Friday, June 28, 2019

Running Water

It sounds like a native Indian name, Running Water.

I have running plumbed in water now! I am super excited!

Running water. 

It's a beautiful day to wake up alive and see what else can be fixed, repaired, shored-up, patched, cobbled and working again.

Electrical problems and plumbing mess are not my expertise at all. Neither are cell phones or wifi or internet. The longer I live the less I know about putting things back to working order.

Life is goof.

Um good!

Some of my plumbing RV parts came from Amazon faster than I could find them anywhere else so that was handy indeed. 

Enjoy your day, it's a beautiful one!

I rename from Dear Miss Mermaid to Running Water.

Monday, June 24, 2019

The Perfect RV Mobile Repair

 My rig has plumbing and electrical issues.  
One of these days it will finally be repaired.
Last night I laid down trying not to think about it.

Then I found the perfect RV mobile repair person!

She answers her phone live or returns calls within a day when you leave a message. 

She shows up for appointments on time and is available for emergencies.

Astonishingly she can seemingly shrink from 6 feet tall to only 12 inches high to fit in those tight spaces to fix the impossible such as the  just-broke plumbing that is wrapped around critical electrical wiring.

If you own an RV then you are probably aware of  these unique situations that arise at the worst of times. 

Oh the laugh and joy of tiny home living.

Her fingers are 18 inches longs and she has three extra thumbs on both hands. Her eyes go from normal to super bright flashlights whenever needed. Seized up screws and bolts are terrified of her and immediately give way without busting up other critical parts.

Whatever parts are needed, she can magically find and have them delivered before the next millennium. She can make 19 phone calls, search 33 websites, send off 42 emails  and 83 texts to find THE one part that will fit, that will work. She does all this in under 2 seconds. The new part will arrive with the same screw or bolt holes, not mis-aligned by some fool in a somewhere factory that decided it was cheaper to move the holes and therefore we RV owners want to remodel the entire RV any time there is need to replace a part.

The new part arrives built better instead of inferior to the old part.

Imagine the absurdity of such convenience!

She doesn't break three other things while making one repair or trash the place with impossible stains that won't come out in ten lifetimes.

Everything is done in a day as scheduled, not spread over 5 weeks of no-shows and it comes under quote, not the original quote times 3.2 plus 22% plus the year of your birth.

She doesn't break four other whatchamacallits and then hide this from you hoping you won't notice.

I was trying to pay her and thank her and tell her how awesome she is when suddenly
she  laughed and vanished in a cloud of mist before I could ask her for her business card.


Where did she go?
My mind was struggling.

Trying to comprehend what just happened to my magic repair lady?

And that's when I woke up.


That was a delightful dream.

Do I really have to deal with reality today?

Say it ain't so!

Some of my RV repair parts came from Amazon. One was delivered in 24 hours thanks to prime membership. 

Today I hope to get it installed.

Another part is coming from
It's my first time ordering from them.
They don't ship fast unless one pays extra, so I used the economy slow shipping.

Thanks for plopping by today!


Saturday, June 22, 2019



Years back before the internet was happening, I was living overseas in a far flung port on a tiny island in the Caribbean. Catalogs were a treasured rarity. Folks saved them and passed them around. Many waterfront bars and restaurants kept a free book trade along with a stack of catalogs for patrons to trade, share and  peruse.  These catalogs showed products we could dream about that weren't for sale locally on a tiny island in Caribbean. A few would ship overseas, most just shipped inside the USA only.

I decided to send my father in the USA a unique coffee mug for Father's Day. I was thumbing through a dog eared catalog of custom imprinted products while sitting in an open-air restaurant having breakfast. There was a phone number to call for placing an order. The preprinted order form included in the catalog originally was long gone. 

I finished my breakfast then walked to a payphone located in the island's town park (this was before cell phones were ubiquitous). I lived on a small sailboat floating in the harbor so I had no home phone to use. Twenty minutes later of standing up in the Caribbean sunshine at a pay phone in the park describing the coffee mug, the imprint I wanted, my father's name and address, my credit card and so on, I was confident that in the next two weeks my father would receive his gift in time for father's day. 

Weeks later on Father's Day, in a different port on a different island, I went to a payphone ashore to call my father for a 5 minute $30 overseas call and wish him Happy Father's Day. He thanked me for his curious gift which had arrived on Saturday. I thought his voice sounded a bit icy. Maybe he didn't like my gift? Nonetheless I was thrilled the mug had made it to him on time but I was mortified to learn from him that his coffee mug read  "Great Job Farter, I Turned Out Awesome!" 


A nanosecond later, the phone call disconnected. I was aghast. My $30 and 5 minutes had both expired. I didn't get to explain to him that is NOT what I meant to send him! 

Oddly enough, as a child, I don't recall my father being much of a farter. I don't recall that he ever farted in my presence. Oh he snored like an endless trainwreck of screeching metal sounds and thunderous crashes that shook windows and scared coyotes. His snoring could drown out other noises from over a mile away. But farting? Um, no.

