Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Kamp King Koaches

kamp king koaches

This Kamp King Koach came with an optional popup roof and deck.

I see 4 kids and 4 adults but where is the dog and cat?

"All Kamp King Koaches carry a lifetime warranty in writing to the original owner" 

Is that the life of the koach or lifetime of the original owner?

kamp king koaches

Here we have the Utopian Motor Home "built on the truck of your choice".

Life is goof.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Not Again

If we don't know where we are going, then how will we know when we get there?

Many people, angels and higher powers have made my little life feel magnanimously wonderful. 


I wish I could learn to be more grateful for having today; another splendiferous day on planet earth.

Note to self: Today is a miracle, never ever forget that.

(And it all else fails, waste it wisely!)

Stop, smile and smell the dog or dog the smell, I forget which is west but either way his breath takes my breath away.

Life is goof.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Moving Along

On the road again.

Time to shuffle, shake, rock and roll.

No idea if I will have internet or not the next few days. My phone and internet providers are different companies, but they both randomly fail even when their coverage map says they will work.

What those phone and internet companies need is a crystal ball.

hidden acres estate florida
I visited a funny campground.
The trees were too low to get my rig down their interior roads. 
So I took a dog walk.
I would have loved to stay there and utilize their rockers. 
I can understand they are tree huggers but I guess I have to wait a few years until their trees branches are tall enough for small motorhomes to enter and exit. 
It looked like the existing motorhomes in the camp had not left in years either.



Saturday, November 26, 2016

Right about Wrong

It's been brought to my attention  by quite a few people and computer programs that I am wrong wrong wrong about EVERYTHING. I did it wrong wrong wrong and they are here to inform me and  make darn sure I know that I am wrong wrong wrong and if they can make it any worse, they are here to help make my wrongs even wronger.

So what's wrong with being wrong all the time?

If I'm not having a problem with being wrong all the time, why are they bringing this to my attention over and over? If they were put on this planet to make my wrongs worse, they have succeeded!

Now move along. I got the memo! You are right to point out I am wrong all the time.

I get it.

I know I am wrong about absolutely everything.

Except one.

I know for a fact I am right about ONE thing for sure.

I make a good excuse for a bad example!

Tooting my horn...

or Christmas Shopping Made Easy...

Friday, November 25, 2016

It's So Cold That

A friend called from the great white north describing the snow on the ground that was melting in New Hampshire and how freaking cold it was to be walking along the coast in 30 effing degree weather with the wind blowing bringing the wind chill down to something crazy like 14F degrees.

Oh my gosh, while he was talking, I was imagining all that freaking frigid weather and I got so cold that I had to slip on my fuzzy warm house shoes and don a sweater. I was still so cold, I found a blanket and wrapped it  around me. Brrrrr.... I was still freezing listening to him describe how it was warming up to 34 and the snow would be melting. So I stuffed myself, and the blanket inside the broom closet and turned on the emergency heater.

I was just thawing out when he said he was probably driving to Florida next week and by the way, what my current temperature  in Florida?

For a moment I wondered  why oh why didn't I have an outside  thermometer in the broom closet?

"Um, hold on, let me go check the outside thermometer."

Cautiously exiting the warm broom closet, I wrapped my blanket even tighter to brave the c-c-cold and walked all of 4 steps in my modest wheel estate to peer out the window at the outside window thermometer. Without my glasses I couldn't read it, so I bravely stuck my arm out from under the warm blanket to prop some spectacles on my nose. I was relieved not to be frostbit from this bold gesture and ensconced my arm back inside the safety of the warm blanket.

I leaned over to study the thermometer then blurted out "It's dropping here too, it's down to um, 68 degrees here."

"Did you say 58 degrees? That's mild!"

"Um, no... 68 degrees."

"Oh, barefoot weather!"

I was so glad my caller could not see me standing there wrapped up in my sweater, blanket and fuzzy warm house shoes as I reluctantly agreed "Oh yes... barefoot weather."

Just writing about this now, has made me cold.

If you found errors in this post I'm sorry, it must be the thick wool gloves. 

