Monday, November 18, 2019

Woke up alive!
What a great start to a beautiful day.

Happy Thanksgiving month to one and all.

Friday, November 08, 2019

Hide and Seek

Do you have days when things just vanish?

Things one uses nearly everyday?

It's happening to me.

I suppose it's a sign to do housework.


Find things.

Put things away where they belong.

Donate or dispose of things that bring no joy.

Paperwork brings no joy but I am sort of stuck with that I guess.

Hospital bills pile up monthly.

The money tree is not growing.

Please don't let them repossess me!

I want to live at home.

Well, in my attempt at organizing, this 5th wheel has no where to keep file folders.


Finally I figured out a storage bench that fits along the outside wall of my dining area.


It can double as a seat too, so YAY I can sit more than 2 at my dining table.

It's called an Otto & Ben 45" Storage Folding Ottomans Bench Foot Rest, Ruby Red.

It comes in 10 different colors. It fits in front of a sofa or at the end of a bed. Well built for price. I am impressed.

Now I can hide all my file folders!


Thursday, November 07, 2019

7 clicks. 

It takes 7 clicks to sign into blogger, each one with a weird delay. Are they afraid I will type too fast if I ever get in?

I went to the managers drop-in midday Halloween party. It was loads of fun! I must admit we have the best manager ever. She is new here. In a few short months she has done more for this place than I had seen in 2 years of living here!

First on her agenda was to improve the maintenance and looks. Gardening was tackled, roads repaved, new yellow road paint added. Numbers have been painted in front of our lots. We've needed that for decades. Now EMS and the delivery boys can find us! The numbering here seems a bit chaotic. I've seen new UPS drivers make circles around here and I feel sorry for the driver. Now they might find it a wee bit easier.

Many people received letters from the manager with instructions to clean up their act. I received a letter that said my place was beautiful!


A dear friend brought me chicken noodle soup, enough for several meals. It was delicious. I feel better already. 

Last night I went to the potluck. I made a Mexican casserole. Man tried it and liked it. It was made with black bean chili and corn tortillas all stacked up layered in a crockpot. The corn tortillas soaked up the chili sauce and flavors. It was indeed very tasty. 

Some new folks were at the potluck and I tried to introduce myself to be neighborly. 

Sadly one lot near me with a trailer and sunroom sold. The lady spent months remodeling it to look new inside and out. Then she still wasn't happy with it so she sold it. 

Life is goof. 

I never even knew it was up for sale. Lately lots have been selling quickly here. 

One lady has come by my lot a few times to let me know if I ever want to sell she will buy it. 

I am lucky because my lot affords unique privacy. Since I enjo the outdoors, this is very handy indeed. 

I actually have more outdoor furniture than I have indoors. This is Florida so I get to enjoy it most of the year. YAY!

Most of my outdoors has been furnished with hand-me-downs and dumpster diving. It's all used so it blends right in!

Well, I am off to straighten this place up. Since I been sick, the housekeeping has slid into a gigantic mess. UGH. Not the way I like things.

Amazon sells loads of organizers.I am getting lots of interesting ideas there. 


Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Wonder about Wander

Not only does my mind wander... it sometimes leaves completely!

Girlfriends and wives should come with written instructions. 

The problem with that is the men would have to read them.

Now that Halloween is over, I voted these kids (below) as having the best costumes. (I think some parental help was involved.)

On the other hand... hearing a rumor that a substitute teacher was taking over the music class while the other teacher took off to have a baby, the eager parent sent her kids to music class dressed like this.

Think old and you'll feel old. Think young and grow into a delusional old fart...

Most of my friends think I am a good egg... even if I am a little cracked.

I am finally old enough to have my act together and now my body decides to fall apart. 

Well, dear Lord, I put this body to heavy duty use. You only gave me one and believe me, I've sure used it heavily for work and play. 

I signed a petition to STOP this silly time change system. The whole thing stinks of a hoax. I have NO idea why this ridiculous time change is necessary. 

It wastes time and money. I'd rather be shopping coupons at Amazon. 

Saturday, November 02, 2019

Gazebo in the Garden

Survived Halloween!

The other day I had to walk to the office here. I guess I looked downright scary. The manager insisted on giving me a ride home. 


I will get stronger. I have use of my neighbor's carport while he is gone for 6 months. It's across the street. Would you believe I get tired walking over there to get in it?


The dog loves having me as captive audience on the sofa recliner. He loves fighting me for my pillows and blanket. 

