiculously complicated that receiving or making a simple phone call is a huge cumbersome chore.

So Bill Smith, I owe you yet another apology, but I am glad you found my embarrassing message hilarious. One of these days I will figure out how to change your name from Vokl Snuyh to Bill Smith and might even figure out how to call you at a preferred time and not at 5am.

Life is goof. 

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Pot Garden

Loved all your wonderful comments.

Today this beautiful flower began to bloom in one of my pots.

There is hope! 

Much of my potted garden is growing unknown green things. This happened from collecting pots that others threw out, then trying to revitalize them. Also I received some surprise gifts from others, either plants or pots they didn't want.

When my neighbor died, they gave me some of the old pots with his dead plants. During his sudden death, no on kept up with his plants. I figured I could re-use the pots, but I was tired and just set them aside. Then one day I watered the dead plants. Another day I cut all the dead stuff out.

Just for grins I gave the pot some food and kept watering the sad pots, hoping for a miracle.

Eventually green things began popping up and I don't really know which are plants and which are weeds, if it was green I was just letting it grow. Beside the massive oaks that tower over me, there are also two cedar trees on my lot. Nothing wants to grow under them, so I began with this wild idea of just having a container garden. I wold try to give it my attention a few minutes a day. Lots of wishful thinking, and a bit of water and food.

Amazing what a little plant food and a ton of optimism can do for a wishful garden.

Stay safe!

Roads are crazy and weather in this part of the world is brutally hot and humid, so I am taking extra care to stay hydrated.

Sunday, August 05, 2018

Eviction Infliction

Critters love me.

No idea why.

I strive to keep a clean home but why oh why did I find these two creatures two days apart inside my little old fifth wheel trailer?

Exotic spiders!

Can you identify?

They no longer live with me. I have had passive bug poison hidden all over the inside for months now. I find the occasional dead bug or one limping by on his final breath. So what were the spiders hoping to live on?

There they are. I snapped their pics just moments away from their final eviction.

I love nature and critters. They seem to love me too. But I want them to live outside, not inside.

Lizards, spiders, frogs, bugs, cicadas, they are all zipping around my garden outside. A lizard lives in my shed too. Since I don't live in my shed, I just use it, I don't bother to evict him, but I do have a bug zapper and some bug poison in there to encourage critters to live elsewhere. The bug zapper came with the RV, installed in the kitchen. I didn't like the flashing lights, plus I needed that outlet for something else, so I plugged it inside the shed.

Last week my RV front door was being repaired. The door was down or open or both for days. I guess critters found the opportunity to just move on in and set up residence. After we (my friend and I worked together on this wild project) did our custom repairs and install, I find that RVBuddy is selling custom kits, so you don't have to go through the loops and hoops we did.

Life is goof.

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Living the Dream Comes with the Occasional Nightmare

This bargain 5th wheel trailer (1992) came with its problems. I've had to put a ton of sweat equity into making it functional. But it's home and the little old motorhome (1994)  had to be quickly sold to make it happen. I forgot to think my way through future transportation needs but I have my bicycle and eternal optimism. After a great deal of hassle my driver license was transferred to this state, so I am good to drive another 10 years.

Angles have helped me along. I am super duper uber grateful. I don't know how or why earthly and heavenly angels appear, I just believe in plowing forward with my chaos. I don't have time to waste away on the couch when it's a beautiful day to get moving, no matter how painful, just get on with life and both big and  little miracles seem to happen. 


Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

There are days I am fed up with my body, the alternative treatments, this old trailer, my hyperactive dog and technology that no longer speeds up my life but rather hampers it. So I am eliminating a good bit of technology because I can't "do the time" it takes now to accomplish simple things that have become super complex because some hotshot programmer has decided to keep folks "engaged longer" on technology in order to brainwash them into mass consumerism and chronic update, upgrade, latest and greatest technology that often comes with far more bugs and problems than old standbys which are rapidly disabled and eliminated because they were too efficient. They saved time, saved paper and now the new norm is waste time, waste paper, take simple chores and make them complex. I am trying to escape and eliminate. I just do NOT want to be a slave to that sort of lifestyle. Others do enjoy that, and that is fine, but I am fed up with it. 

When do those folks find time to ponder a flower, ride a bike, or walk an enthusiastic 8 year old hopelessly eternal puppy?

Enough whining.

I slam on the brakes, put away the pity pot, plaster a smile on my face and rejoice. I WOKE UP  ALIVE! 

Today is a magical gift, so get on with making it a great day and try to help someone else have a fabulous day too.  Whether small or large, I tell myself to find time to do an anonymous good deed every day. Not easy, but whether it's one minute or an hour, it's worth it for the good of the soul, the good of mankind, the good of mother earth.

Certain things pile up around me and most are related to maniac big corporations that seek to turn my meager life inside out upside down and bury me with complicated excessive paperwork and this ridiculous need to document everything, turn simple tasks into complex ones. So I am pulling the plug and refusing to play their game and instead trading the hassle for peace of mind. Pull the plug.

Six people have already died this year in this small RV park. We are an over 55 park and some folks have been here a very long time savoring their independence. Even when they get sick, many have steadfastly chosen to remain in their tiny homes rather than move to assisted living or nursing homes. We currently have several residents in their 90's, some living very active lives, others quietly savoring their fierce choice of independence to the very end.

There are only about 140 spots here with about two thirds belonging to owners. Many of those owners are only here to visit or spend winters while a handful of others live here year round. 

I've discovered the joys of tiny home living and find that my unique lifestyle and need for adaptive aids, is better suited to RV living than other choices within my shrinking budget. As costs go up on certain things, I find more ways to slice and dice. Just eliminate. Learn to savor what I do have and not want more. Just learn to have a lot less and be happy about that.

No more whining, just smile and be grateful, that I was one of the lucky ones that woke up alive today!

This is a pic of my 1992 trailer, after 7 months of sweat equity. It still has some quirks and problems, but its slowly coming along. In the future, I hope to write about some of the wild projects I've done to make it functional. 

I am blessed. 


1992 Holiday Rambler Imperial Fifth Wheel Estate 36 feet, 2 slides
A very rare find in this day and age
This particular model was only built to order with loads of options available 
Holiday Rambler has been bought and sold a few times and sadly no longer produces fifth wheel trailers.