Forget Big Crowds and Long Lines
Let your fingers do the walking
Amazon delivers

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving Holidaze

Wherever you are
Wherever you go
Wherever you end up
Whoever with
Or without
I hope you have a fun fantastic Thanksgiving holiday full of food and love.

I put the daze in holidays to confound and confuse my spell heckler because I'm in a haze these daze and holi-haze-daze is what I really mean or so it seems.

I am so plucky ducky lucky. It's another astonishing day for me to be  grateful for  miracles small and large.

Thank you.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Keeping The Faith

I am trying so hard to focus on the positive and ignore the negative. It's an uphill battle!

So proud to be so busy  yet so frustrated to not get it all done coupled with enormous embarrassment to realize I may have worn this body out sooner rather than later.

From the mailbag:
Dear Miss Mermaid,
Are you retired?

Dear Gentle Reader,
No. I am just tired.

Speaking of retired:

casey jones rv park in florida by dear miss mermaid

I walked by these planters several days in a row wondering about the deja vu. One day it hit me up side my silly head. This is an upcycled recycled tire and rim.

An elegant functional form of retirement.

recycled upcycled retired retirement tire and rim

And more goofy stuff:

I was just trying to learn how to use the timer function on my camera for a self portrait of the dog and I. What I ended up with was this blurry picture of me walking away from the camera.

dear miss mermaid self portrait

from this turkey and her dog

dog harley by dear miss mermaid author of hurricanes and hangovers

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Thank You So Very Very Very Much!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Twilight Zone

I am poking around a unique area of Florida, I hesitate to say where, not wanting to insult the nice folks I've met in casually trying to amass "complicated" information, but still it's a fantasy of unreality where nothing is certain. 

The "complicated" information is trying to find out RV camp and park rates.

Very strange area, somewhat friendly for the most part, but lots of chaos in trying to track down parks and "correct" rates.

Oodles of small RV parks scattered far and wide but getting accurate information is wild and wacky. 

I need a new crystal ball. 

Mine broke from sheer befuddlement. 

Internet says one price (they don't seem to honor it anyhow) or they have no webpage at all, they might return calls they might not, the posted rates on a sign out front are often wrong and several claimed to not know there is a sign with rates (they don't honor) out front right by the entrance to their park. Some didn't even know they had a webpage.



Even rates on the bulletin board next to a closed office were wrong and not current in spite of saying 2016/2017 rates. I met up with someone outside the closed office who seriously told me "Oh we changed the rates but it's pretty close to that except....."  and they went on to tell me a long list of exceptions and changes finishing it up with "but it's pretty close to that" pointing back at the "wrong" sheet of paper on the bulletin board.

Talking with someone in the office, if that comes to past finally through telephone tag or managing to track them down in person or the office magically opens at a random time when I happened to be there and they may give out confusing conflicting information requiring copious notes to keep up with. 

I recently left an office with their rate sheet (48 different rates by day, week, month, season, location, lease and various date considerations) with 7 post-it notes stuck to it with more scribbled information I was trying to keep up with on the various details of a 10% discount card works on these rates at those times but not on those rates at these times and these rates include this but those rates don't include that. This rate requires that deposit but that rate requires an extra deposit of a different amount and oh you can't reserve next fall until this spring and only then if.... and I ran out of paper and their phone was ringing. So I still don't know the IF because by the time they got off the phone, it was ringing again and I forgot about the IF and left. 

Who would have thought something so simple could be so complicated?

I also face  my questions answered with more questions and it takes a LONG time to get a final answer if I ever get one. Here's a recap of the last conversation I had at the last park in person with a  guy who was in the office, behind the counter.