Other times he is stuffing the couch with a mountain of toys for me to toss. He brings them all back too. 

He got mad at Ronda (the robot vacuum cleaner). She was sucking along approaching his toys and he ran over to snap at her a warning bite bark. I hid all his toys behind the table beyond Ronda's reach but where puppy dog can get to them to guard. 

Silly mutt!

Yes, I did say this is an over 55 singles RV park. We have spots for rent and for sale. So if you are living the singles lifestyle, you might enjoy living here at Florilow Oaks. The website isn't the greatest and new lots come up for sale often, many with improvements already located on them. Some have park models or trailers. Most all have storage buildings. Some are paved some are grassy. 

Mine is mostly paved with huge oak and cedar trees providing me lots of shade. Matter of fact the park is a tree hugger. We have plenty of big trees!

There are  tons of activities here but no pool. However, I now own an inflatable jacuzzi under a gazebo that has curtains. The spa really takes away my pain. I am thrilled! They sell for $340 and up. Well worth every penny.

I don't use mine for super hot, I maintain the temp at bathtub temp so I can soak in it for 30-60 minutes. 

Heaven on earth. 

I feel better already!

I will round up some pics and post them here. 

 This is the gazebo in a box. I chose it because it was round and came with privacy curtains.

The first hour takes one person assembly, the second hour takes three people to finish. It's is 11.5 feet in diameter. I love it!

The curtains enclose it completely with velcro tabs to keep them shut. That is a self draining patio mat that is 9x12. The new jacuzzi will go in there when it arrives. 

Nothing will grow in m yard due to the trees, but I have a potted garden that is spreading out. 

More later.

Thank you for stopping by!

Monday, October 28, 2019

Goblin Walk

I hope I don't look how I feel!

Today I walked to my friend's home. It's the longest walk I have had unaided in over a month. Also, I wasn't tethered or plugged in to any medical equipment. I felt super triumphant.Luckily she has two identical coral colored sofa's. Matter of fact we found them together one day while out shopping thrift stores. They looked brand new. I pushed her to buy them because I thought they would be stunning in her sun room. She was toying with the idea of two identical sofa's because she likes to lay down so much and it would give her friends a place to sit across from her.

We measured and went back to her home. The measurements worked so she bought them the next day. I am saying all this because it's handy. Today I was so pooped from walking that far, I could lay down on her extra sofa. Since the two massive comfy sofas face each other, we could visit quite nicely. Matter of fact she laid down on her sofa, so we were across from each other laying down chatting. 

Life is goof. 

Sadly I have not been on my bicycle in weeks! I miss it too. Recently I had a dream I was on my bicycle and shifting gears to go faster and faster. I woke up right away with the pleasant dream memory giving me a smile. 

Our new manager at the RV park is hosting a Halloween party mid day Thursday, so I might go and rummage around for dark chocolate. I heard they are bobbing for caramel apples but my teeth are not up to the task. 

Snowbirds are showing up daily, filling the empty spots.  We're a singles community so you can imagine there is always curiosity when new folks arrive. Some of course are repeaters and others are new visitors. Some own their lots here but only use them in the winter. Many brings pets.

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Thank you! 

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Twick or Tweat

A starving goblin turned up at my door late one night so I made him a grilled monster-ella sandwich.

I'm always fixing things. This year I am mending my broken jack-o-lantern with a pumpkin patch.

I warned my dog not to bite the ghost but he ignored me. Not only did he bite the ghost but it scared the ghost too! Now my pooch  has a mouth full of stinky sheet.

A witch stopped by for a visit and handed me her broom for valet parking.I stuck it in the broom closet.

Then a drunk ghost came stumbling across my lot. He said he was sorry he was drunk but he had too much boos.

Not much I could do to help the stressed out mummie. He just didn't want to unwind.

The new vampire bumped into the skeleton. Looking him up and down for a vein he finally said "You suck!"

A new movie studio is being built nearby. They are going to only make scary movies brought to you by Howlywood.

This year they are locking up the ghosts unless they have their haunting license.

We've been learning a new howl-arious game. It's called Hide and Ghost Seek.

I heard Bambi got crossed with a Ghost. Now they have a little Bamboo.

Once the new roller-ghoster goes up, we will have a new ride attraction.

I hope it doesn't rain on Halloween. It might dampen the spirits.

Tomorrow I will be attending a vampire wedding. They fell in love at first bite. 

