Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Caution, Stop, Remember

Giving thanks

In this crazy hectic world that often gives me grief trying to negotiate,  it seems some days the simplest things can and do go wrong.

I am trying to remember remember remember to stop stop stop.

Take a great big deep breath, plaster a smile on  my goofy face and be grateful for everything that went right today.

Let's see:
I woke up alive
My crazy canine clown woke up alive

And the best for last;
YOU are reading this!
Thank you.

I forget to thank you enough.

Note to self; Remember remember remember to be grateful.


The power of one brave woman...

Eleanor Roosevelt, former First Lady of the United States, would only allow female reporters to attend her press conferences; in doing so she forced newspapers to hire women as reporters in an era when the vast majority of reporters were men.

What I personally like about this is the sheer simplicity.

caution do not be stupid

More simplicity:
Just looking at it again, makes me smile and laugh. 
Life is goof!

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Life is goof!