Me: Hello! How are you?
Them: Did you want something?
Me: Yes, I was curious about your daily and monthly rates.
Them: Oh, did you have lasagna for lunch?
Me: Um, no. I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Does that change the rates?
Them: I wish I had lasagna for lunch. How many of you are there?
Me: Just me and the dog. 
Them: What breed?
Me: He's a mixed mutt. 
Them: But what breed?
Me: He is a mixed breed and only weighs six and a half pounds. Do you allow pets?
Them: Where are you from?
Me: I just came in from Georgia. 
Them: Are you from there?
Me: No. Can you tell me your monthly rate or daily rate please?
Them: Do you have slide-outs?
Me: No, is there a separate charge for slide outs?
Them: Where's your dog?
Me: He is outside in the RV. Can you tell me your rates please?
Them: When are you coming?
Me: Well I wanted to find out the rates for now and the rates for next fall. 
Them: How long is your rig?
Me: It's 28 feet, do you charge by the foot?
Them: What's your tag number?
Me: It's 123 XYZ, can you tell me the rates please?
Them: Did you ask the manager?
Me: Uh, no, where's the manager?
Them: Do you need 50amp service?
Me: 30 or 50 amp will work, any idea on those rates?
Them: Which site are you looking at?
Me: I haven't looked at any sites yet. Can you tell me your rates please?
Them: Oh I don't know, I don't work here. I'm just filling in for someone that went to take her kid to the doctor. 
Me: OK, what is their name? 
Them: Do you have a car?
Me: No. What time should I check back about those rates?
Them: How do you get around without a car?
Me: I drive the RV or ride a bicycle. 
Them: Oh I love motorcycles. What kind of motorcycle do you have?
Me: Well, um, thank you for your time. Who should I ask for when I check back about the rates?
Them: Are you paying cash or credit card?
Me: Either one, is there a cash discount?
Them: I can't take credit cards, I don't know how. 
Me: If I paid cash how much would you charge me?
Them: What year is your rig?
Me: OK, um, thank you for your um help. I will check back later about those rates. 
Them: So you don't want a spot?
Me: Do you have a spot open? How much is it? 
Them: Let me answer the phone, maybe it's someone who knows. Maybe you come back later? 

I nodded yes and left in a  hurry. 

My head hurt. 

If you figured out the rates from that conversation, let me know cause I missed it.

Back in the rig I told my dog "People like that make my head hurt!" and I burst out laughing. 

Years back in the Caribbean, I was stopped by the same fierce-some female cop twice in one day. The first time I was all smiles but I accidentally handed her the wrong (expired) paper that in those times served as my island driver's license. That resulted in a very loud stern lecture while I sat there grinning like a fool, nodding my head in agreement to her admonishments. There was no ticket. Phew!

The second time I had tied to my roof an upside down boat  bigger than my trusty rusty heap of a jeep. She was studying the huge boat sticking out fore and aft, much larger and longer than my little jeep. I had assorted ropes and lines tying it down. The look on her face was not happy. Matter of fact she looked pretty angry. 

I had a smile on my face and the correct license clutched in my hand. 

When she walked around to my driver's side she looked in my open jeep window at my goofy smiling face and interrupted my polite island-style  "Good afternoon, how are you today?" screeching at me "Oh it's YOU again! I should have KNOWN." Refusing my license and paperwork, she angrily waved me on with a massive sweep of her arm while yelling: 

"People like you make my head hurt!" 


Thank you for stopping by today!
I hope I didn't make your head hurt. 

Sunday, November 20, 2016


This is a beautiful statue I saw last spring outside the Brookgreen Gardens across from the Huntington Beach State Park in South Carolina, not to be confused with Hunting Island State Park in South Carolina nor Huntington Beach in California.

Notice I said outside the gardens.

The little troll  ran out and said no mermaids chasing rainbows and absolutely no dogs riding unicorns beyond this point!

Confused? Me too.

Today I feel like this statue.

A lone human losing my grip against an exhausting battle.

A hazy fuzzy cloud of dreams floating past.

I need to thwack myself over the head and try to remember; be grateful, thankful, appreciative and cheerful.

(No matter what that little troll says!)


Friday, November 18, 2016

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Mysterious Rugs

I call her/him/it "MFG" secretly acknowledging a special lofty being for certain unexplained mysteries in my peculiar life.

Well, it's not much of a secret now if I write about it, duh.

 Two identical rugs, yet two different sizes, both in my wheel estate. One was free from the dumpster the other was super cheap. Both arrived in strange ways 8 months and 600 miles apart. After acquiring the first one, I wished for another one to place at the other end of my cruising cottage. Then I realized the same size would not fit there. Oh well. Forget that. Move along.