Happy Halloween! There is still time to order up hilarious costumes from Amazon with 1-2 day delivery.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Great Pumpkin Tales

Enjoy the giggle!

I am alive and kicking and almost screaming. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I seem to have the endless flu or cold or something gawdawful.

Some sweet soul left 2 pears at my gate on the little table out there. I don't know WHO, but thank YOU!

Friday, October 11, 2019


I am alive!

Thank you for all the emails asking me if I am OK. I have been super sick and it's not been a whole lot of fun. I haven't felt like sitting upright long enough to type.

My sofa has a recliner on both ends. I am using one end as a hospital bed substitution. It came with the 5th wheel RV. It's leather the color of mushroom. I have to say it is super comfy, I just wish it were ultra suede. The leather gets c-c-c-c-cold. But I've been tethered to medical equipment and the couch makes it easier to deal with and easier on me resting. 

The TV seems to work as my napper. I turn it on and soon I am so bored I doze right off.

In a round about way I found out blood wipes right off the leather, so that works for being handier than ultra suede I guess.

Mostly I am cuddling up with a cheap semi-down pillow and a super soft cotton blankie. I dream of comfort foods and a better down pillow. 

Last night I crawled into my bed for an hour or two. Oh man, I miss my bed! But my body could only do the hour or two, so I had to sadly move back to the couch.First I dragged the tethers up there, then back down again. All in my sleep cause I had to get up and visit the water closet. I keep drinking mountains of water to process the bad germs to flee my body one way or another.

A few weeks ago when I was at the emergency room, I think I caught some sort of nasty bug there. I saw lots of people in scrubs doing computers and paperwork but nobody doing cleaning and sterilizing. 

I am never using CVS Pharmacy again. When I left the hospital I had a prescription for pain pills and a sturdy antibiotic. Both I needed for the surgery on my head. It took CVS Pharmacy TWO and a half freaking days to fill my prescriptions. By then the extreme pain was making me entertain violent feelings. 

How can a pharmacy get so far behind it takes them 2.5 days to count out 22 pills?

That is ridiculous!

Maybe they were too busy loading computer tape cause my printout from CVS was nearly 4 feet long with complicated discount coupons on overpriced products. 

Speaking of mega corporations...

Now that Walmart is online it's easy to compare with Amazon. I am amazed how many times Amazon beats out Walmart on prices. I've also had good luck with Amazon coupons.

 Recently I received gorgeous flowers for getting well. They are stunning. I am luckiest person in whole wide world. 

Thank you EVERYONE for all your help and emails and paypal and being an Angel.

Angels keep me down to earth. 

I am so blessed to be alive. 

Monday, September 23, 2019

Bongo Below

Jerry, Karen, Lorenzo...

Sounds like the cast of a triangle in a soap opera. 

Speaking of soap operas... I recently finished up one named OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE.

My neighbor watched most of the six seasons with me. On days I was feeling rough and stuck home resting, I would turn it on. 

It's filmed in New Zealand so we learned new kiwi lingo. Like what it means to root somebody or saying "I'd be keen to do that".

If you're really keen, then you're heaps keen. 

Grab your togs, let's go swimming. I'd be heaps keen to get wet.

If you're cold, forget the sweater, what you need is a jumper. 

To be knackerd is to need a nap. 

Spend more time at your bach and if you're lucky, yours is on or near the coast. A bach is a second home, a holiday place you own or rent annually.

You got that mate? Aye?

When your holiday money runs out you have bugger all. 

Kiwis would say where I live now is out in the wops. Which is to say the middle of nowhere. 

If you've run out of room for more luggage in your car then it's chocka. If ya crash your car or it breaks down, then it's munted. If you were drunk when it happened then you were munted too. 

If the repairs is pretty easy, then it's a piece of piss. But if you're having a party it's a piss-up. 

If you want someone to mind their own business then you yell piss off. But if you're being unreasonable, then you're taking the piss.

If you forgot your togs then you say "Aw, stink one".

I will tell you more in the nek minute. 

You can tell I am having a mare day when I watch TV (mare is a difficult time).

Packing a sad, is having a tantrum!

Chuck on our gumboots and let's walk through the cow farm.

If it's choice then it's awesome or top shelf. 

And if you think I'm a dag, then you think I'm funny!

Southerners say bullshit but kiwis say spinning a yarn. 

Southerners keep their beer in a cooler but Kiwi's keep theirs in a chilly bin. 

Bowling round, means you're coming to visit. 

Heaps means lots and Kiwis love this word heaps and heaps. 

