Sunday, October 11, 2009


Sometimes tragedy strikes when you least expect it. Have you ever had your heart ripped right out of your soul?

I am very sad and have taken a break from writing. Just a short one.

I've also not been on the phone much at all and declining calls, letting voice mail take the messages. I am just very sad and looking for my mojo, trying to find my groove again.

I will find my voice and pen soon.

I hope.

Angels are on the way.


  1. What tragedy occurred to make you so sad? I am sorry that you are feeling so low and I send my prayers that you will be restored in body, soul and spirit.

    Sandy xo

  2. I am so very sorry. May the angels hurry....

  3. I'm very sorry that tragedy has struck, and I hope you find the courage and strength to take you through this dark spell.

  4. I know a nebulizer, from bronchitis .Also i've had my heart broken . But I'm the type who loves affection and cant stay in a negative outlook to long , I'm sure your the same .. So put the smile back on,( thats what I do) which I'm sure you do and good luck I was looking forward to getting some advice on my first trip to Tortola. Well things always change ,thats what I tell mys sons when their down . So Put a smile on or find someone who puts it back on for ya .... Not that its any of my business. David

  5. Thank you all for such loving thoughts!


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