The store where I found the first one, they only had the one and it was heavily discounted. I forgot about wanting  the second one. Ain't gonna happen.

Well never say never.

Looking at the two pictures it's difficult to tell which one has been walked on for 8 months and which one came from the dumpster. To confuse matters, both pictures were taken a month apart.

I'm a foozled mess some days (and very good at confusing myself and others. )

What do these 2 different rugs have in common?
both are very unusual nonstandard sizes
both are jute
both are in my wheel estate
both keep the vinyl tiled floor from feeling cold when temps drop
both hide numerous imperfections where the tiles have separated
both are easy fast care
both appeared in strange ways

How serendipitous that I managed to stumble into both. I often think an invisible helper from another world  steers me into finding useful things on an efficient budget. Very often that efficient budget is free, because I found it at the dumpster.

I think it's MFG at work again.

One rug came used from the dumpster, another came to me super cheap. Both fit perfectly where I wanted to place them yet I didn't have the correct measurements with me when I found either one.

Must have been MFG.

Both have hidden labels from different companies. One has a small label sewn in the other had a big label flimsily glued on.

Neither time did I have correct measurements with me to see if they would fit, yet they both fit perfectly when I got them back to my humble abode.

Who am I to ask how these mundane unexplained mysteries happen? I just figure it was MFG and be grateful.

The one from the dumpster had a hole in the middle like it needed to be repaired but I took it anyhow, the price was right (zero) I figured I could repair it. However, when I placed it on the floor, I was astonished it fit perfectly and the hole vanished.  Do you see a hole in either one?

Was it MFG?

Does MFG do instant repairs too?

Another oddity.

I spilled concentrated  100% cranberry juice on one. (Stuff I use for alternative care.) I was mortified and tried to clean it up. My cleaning attempts made the rug look much worse as the stain spread further and the more I messed with it, the worse it became. I gave up after awhile and settled on being mad at myself for all the things I flail around spilling when I least expect it.

What's the use of having a nice rug if all I do is unintentionally trash it? Bad girl.

The next day I stumbled out of bed. Something looked different. As the fog slowly left my brain, the something different turned out to be the rug.

The stain was gone. Poof. Just gone. No trace of it ever being there.

Was it MFG?

Does MFG do overnight cleaning too?

Goodness gracious.

Life is goof.

Thanks for stopping by today!


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Caution, Stop, Remember

Giving thanks

In this crazy hectic world that often gives me grief trying to negotiate,  it seems some days the simplest things can and do go wrong.

I am trying to remember remember remember to stop stop stop.

Take a great big deep breath, plaster a smile on  my goofy face and be grateful for everything that went right today.

Let's see:
I woke up alive
My crazy canine clown woke up alive

And the best for last;
YOU are reading this!
Thank you.

I forget to thank you enough.

Note to self; Remember remember remember to be grateful.


The power of one brave woman...

Eleanor Roosevelt, former First Lady of the United States, would only allow female reporters to attend her press conferences; in doing so she forced newspapers to hire women as reporters in an era when the vast majority of reporters were men.

What I personally like about this is the sheer simplicity.

caution do not be stupid

More simplicity:
Just looking at it again, makes me smile and laugh. 
Life is goof!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Reducing Unwanted Junk Mail

Back By popular request... um... sort of...

How to get rid of junk mail, that paper stuff cluttering up your mailbox. 

Blogger keeps crashing on me, I am going to post this as is... it's time for me to do other chores and blogger and or the internet is cantankerous again. 

my new improved search engine, that google updated on this blog, refuses to let me find the original article and doesn't work the way it should anyhow, but it's fun to try to search it, as all sorts of other mayhem I probably wrote,  turns up

If you're confused, then welcome to 2016 technology!

Reducing Unwanted Junk Mail


Removal  from Pre-Approved Cards and Insurance

For Opting OUT...
Read their website CAREFULLY, you do not have to give them your Social Security number nor your date of birth, nor your telephone. They ask for all this but the fine print says it is not required. 


Receiving unwanted catalogs in the mail when you are a traveler can be a real nightmare. Especially when months of mail catch up to you and it includes fifty pounds of catalogs because you ordered one little part months ago.