If you thought that funny, then it was a crack up.

Maori words are thrown in with the Kiwi slang such as pakaru (I like pakaru heaps) but pakaru describes heaps of my belongings in that pakaru means broken. 

If he spat his dummy, then he was angry in a childish way. That dummy is what we call a baby pacifier. 

So if you want to learn heaps more then watch Outrageous Fortune for free with Amazon Prime. 

I would say this is an adult soap opera. Not really suitable for children at all or else you will be explaining heaps. Each episode blends into the next one. Some leave you with shocking cliff hangers.  

It's well written, the characters are distinctly unique. It has some real dark comedy thrown in that kind of sneaks up on you. 

Trivia... one actor plays two very different twins. 

Ironically Outrageous Fortune takes liberty borrowing liberally from Shakespeare. Even the title was snatched from the famous "To be or not to be" speech which states: "To be, or not to be, that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles.

The youngest child Loretta is also used in photographs of her deceased grandmother. The air-head older sister sometimes refers to things vanishing just like the Bahamas Triangle which of course there is none, it's called the Bermuda triangle but it's funny they make this subtle air head reference more than once. 

When they referred to one character's Mazda Bongo van, I thought it was a reference to his predilection to smoking weed, sometimes out of a bong.

But the joke was on me, they really do make a Mazda Bongo Van.

Friday, September 20, 2019


Quality of life.

I've been doing hoodoo and voodoo to stay away from the doctors and drugs.

Most don't want me anyhow since my insurance was cancelled.

I juggle all sorts of alternative treatments that can be done at home or nearby.

It's well worth the effort!

I'm alive and I feel alive.

There are times I feel sorry for others. I know man folks that are over-scheduled with medical appointments.

I get a slew of robot calls from medical facilities imploring me to have endless tests that I don't care to do. So I don't.

Sadly I have been in the hospital twice this year but hopefully I've seen their exit signs for the final time!

Home is where the heart is.

The less time I spend in or around medical facilities and drugs stores, the happier I am. 

Life is goof. 

See more from Jane Goodall at Amazon.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Mermaid Car

After 10+ years of no car, I am looking around at something suitable for a mermaid to drive.

This looks like a nice option.

Amazon has competitive prices on numerous car parts and accessories such as rain guards for your windows. This allows you to park with the windows cracked to cool off the car in the summer without risk of rain damage. 

Probably half the people in Florida add these to their cars and the other half wish they had them. 

Anytime you use any of my Amazon links, it helps the dog and I buy groceries and other supplies. We thank you from our head to our tails!

Friday, September 13, 2019

Date Night at the ER

Emergency Room. 

Twice I've been in the hospital this year. Yuck!

This time it was emergency surgery. More yuck yuck yuck. 

About a week earlier I woke up with a lump on the back of my head. Each day it slowly grew and became more painful until I was nearly insane with pain. 

By Friday afternoon my close friend who was going to take me out for dinner, instead called my doctor who agreed to see me in about an hour. We drove over so he could take a look-see. 

To complicate matters, I have a rare disease for which there is no cure. It sometimes wreaks havoc with my life. There are occasions when for inexplicable reasons it produces painful cysts, boils, lumps or tumors.It also causes me to grow scar tissue in odd places which can be very problematic. Sometimes the same lump comes back repeatedly.I've had tumors where there were previously cysts and cysts where there were tumors. It's maddening!

My doctor had never dealt with this before. He has only seen me once since I came out of the hospital in January. At that time I was having a rough time finding a doctor to see me at all! I just wanted a medication renewed so I finally settled on him basically because the other practices were too busy to take me on. He's very young. 

He examined my head then brought in another doctor. They decided I needed surgery immediately at the hospital. They scribbled out an address and 40 miles later I arrived at Bayfront Hospital which is near Weeki Wachee, home of the mermaids. 

Amazingly when I told the ER I was there because my doctor thought I needed emergency surgery, they took me in right away. A few hours later, I was on my way home again with a hole in my head.

Life is goof.  

Thursday, September 05, 2019

Harley dog and I survived hurricane Dorian with a close friend taking shelter with us too. 

I have big lump on back of my head.  No idea what happened. Woke up a few days ago with a big painful lump.

It hurts something awful. I am taking old pain pills or what I call pucking fain pills. I am not a fan of pain pills but I do not do well with pain at all. I can be real nasty when I am in pain and that is enormously embarrassing. I am a laid back happy go lucky child of the planet when I am pain free.