Whether something was lost in translation or the operator at the catalog company wasn't very good at spelling (or listening!) or someone doing the imprinting decided to have some fun at my expense, I will never know.  

It had taken me over an hour to get that call through to start with and it was time for me to return to work. In those days I was professional crew on a large chartered sailboat for weeks or months at a time. When I had time off, I lived on my little sailboat. It was a chaotic traveling sailing schedule I enjoyed. It was time for me to pick up my passengers and get them back out to their luxurious yacht for a sumptuous luncheon then sailing onward to the next island where a gorgeous beach was waiting for their enjoyment.

Sorry dad!

Life is goof. 

Twenty-something years later... 

Year 2019

Amazon has a  new department called Amazon Prints that includes custom photo printed gifts for your home or your loved ones. Calendars, Photo Books, Wall Decor, Cards and of course the proverbial coffee mug. You can upload your own photos as well as add their own stock of embellishments to make a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork or gift. 

Maybe yours will turn out how you intended. 

Good luck!

If you're reading this then we both woke up alive. 



And thanks for plopping by today.



Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Random Notes

In response to Namesake I received this note:

Aww, I appreciate it. It was made by my stepson in Minn. He makes mostly fish but also this mermaid in two sizes.
You should have seen that mermaid swim yesterday when we had a stiff wind! Undulating all over LOL


Dear S,

I saw the website and his work is stunning. Thanks for sharing the link so others can see. I especially liked the video of me... that gorgeous large mermaid swimming in the trees. 

Your stepson might be interested to know he can also list his artwork on Amazon Handmade, an artisan-only community of handcrafted goods. No up front fees, yet the artwork is exposed to millions of customers. artists only pay a referral fee when an item sells.


Speaking of artwork...

I snapped these pics in the little city park I visited recently.  
Both are carvings on a large chunk of tree. 

 But... who gives a hoot...

This carving below struck me as very haunting.

Or maybe it's just  Native American on a bad hair day!


I had more to say but the daily monsoon has started along with loud thunder boomers that scare my wittle puppy dog to the point he begs me to hold him tightly against my chest so he feels safe. I can't type and be the loving mutt-er to him too, so puppy wins, I need to unplug.

See ya round the campfire tomorrow!


Monday, June 17, 2019

Float Test

When it seems like so much is going wrong or is breaking or broken, I just have to remember everything that is going right and be oh so grateful for that.

A few days ago I went to an appointment. I had foolishly made the appointment online when I couldn't reach a "live" person on the phone. When I arrived there were three cars in the parking lot but the building was locked up. I tried all the doors, including the unmarked doors. I was early, so I hung around in the parking lot. Finally a person came outside about 30 minutes later, confused as to why I was there at all. Turns out my crystal ball was malfunctioning. The time, date and location for my appointment was wrong. It seems that person thought I should have known the info on their website was wrong and it gave out wrong info and they had no idea why I didn't magically know this.

Well, pardon me!

There was a city park nearby completely empty with some interesting art work on display and a beautiful water fountain. I am drawn to water. I ambled over to study the fountain and it's 36 jets. Perhaps I could meditate for inner peace and tell myself to stop being annoyed at another technology snafu.

Surprisingly there were no coins in the fountain. Back in the old days... folks would make a wish and toss a coin in a pretty fountain. Maybe that's not done anymore, or maybe no one visits this fountain or maybe times are so tough someone already purloined the coins. Maybe no one carries around coins anymore. Maybe it's considered littering these days or maybe there is a new law out about that.

 I tried to use my  phone to take a picture of some of the fountain and some of the sculptures on display. It kept flashing a message "failure". I messed around with the dadgum phone trying to get it to work.  I thought about just hurling  the phone into the fountain for a "float test" make a wish and then just walk away.

My phone works randomly for phone calls and rarely for anything else. It's not even a year old.  I don't use the mountain of aps it came stuffed with and the powers to be won't let me delete them but my phone burns up a lot of battery time updating these aps and sending me endless messages about all this updating. When I dare to use one of these aps, such as the camera function, it malfunctions.
A half hour later I tried again and did manage to "fix" the phone camera then snag a picture (above) of the eagle sculpture against the foreboding sky. No pics of the fountain. A few days later I figured how to email the eagle pic to myself so I could download it and then upload it here. 

Amazing! I felt so triumphant! I had conquered my camera ap and made it WORK.

I had arrived in 2019, I could actually take a pic with my phone and use it. Progress!


A few hours later...

I  accidentally discovered that in spite of my phone being prepaid through June 25th, people were calling me and getting a recorded message "this phone number has been changed or disconnected or is no longer in service".

When does June 16 mean June 25th? Is there new calendar math I  am clueless about?

Is this because I took that picture of the eagle sculpture?

Indeed I could not make any outgoing calls either. I kept getting a robot message that my phone wasn't "activated".  Incredibly... there was a notification flashing on my phone that google had updated 9 aps that I don't even use or understand what they are for and don't really have time to learn them, because apparently I am still trying to figure out how to receive and make calls.

How do I tell google, please install or update that "ap" that allows me to make and receive calls?

If you call me and hear gurgling noises, you will know I went back to visit that pretty fountain, make a wish and float test my phone.