To Remove Your Name from All Catalog Mailing Lists:

Send an e-mail to optout@abacus-us.com with your name and mailing information. Abacus is the database used by nearly all product catalogs.

To Opt-Out of Just the Catalogs that You Don't Want (Or to make sure certain companies are specifically notified):

Create a free account at catalogchoice.org  then choose the catalogs that you'd like to unsubscribe from. They'll take care of the rest.

I have recently done both because I don't need or want catalogs from anybody about anything. I like to think I am doing more with less!

That reminds me, another nice thing about shopping with Amazon is they never send you any catalogs. Hooray!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Most Fast and Break Things

Recent Comment:
Are you still having nasty people commenting on your blog? 
I wish we could see comments.
And I do appreciate your attitude.

My reply here:

I read your comment and hit the publish button. I hope it shows up. Some days this platform works, others days are "another daze". Technology flails and fails. 

Thank you for making me blush and feel fabulous. You and many many others go out of your way to make me feel terrific. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to one and all.  

There are many wonderful people in this world and then there are those not so wonderful. 

There are some unfortunate souls who probably qualify as psychopathic stalkers and I am probably not alone in wishing to avoid these types of mean spirited tortured souls. 

I was forced to change my comments to moderation, which has problems too, given that internet is so ridiculously random given my current technology hardware, software, floppy-ware, knowledge (or lack of) and time crunch. 

What I used to do with the aid of computers and technology in under 3 minutes, now takes me 30-60-90 minutes, so I am having to slice and dice, pick and choose, what's really important in my 24 hours today. 

Some days I don't have time to line up all the stars and planets in the right order to make things go smoothly anymore. 

Awhile back  I was reading through past comments at a time when comments were instantly posted online and the spam filters were working automatically preventing the incessant mindless gibberish generated by techno gurus and auto-spam. I discovered that there were some very nasty comments that had been published online on my blog. I was mortified. It seemed my only choice at the time was to remove the comments and switch to moderation. 

I don't want my blog used to promote pornography nor used as a forum for attacking me and/or others.

I don't mind criticism, much of it has been super helpful like the folks that used to comment and catch my grammatical errors and terrors and/or words that baffled you, me and my spell heckler.

As quick as I figure out how something works, generation "DUH" changes it again. In my opinion the changes are often for the worse rather than the better. 

Today, before I read this comment ( and selected it to be published) I was sitting here laughing about accidentally discovering that Facebook's company motto is (or was... who really knows they change so often) "Move fast and break things."

That explains it. 

I have always  secretly suspected generation "duh" believes "If it's working, break it!"

This is a far cry from the old saying "If it's not broken, don't fix it"  or  "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

I hope I can continue writing, posting and reading comments, but if generation "duh"  keeps breaking things, this may not be possible for me. 

Life is goof. 


Relieve Stress
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At Your Leisure

Thank you for using this link.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Daily Mantra to Self

Daily Mantra to Self

Start your journey (in life) with the tools at hand, better tools will be found along the way.

Lynn Twin City Georgia dear miss mermaid

This picture is a gentle reminder to me  that exquisite beauty exists. Look and love.

I am very grateful for the awesome folks that visit this page and those that brighten my life even though they may not know it. I must learn to rejoice and be more thankful for the simple gift of life.


Relieve Stress
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At Your Leisure

Thank you for using this link.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Thanks for the Comedy

Tis the season I wish to give thanks to gentle readers, faithful fans and friends, angels, above, below, here on earth... and those stuck somewhere in between plus all my loved ones (and... those not so loved ones.)

Not sure where I belong, but a few keep telling me exactly  where to go.... Hell, it sure must be popular.

Many lit candles and prayers to those near and dear that passed before me,  thanks for the ghosties and ghoulies. The voices in my head...

I  may beat to a different hum, but thanks to the mystical, magical musicians who brighten my life... and let me carry my tune in a bucket.

I am so grateful I woke up alive,  born lucky with a big mouth that can hold one and very often two left feet.

Note to self and elf,  please bring me bigger ears.

I might as well pull up a chair, make some popcorn and just stick around another day,  to see what happens next... in this crazy parade called life.