Did a rainbow hit me in the head?

No idea. 

I am just relieved that the big bad hurricane chose to leave my little slice of heaven intact.  

The view from m dining table.

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Wednesday, September 04, 2019

X Marks the Spot

Dear Miss Mermaid last seen at this red X.

As of 11am Wednesday September 4th, we have a very dark sky but no rains.


Wind and rains are here at 4am in central Florida.

I hope I have protected most of my outdoor furniture and potted plants. There just isn't room to bring anything else inside.

Shop Amazon with my links please. The little commissions add up and help me tremendously. 

Thank you kindly!

Monday, September 02, 2019

Rowdy Ronda Attacks Dog

Ronda... my vacuum cleaner robot was zipping around while Harley was sitting on the kitchen stool. It has felt pads on it so it doesn't scratch the parquet floor. Ronda bumped the stool and it slid about an inch with Harley on top of it. He looked down at Ronda and gave her a warning bark.

She responded by zipping around the stool and bumping it again moving it another inch in a different direction. Harley looked down barking at her again. She reversed then took aim at him a third time.

Now he was MAD. He hopped off his stool and tried to bite her! Not once but twice!

However she is too big for his little mouth.

I moved his stool up to the dining area which is a step up, so Ronda couldn't reach him anymore.

It's tough being a little doggy trying to lord over all from his lofty bar stool. 


For 18 months I have used a Roomba from iRobot. I named her Ronda. I worship her. For 18 months she has faithfully vacuumed my RV every single day except for the 12 days I was in the hospital on life support.  While I was in the hospital a friend moved into my RV to get it ready for me coming home.

My friends thought it funny that when they finally brought me home from the hospital and helped me inside I asked "Has anyone run Ronda today?"

Ronda is an adaptive aid. If you know anyone struggling to remain independent, get them a Ronda.  

Life is goof. 

Strong Freaking Dorian Hurricane


Hurricane Dorian.

  • Since 1950, only 3 Atlantic hurricanes have had max winds stronger than Hurricane Dorian's current max winds of 180 mph: Allen (1980): Max winds of 190 mph Gilbert (1988): Max winds of 185 mph Wilma (2005): Max winds of 185 mph
  • "Only one hurricane has made continental US landfall with winds this strong: The Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 (185 mph max winds)."
  • "Only two hurricanes have made continental US landfall with a lower pressure than Hurricane Dorian's current pressure of 913 hPa. Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 (892 hPa) and Camille of 1969 (900 hPa)."
  • "Dorian now has the strongest winds (180 mph) for a hurricane this far north (26.5°N) in the Atlantic east of Florida on record."
  • "The strongest hurricane landfalls in the Atlantic basin not in the continental US since 1985 are 180 mph landfalls by Hurricane Irma in 2017 on Barbuda, St. Martin and the British Virgin Islands. Unfortunately, it looks like Hurricane Dorian may join that infamous list shortly."

Sunday, September 01, 2019

Dorian Dart Board

Here's one for the dart board. 

Hurricane Prep

I am alive and getting read for the hurricane.

Sorry I have not posted in awhile. I was sick and just overwhelmed trying to take care of me, the dog and this old RV.

I'm doing much better now, just weak and tired but very happy to be alive.

August has come and gone. I've survived man funerals of loved ones in August past. This year a loved one passed on during August but I wasn't able to make the service in New York so I just had to send my prayers.

On a funny  note. below is a picture of a 5 year old on her first day of school. The left side is how she looked moments before being dropped off at school in her adorable uniform.

On the right is  how she looked 5 hours later when her mom picked her up at school.

We've all had days like that.

Friday, August 09, 2019

Everyday is a blessing.

I am so busy trying to hold this body together and patch up this old rig.

Shopping with any of my Amazon links, is a huge help to me.

Amazon has coupons you can use right online. 

Thank you kindly.

Harley sits at the bedroom window guarding the flowers below.

It's been so hot, I pulled the awning out over the window to give him some shade.

Life is goof.

Friday, July 26, 2019

This Old Mess

Some days are good and some days are better.

Trying to be upbeat about the mess around here.

I know there is comedy in it somewhere!

I was so proud of myself. I fetched this patio mat out of the dumpster. No rips. No tears. Just a pile of dirt and wrinkles.

It's a 9x12 foot, self draining, doesn't mildew. These patio mats sell for $55 and up at Amazon.

 So it seemed worth the while that I struggled for 10 minutes and almost fell inside the dumpster trying to drag this out again. Then I strapped it down on the back of my bicycle and brought it home.

