Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The Job

It's important to understand how to wear your employee uniform correctly.

Speaking of people that look for ways to lose their job...

I still laugh about the "brother-in-law" story.

A good friend of mine has always been a hard working no-excuses type of person. He fell in love and married a delightful young lady. Unfortunately she came with a brother who could mimic a sloth perfectly.

Her dutiful husband carried his lunch to work, spent weekends working on their old cars keeping them running, paid rent on a tiny apartment while any and all extra cash went into the house savings account.

Three years later this young couple is making a hefty down payment on a home in suburbia. 

Remember the wife came with a brother who had trouble keeping the basics together. His parents had somehow managed to finally get him out the door to his own apartment and job. Problem is he had trouble keeping a job because he showed up late so often or failed to show up at all.

The parents refused to support him or allow him to move back home.

One day my friend comes home to find his  brother-in-law living on his couch, eating his food, watching his cable TV. His wife promised him this was just temporary.

Day after day he comes home to find his  brother-in-law living on his couch, eating his food, watching his cable TV. Week after week. Month after month.

It seems the brother-in-law had become so fond of the couch he had no intentions of moving off of it.

Finally in a fit of anger my friend starts lining up job interviews for his brother-in-law. When a box truck delivery job came available, he trained his brother-in-law in the basics of driving a large truck.

Miraculously the brother-in-law got the job!

But on day one he begs and borrows money from his sister for lunch rather than make a sack sandwich to take with him.

That evening my friend comes home with a list of apartments for the brother-in-law to go see about renting.

But he has lost his job. 

Seems he went to work, picked up the truck, spent an hour loading it full of deliveries then decided a sausage biscuit would taste good about now.

After all he had worked a solid hour!

So he took the big truck through the drive-through. Most drive-throughs are not made for big trucks and neither was this one.

After tearing down the sign and the rain roof and calling his new employer to ask about insurance on the truck, he was promptly fired.

An hour after his new job  began.

He gleefully moved back to the couch and cable TV.

That weekend my friend packed up all his brother-in-law's clothes, tossing them in the back of his vehicle. Then he convinced the brother-in-law that he had the perfect job for him and was going to give him a ride to the interview.

He drove the guy two towns over to a church. "There" he said, go inside and apply for work. As the guy got out of his car, he tossed his sack of clothes at him. "Here, you are going to need these!" Then he sped away leaving his bewildered brother-in-law dumped at the homeless shelter.

Seems he had read about their lack of volunteers to paint the place, so he told his brother-in-law, here's a place that has promised you painting work. He forgot to mention there was no pay involved but he could sleep on a cot that night and enjoy a bowl of beans they fed the homeless.

That weekend for the first time in 14 months, my friend reclaimed his couch and cable TV. He also spent an hour changing out his locks. Good bye brother-in-law, hello freedom.

Life is goof.

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Friday, December 07, 2018


Food I have food now!

And the fridge works fine!

I am the luckiest person in the whole wide world!

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Thursday, December 06, 2018

New Refrigerator Excitement!

Many many thanks to angels!

My refrigerator was finally delivered and installed. WoW! It took a few weeks to get everything sorted out. I was hoping to have everything done by New Years. 

On a funny note, I had a little party and cooked up everything from the broken freezer and fridge. People were amazed I was so happy. Hey, I woke up alive, what's not to be happy about? 

The fridge that died.

Second the fridge had to be a special size. My old refrigerator was a propane electric one. I was spoiled because even if the power went out, my fridge kept working on propane. But those are very expensive and quite honestly, on the electric side they are sheer power hogs. 
No Fridge!

Since I am no longer bouncing down the highways and byways with my kitchen in tow, I could live without the propane option. I still use propane for cooking and backup heating.
Borrowed dorm fridge.

Searching high and low I found exactly two refrigerators that would fit. One came in black or white. The other came in platinum with black trim. White would look silly. Black would look fine. Platinum gave it an updated look. 
Current kitchen with copy and pasted new fridge.

I took a picture of the kitchen then copy and pasted the various fridges in the spot to see how they would look. I chose the platinum. Next came the ordering.

Several angels came to my rescue. THANK YOU! 

One angel loaned me a dorm fridge to tide me over. Other angels made some cash gifts to help me along. 

New fridge is inserted!

FedEx eventually delivered the new fridge. It arrived horizontally. It had been boxed over the original crate so there was no indication of the contents. The guy was having quite a time trying to get it off his truck and down the driveway. I was biting my lip just hoping and praying it would be dent free. So much of my life is dent and scratch but for once it would be nice to enjoy something brand new which is a super rare treat for me. I typically buy used for just about everything.
Just add food and I am ready to cook!

The FedEx man mentioned the huge box. I said "Yes, sorry about that. When the funeral home had caskets half price on Back Friday, I didn't realize they were mail order. But Aunt Betty always wanted to retire in Florida anyhow, so they stuffed her in there and shipped her on down."

"Thank goodness you got her here today, tomorrow is the funeral!"

The FedEx guy was looking pretty green by now. He couldn't decide whether to burst out laughing or run for his truck.

Two guys from the RV park showed up to reverse the doors. Next they carried it up the 5th wheel steps and inserted it into the cabinet.

I had to wait 24 hours before turning it on because the oil for the compressor is like honey and had to drop back down into place before I could run it. 24 hours was more than enough time. 

Now that it is finally running the instructions said to run it full blast 24 hours then adjust.  Now I have the freezer at -10F and the fridge at 34F. It is slightly larger than the old one. It's supposed to be an energy star, so I am seriously hoping this will make a dent in my power bills which have always been hefty in spite of my frugal attempts. 

THANK YOU to all the wonderful earthly angels who made this possible far faster than I dreamed possible!

For the person who has everything...

How about a bed for the kitchen sponge? Surely it needs a rest too.