Thanks for the comedy!

Life is goof.

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Who Messed Up My Clocks?

Another gorgeous day in paradise on planet earth.

My dear friend N.D. who is now N.S. once told me she had an ap on her phone to take one picture a day to remind her of that day.

Whenever I miss a day taking photos, even just one, I think of her.  Amazing how a nanosecond in life triggers fun and fond memories.

My un-smart dumb phone does take teeny tiny faded washed out pics, about the size of a classic postage stamp. When someone calls, if I have linked that pic to their name, an even tinier pic about the size of a pencil tip shows up so I still have no idea who is calling.

Whoever designed my phone would be better suited making raincoats for fleas.

I have a grumpy camera that I  sometimes dangle around my neck tourist style while walking the doggy to take photos of random beauty.

Sometimes when I finally download the pics, they are dog poop, not pics of dog poop but think of what rhymes with "pity" and add  "SH". It seems over half my pics are blurry or weird or colorless. So weird even I don't know what it was supposed to be.

That camera has deep dark secrets it cleverly hides.

Speaking of dog poop...

I've had some close encounters and near misses while wearing my camera tourist style trying to scoop the poop and not end up with my camera landing in the canine poop too. Good grief.

When  I try to speed walk to get my circulation going and exercise my endless-energy mutt, my dangle on a string camera will bounce wildly left-right-left-right across my belly.

Small wonder a piece of rubber fell off it revealing techy gadgetry. I was too scared to put super glue on it (my faithful staple in life) so I slapped a piece of colorful duck tape on it.

Any day I  manage to conclude without using a whole tube of super glue before noon qualifies as an unexplained mystery. If you should buy stock in their company, no worries. I keep their profits healthy.

"You must have broke something really big!" said the cashier last month as she bagged up my mountain of super glue (3 for a $1) packs. My face probably turned beet red as I mumbled "Um, no, but the day's not over yet."

Just a few minutes ago, I looked at the time and thought hmm that feels wrong. I checked my various time keepers (computer, microwave, bathroom nightlight, cell phone and weather clock discovering they show five different times. 914am, 1015am 711pm, 342am and 920am. Another unexplained mystery.

Life is goof.

(it helps this author keep writing, sputtering and puttering)

Thank you for stopping by today. 

Saturday, November 05, 2016


Some days a picture is all I can manage.
Thank you so very much  for stopping by.
I've been reading all the wonderful comments and 
posting replies to same in the form of a comment. 

Life is incredible. 

Wednesday, November 02, 2016


Today is another fantastic day on planet earth.


Technology is failing me. Whether it's my technology or the systems out there in cyberworld beyond my control is anyone's guess at this point.

I posted the above note, before writing this PS.

I timed it.

It took 11 minutes which included the 5 times that blogger.com kept crashing, plus the upload time on a small  picture that I preshrunk so it would load faster plus the time my computer pretended to hang up and I don't know if that is my computer hanging up or the internet or blogger or me or what.

Maybe I forgot to smile and line up all the planets correctly.


What was I thinking?

Some of my readers get this blog by email which is also automatically handled by blogger or some mysterious company they may have changed to. I receive a copy of it in my email.

Um, when I can get my email to work.

Dang it.

I have to keep remembering  to  line up those planets  in the right order. To get something to work out right.

Sometimes I check the emailed posts and I see they are randomly sent out at weird times. Sometimes the emailed blog is randomly formatted, different from what's posted here.

They both used to agree nice and neatly.  The emailed post used to go out shortly after I posted to the web page. Some days it does. Other days it doesn't.

It's random. Spin the wheel of fortune and hope for the best or bust.

It seems to me the technology gurus are such nervous wrecks, they are changing, updating, upgrading equipment and programs faster than bad news travels around the block.

I currently have access to fast internet (before I move again) so this is much faster than my usual crummy internet.

Life is so grand.

I am going to try to post this PS next, but I am not going to reply how long that took. If this posts at all.  Could be a distant date in the future.

It may not.

Gotta run now. I have to spin the wheel of fortune to see if this posts or not, right after I get through lining up the solar system.

Life is goof.