 While I was taking a picture of my latest dumpster diving find, I also snapped a pic of my plants.

Matter of fact, that black bar stool was also a dumpster find. I use it to hold the aloe plant that is overflowing it's pot. I need bigger pots and some potting soil.

Well, good thing I snapped this pic for the memories.

That night during a storm, a tree branch fell down and knocked every one of these plants over making a huge mess.

Life is goof.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

I was wondering around Coleman, Florida (population 679) when I became lost.
Then I saw a familiar Emergency Evacuation Route sign.
Ah ha!
That will lead me to a major highway in all likelihood.
Or will it?
Gotta love the sense of humor in our highway department.

Yes, I said wondering and not wandering.

Coleman is kind of a wonder.

I wrote a lot more on this post but blogger ate it. 

Did you know my blog is available at Amazon too? 

Thursday, July 18, 2019

More Bull

The young male had been staring at me for quite awhile. I was working outside. Every few minutes I checked on "that feeling" that someone is watching me. 

It was the bull. 

Still standing there.
Still watching me.

 I wandered over closer to see what his fascination with watching me was all about. Luckily we have a fence between my lot and his field.

That's when I noticed he had his tail stuck in a tree.
The ground beneath him was trampled.
How long had he been tangled up there? 

Just last year or year before I watched this baby bull being born. Did he remember me? Was he staring at me for help or just out of boredom? 

As I came closer, he moved around as if to show me, I've tried this way and that way and I am still STUCK.

But looking at his weight and mine and the fence that separated us already, I decided it was time to notify the farmer.

This is your neighbor.
Your bull is stuck in a tree.

But I didn't have their phone number. 

About that time someone came over to visit me that lives in the RV park. I asked him if he knew the farmer's phone number and he did not. But he volunteered to go give them the news. 

He took a picture with his phone then walked over to their house. 

A lady came to the door. 

Your bull is stuck in a tree.  

She looked at my friend with confusion across her face, then stepped back, as if the crazy parade was coming by a wee bit too close for comfort.
He's been there awhile and seems to need help.
But we don't know how to help him. 
Just thought you might want to know. 

Here I took a picture to show you.  

The lady was relieved that this wasn't some weird joke after all. She looked at the picture on the phone then laughed and said she would call her son to come deal with it. 

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And that's no bull.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Weather for your Birthday Suit


One who collects rust

It's a beautiful day.

A gorgeous crazy parade called life is going by faster than I can watch it all.

I haven't written much lately. So much chaos in getting well and getting this old rig fixed... plus fixing up this old RV. Not sure which is falling apart faster, me or it!

Life is goof.

Of course I had help... in things falling apart!

The RV park had a meltdown at my electric box and it fried my good air conditioner but left the not-so-good one  OK and a few other things fried but still the cost adds up and thus far I've tried in vain to make repairs and well, nothing much is fixed yet. Week six of this mess!

I am just oh so grateful the fiasco didn't burn me down while I slept. Luckily this all happened while I was home and awake, but still the costs of repairing my RV are up to me in spite of the problem being on their electric box.

So I tell myself, make do with what you have and if you don't have, don't worry. Then I try to smile and just be grateful I am alive and able to sometimes poke jokes at the situation.

If I didn't have such a smoking hot body... I would be able to cool down easier!

But there are always cold showers and that does the trick, though showers inside raise the humidity. The RV park here doesn't allow showering outside in my birthday suit. Oh well!

Speaking of birthday suits...

My curvaceous friend was married to a great guy but due to some rare problem, he began slowly losing his vision to the point he was nearly blind and wore super thick heavy glasses. During their marriage he had always complimented her on her choice in clothing that flattered her body. Very often she wore tight form fitting dresses that showed off her curves. As the years rolled by they stayed happily married and remained in the same house since he could easily get around it with his failing vision.

One evening he was waiting for her to finish dressing so she could drive them out to dinner for their 52nd anniversary. Over the years, the curves had sort of reshaped themselves as often happens to women and gravity begins to take over at some point.  But she was still a great looking lady, always dressed fashionably.

On this evening, he found his way to the bedroom door to inquire if she was ready. She stood there in her birthday suit and announced "Hun, I'm just changing my clothes now."

He shoved his thick glasses back up his nose (they were always sliding down) then remarked "You look great! Why change? That pantsuit is STUNNING!" Then he stepped closer, looked her over again and  whispered "But darling... it could use a little ironing.


