Friday, November 08, 2019

Hide and Seek

Do you have days when things just vanish?

Things one uses nearly everyday?

It's happening to me.

I suppose it's a sign to do housework.


Find things.

Put things away where they belong.

Donate or dispose of things that bring no joy.

Paperwork brings no joy but I am sort of stuck with that I guess.

Hospital bills pile up monthly.

The money tree is not growing.

Please don't let them repossess me!

I want to live at home.

Well, in my attempt at organizing, this 5th wheel has no where to keep file folders.


Finally I figured out a storage bench that fits along the outside wall of my dining area.


It can double as a seat too, so YAY I can sit more than 2 at my dining table.

It's called an Otto & Ben 45" Storage Folding Ottomans Bench Foot Rest, Ruby Red.

It comes in 10 different colors. It fits in front of a sofa or at the end of a bed. Well built for price. I am impressed.

Now I can hide all my file folders!