Life is goof.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Nana Banana


Today I made shoes out of two banana peels.

Now I have slippers.

 There are 1001 gadgets to hold your bananas. 

My favorite holder is a live banana tree. 

Years back I lived in an apartment in the Caribbean that came with banana trees. Those fresh bananas were oh so tasty.

Life is goof.

Thank you for plopping by today! 

I'm alive, you're alive, so we're off to a GREAT start.

Friday, June 14, 2019


A gentle reader named this mermaid after me and put her by their pool in Virginia, then sent me the pic.

Dear Gentle Reader,

Thank you for the gorgeous pic. 
Love the mermaid and of course you picked out the perfect name.
I feel so very honored!
The artist did a perfect rendition of me.

Yours truly,

 PS-Please pack up that pool and send it on down to me. 


Monday, June 10, 2019

Note From the Dog

Had my bath.
Got a clean harness and stinky flea treatment.
Take my pic.
Ya missed a spot bathing me.
Right here on my leg.
Don't worry, I will clean it myself.
Did I wreck your picture perfect moment?

Hurry up and take my pic.
I am the handsomest dog ever to live!
Now take me for a walk so I can show off to the little girl doggies.
But be careful of those pup-arazzi trying to track us.
You may have to be a ruff-feree!

Doggone it!
I couldn't catch that bunny rabbit.
I guess I am having a bad hare day.

Play with me.
Feed me.
Take me for a bicycle ride.
And then cuddle up with me.
Then we play some more.
What's for dinner?
I already ate my breakfast.

And don't forget to trot out the treats.
You FORGET that some days!

You don't have 24/7 to devote to the poor wittle doggie?

It's not like I ask for much.

Is is Christmas yet?
Do I get toys?
Can you play that song I love?
"Dachshund Through the Snow!"

Oh, can we go for a ride in a car?
Can ya pick me up?
I want to be held.
How about we ride the bicycle?
Pick me up, put me in the basket.
You pedal and I will bark at the squirrels.

Toss the ball?
Fetch the Frisbee?
Oh and can ya plump up my doggie pillow?
It's looking ruff.

Open the door, I want to go out.

Never mind, it's so doggone hot.
Open the door, I want to come back in.

Put on a movie.
Make me some pup-corn and we can watch it together.
Why do you sleep during the movie?
You can't be tired.
Taking care of me is sooooooooo easy.

Gee wiz, I don't ask for much.

Not sure why you think I do!

I paws-itively love you.

What's for breakfast?

Did you find me a Halloween costume?
This year I want to be Arf Vader!

I heard there was no dog in the White House.
What happened to Bark Obama?

Can you read to me?
I like that book about the detective, Sherlock Bones or the other picture book, Winnie the Poodle.
How about reading me some quotes from Bark Twain?

Even though you hate it, I try to clean your face and wipe off all your lipstick (isn't that a treat!)

And I am a great hoover hound. You drop something on the floor while cooking and I am the first one to clean it up.
I do help out.

Where is my squeaky toy?
Let's play!

Put on some music by Pink Floyd.
I want to hear Bark Side of the Moon.

Can we go look at dog toys?
Amazon has all my favorites.

Anything is paws-ible when you have a dog to help ya out!

Sunday, June 02, 2019

Fright Week

Three attempts and finally this little happy pic uploaded.

Fright week!

Two snake scares this week. The second one... I went to the dog park. The grass was kind of tall near the water bowls. I went over there to neaten them up and SNAKE.

He scurried off but not before I let out another "ARGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH". This one was a super fast black snake.

I guess I need to get new prescription eye glasses.

Monday was snake one.

Tuesday the doc said he couldn't correct my vision beyond 20/30 not the 20/20 I craved. It unerved me when he told me why and well I left the place before getting my prescription sorted out.

Wednesday I went to make a donation of a rocking chair and met a gun toting inebriated man who thought he was protecting things and that I was possibly a thief rather than someone making a donation. Good grief.

Being at the wrong end of a gun scares me. Sheesh!

Thursday my phone died. It's 10 months old and I guess that makes it obsolete. It's going again, but it ate my pics and contacts and the backup that should have restored those, well it failed. The bizarred thing is I was having a semi-emergency and  was going to call for help, but that's when I discovered my phone was no longer working. Good grief.

Friday the mil-idiots updated my old laptop into non-functioning oblivion.

Saturday I got it going again.

Sunday, today, was snake two fright fest. YUCK, I do not like snakes.

Then when I got home my power died. First I smelled that weird bad wiring smell then POOF the power died. I found out I was the only one with no power. The 50 amp breaker on the RV park pole had gone bad.

The park has a new manager, the 3rd one in 3 months and they are closed up on Sunday anyhow, but through a miracle the maintenance guy was eventually located by my gracious neighbor and he took time on his day off, to come over and eventually get me going again with a new breaker.

It's 90 something degrees here today and humidity about the same, but I'm smiling and happy. It feels great to be alive. Apparently I can survive a lot of frights.

And besides, there's not much else that can go wrong or break.

Life is goof!