We thank you for plopping by today and soon I hope to be writing every day again.

Bless you one and all.

It's a fabulous day to wake up alive...  even if my birthday suit does need a little ironing.

Monday, July 08, 2019

Bicycle Doggy

Harley dog decorated his bicycle ride for the fourth to show he is a patriotic mutt.

He has been riding around in this  front bicycle basket for over 4 years now.  He wore out his first basket, so this is his second.

Amazon has his bicycle basket for sale (but mine arrived without the stripe around it. )

The nifty thing is that it is a quick release basket with a carrying handle, so the puppy can be unhooked and carted around. Alternatively one can quick release the basket to go shopping then put it back on the bicycle and ride home with the goodies.

I bought mine "used" from Amazon Warehouse deals for $18 (in January 2015) but it sells new for double that.

I've carried my crockpot inside it to go to a potluck as well as dumpster diving goods and of course grocery shopping. This basket has taken a serious beating the past few years and is still functional though showing some wear and tear.

Life is goof.

Thursday, July 04, 2019

Banga Boom

Happy Fourth of July!

I am reminded of a funny story about a Chinese woman I once met who relocated to America as a young adult. She spent years working long days and at night toiling away learning the English language. She wanted to become a naturalized citizen in the USA.

Finally one year on July 4th  her dream came true!

She  became a US Citizen at a treasured ceremony after taking an Oath of Allegiance. She received her Certificate of Naturalization and a box containing an American flag. 

Later that day she had a big picnic planned to celebrate her naturalization with family, friends and coworkers. At the party while making her speech about this remarkable day, she opened up the box and unfolded her American flag  to show it off while everyone thunderously cheered and clapped. 

A tiny piece of paper had fallen out of the boxed flag  floating on a wisp of wind to the ground. The paper was the same size typically found inside of fortune cookies.

Someone handed it to her saying "This must be your fortune!" The crowd hushed as she held up the little piece of paper and read it out loud. 

It had three words on it.

"Made in China."


Amazon sells American flags in an array of  sizes delivered to your door quickly.

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

New Bus Route

No hurricanes, no cyclones.
Nothing untoward on the horizon.
June finished up nicely.

I heard the new and improved bus system was coming to my neighborhood. 

How convenient for me!

While sipping coffee at my dining table this morning, the new bus suddenly appeared. I had my camera nearby and quickly snapped some pics out the window. 

Sadly, I wasn't ready to go, I didn't even know the new bus route would be right through the cow pen.

All I have to do is scale the back fence, wade through knee high underbrush while dodging  cow patties (and cows!) flag down the bus and be on my way. 


I just need a ladder to scale the 4 foot fence, but other than that, it seems like a workable solution for getting to town.

Put all your troubles behind you... drive a bus!

Thanks for plopping by today and thanks for shopping Amazon. 

Friday, June 28, 2019

Running Water

It sounds like a native Indian name, Running Water.

I have running plumbed in water now! I am super excited!

Running water. 

It's a beautiful day to wake up alive and see what else can be fixed, repaired, shored-up, patched, cobbled and working again.

Electrical problems and plumbing mess are not my expertise at all. Neither are cell phones or wifi or internet. The longer I live the less I know about putting things back to working order.

Life is goof.

Um good!

Some of my plumbing RV parts came from Amazon faster than I could find them anywhere else so that was handy indeed. 

Enjoy your day, it's a beautiful one!

I rename from Dear Miss Mermaid to Running Water.

Monday, June 24, 2019

The Perfect RV Mobile Repair

 My rig has plumbing and electrical issues.  
One of these days it will finally be repaired.
Last night I laid down trying not to think about it.

Then I found the perfect RV mobile repair person!

She answers her phone live or returns calls within a day when you leave a message. 

She shows up for appointments on time and is available for emergencies.

Astonishingly she can seemingly shrink from 6 feet tall to only 12 inches high to fit in those tight spaces to fix the impossible such as the  just-broke plumbing that is wrapped around critical electrical wiring.

If you own an RV then you are probably aware of  these unique situations that arise at the worst of times. 

Oh the laugh and joy of tiny home living.

Her fingers are 18 inches longs and she has three extra thumbs on both hands. Her eyes go from normal to super bright flashlights whenever needed. Seized up screws and bolts are terrified of her and immediately give way without busting up other critical parts.

