Thursday, November 17, 2016

Mysterious Rugs

I call her/him/it "MFG" secretly acknowledging a special lofty being for certain unexplained mysteries in my peculiar life.

Well, it's not much of a secret now if I write about it, duh.

 Two identical rugs, yet two different sizes, both in my wheel estate. One was free from the dumpster the other was super cheap. Both arrived in strange ways 8 months and 600 miles apart. After acquiring the first one, I wished for another one to place at the other end of my cruising cottage. Then I realized the same size would not fit there. Oh well. Forget that. Move along.

The store where I found the first one, they only had the one and it was heavily discounted. I forgot about wanting  the second one. Ain't gonna happen.

Well never say never.

Looking at the two pictures it's difficult to tell which one has been walked on for 8 months and which one came from the dumpster. To confuse matters, both pictures were taken a month apart.

I'm a foozled mess some days (and very good at confusing myself and others. )

What do these 2 different rugs have in common?
both are very unusual nonstandard sizes
both are jute
both are in my wheel estate
both keep the vinyl tiled floor from feeling cold when temps drop
both hide numerous imperfections where the tiles have separated
both are easy fast care
both appeared in strange ways

How serendipitous that I managed to stumble into both. I often think an invisible helper from another world  steers me into finding useful things on an efficient budget. Very often that efficient budget is free, because I found it at the dumpster.

I think it's MFG at work again.

One rug came used from the dumpster, another came to me super cheap. Both fit perfectly where I wanted to place them yet I didn't have the correct measurements with me when I found either one.

Must have been MFG.

Both have hidden labels from different companies. One has a small label sewn in the other had a big label flimsily glued on.

Neither time did I have correct measurements with me to see if they would fit, yet they both fit perfectly when I got them back to my humble abode.

Who am I to ask how these mundane unexplained mysteries happen? I just figure it was MFG and be grateful.

The one from the dumpster had a hole in the middle like it needed to be repaired but I took it anyhow, the price was right (zero) I figured I could repair it. However, when I placed it on the floor, I was astonished it fit perfectly and the hole vanished.  Do you see a hole in either one?

Was it MFG?

Does MFG do instant repairs too?

Another oddity.

I spilled concentrated  100% cranberry juice on one. (Stuff I use for alternative care.) I was mortified and tried to clean it up. My cleaning attempts made the rug look much worse as the stain spread further and the more I messed with it, the worse it became. I gave up after awhile and settled on being mad at myself for all the things I flail around spilling when I least expect it.

What's the use of having a nice rug if all I do is unintentionally trash it? Bad girl.

The next day I stumbled out of bed. Something looked different. As the fog slowly left my brain, the something different turned out to be the rug.

The stain was gone. Poof. Just gone. No trace of it ever being there.

Was it MFG?

Does MFG do overnight cleaning too?

Goodness gracious.

Life is goof.

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  1. Hard to believe if I didn't see it !!! Looks great!!!

    Lynn in GA

  2. Dear Gentle Readers,
    Lynn graciously drove the dog and I out in the countryside to find a public dumpster for our garbage. There was the rug just waiting for me to turn up and find it. I asked her "Um, can I bring this?" a wee bit embarrassed that once again, I was dumpster shopping... but she generously said yes and well the rest is in the story...
    Dear Miss Mermaid


Life is goof!