Whatever parts are needed, she can magically find and have them delivered before the next millennium. She can make 19 phone calls, search 33 websites, send off 42 emails  and 83 texts to find THE one part that will fit, that will work. She does all this in under 2 seconds. The new part will arrive with the same screw or bolt holes, not mis-aligned by some fool in a somewhere factory that decided it was cheaper to move the holes and therefore we RV owners want to remodel the entire RV any time there is need to replace a part.

The new part arrives built better instead of inferior to the old part.

Imagine the absurdity of such convenience!

She doesn't break three other things while making one repair or trash the place with impossible stains that won't come out in ten lifetimes.

Everything is done in a day as scheduled, not spread over 5 weeks of no-shows and it comes under quote, not the original quote times 3.2 plus 22% plus the year of your birth.

She doesn't break four other whatchamacallits and then hide this from you hoping you won't notice.

I was trying to pay her and thank her and tell her how awesome she is when suddenly
she  laughed and vanished in a cloud of mist before I could ask her for her business card.


Where did she go?
My mind was struggling.

Trying to comprehend what just happened to my magic repair lady?

And that's when I woke up.


That was a delightful dream.

Do I really have to deal with reality today?

Say it ain't so!

Some of my RV repair parts came from Amazon. One was delivered in 24 hours thanks to prime membership. 

Today I hope to get it installed.

Another part is coming from
It's my first time ordering from them.
They don't ship fast unless one pays extra, so I used the economy slow shipping.

Thanks for plopping by today!


Saturday, June 22, 2019



Years back before the internet was happening, I was living overseas in a far flung port on a tiny island in the Caribbean. Catalogs were a treasured rarity. Folks saved them and passed them around. Many waterfront bars and restaurants kept a free book trade along with a stack of catalogs for patrons to trade, share and  peruse.  These catalogs showed products we could dream about that weren't for sale locally on a tiny island in Caribbean. A few would ship overseas, most just shipped inside the USA only.

I decided to send my father in the USA a unique coffee mug for Father's Day. I was thumbing through a dog eared catalog of custom imprinted products while sitting in an open-air restaurant having breakfast. There was a phone number to call for placing an order. The preprinted order form included in the catalog originally was long gone. 

I finished my breakfast then walked to a payphone located in the island's town park (this was before cell phones were ubiquitous). I lived on a small sailboat floating in the harbor so I had no home phone to use. Twenty minutes later of standing up in the Caribbean sunshine at a pay phone in the park describing the coffee mug, the imprint I wanted, my father's name and address, my credit card and so on, I was confident that in the next two weeks my father would receive his gift in time for father's day. 

Weeks later on Father's Day, in a different port on a different island, I went to a payphone ashore to call my father for a 5 minute $30 overseas call and wish him Happy Father's Day. He thanked me for his curious gift which had arrived on Saturday. I thought his voice sounded a bit icy. Maybe he didn't like my gift? Nonetheless I was thrilled the mug had made it to him on time but I was mortified to learn from him that his coffee mug read  "Great Job Farter, I Turned Out Awesome!" 


A nanosecond later, the phone call disconnected. I was aghast. My $30 and 5 minutes had both expired. I didn't get to explain to him that is NOT what I meant to send him! 

Oddly enough, as a child, I don't recall my father being much of a farter. I don't recall that he ever farted in my presence. Oh he snored like an endless trainwreck of screeching metal sounds and thunderous crashes that shook windows and scared coyotes. His snoring could drown out other noises from over a mile away. But farting? Um, no.

Whether something was lost in translation or the operator at the catalog company wasn't very good at spelling (or listening!) or someone doing the imprinting decided to have some fun at my expense, I will never know.  

It had taken me over an hour to get that call through to start with and it was time for me to return to work. In those days I was professional crew on a large chartered sailboat for weeks or months at a time. When I had time off, I lived on my little sailboat. It was a chaotic traveling sailing schedule I enjoyed. It was time for me to pick up my passengers and get them back out to their luxurious yacht for a sumptuous luncheon then sailing onward to the next island where a gorgeous beach was waiting for their enjoyment.

Sorry dad!

Life is goof. 

Twenty-something years later... 

Year 2019

Amazon has a  new department called Amazon Prints that includes custom photo printed gifts for your home or your loved ones. Calendars, Photo Books, Wall Decor, Cards and of course the proverbial coffee mug. You can upload your own photos as well as add their own stock of embellishments to make a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork or gift. 

Maybe yours will turn out how you intended. 

Good luck!

If you're reading this then we both woke up alive. 



And thanks for plopping by today.