Friday, February 23, 2018

Favorite Road

Silly security questions asked by log in sites. 

I had received an "urgent" email message from a bank where I keep 3 cents. Of course the "urgent" email notification didn't tell me what the urgency is. I have to go log in to find out. Did someone deposit a million bucks there? Were they curious what I should do with it? Curiosity gripped me. What was this urgency?

Today while logging in I was asked to create answers to security questions. 

The first one was "What is the favorite road on which you like travel?"

Oh my gosh, who has a favorite road? I sure don't. Who thinks up these questions? What were they smoking?

Finally I put "bicycle path". Will I remember that next month or next year?

Probably not. 

If I write it down then what's the use of having a "secret" security question? Anyone could find that piece of paper, log in to my account and discover I have had 3 cents in that bank account.

I hope I don't get robbed. 

The next question...
What is last name of your favorite mentor or teacher?

I had many favorite teachers and mentors. I hardly remember the names of my favorite teachers and I had so many! A favorite? If I were 10 years old maybe this would be easier to remember or answer but at my age, it's a toss up. Does God have a last name? 


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Rv Having Fun Yet?

Internet went on the flake again.

Such a hassle to make calls, listen to the super LOUD music hold, which I turn it down, then when the human finally comes on the line, I can't hear them. Oops! Have to turn the phone back up again.

Is that LOUD hold music in hopes one will simply give up, hang up and go away?

A few weeks ago I listened to a documentary that was seriously scary indeed.I was only able to catch part of it, someone else was viewing it and I happened to hear some of it. I had other things to do, so I didn't stay to hear it all, but I heard enough to be scared.

It was talking about how internet and devices are now designed now to keep one "engaged" longer rather than being super efficient.

Ap and web designers were now being told not to make things speedy or fast but to do things like have pages that load with endless scrolling. So if what you are looking for is way down there, it's going to take you a good long while to get there and find it.

Efficiency is out.

The documentary was talking about the techno gurus wanting people to be "anxious" and check their email and text and social media compulsively. That children were  being taught to be in a panic if they couldn't connect to their social media and so on every few minutes.

I feel very frustrated because I have so many different things to try to get done each day. I like efficiency.

But that is out of style now.

Inefficiency is in.

Last spring I too a 2 week vacation from technology. No internet for two weeks.

It was heavenly!

What was so miraculous is the non-frustration of trying to do 10 somethings on the internet that should each take one minute each and be done in ten minutes. Instead it was taking two hours.  This was sending m frustration sky high.

Of course I had to plan ahead, to try to have auto posts on my blog and to anticipate and pay my bills, anything that might come due.

Billing is erratic. Recently I received a bill that is due in 90 days and they warned me, that would be my ONLY reminder.  Huh? A bill due in 90 days but in the next 90 days there will no reminders?

Another one that is due in 60 days. Holy cow, that is advance billing and the same warning that this would be the only reminder I would receive.

Yet on the other hand another company sends me an email bill 3 days before it is due. Nothing in advance. Pay this in 3 days or suffer a $5 late fee. Good grief.

A friend of mine who refuses to do internet pays all his bills by check and US Mail. This somehow confused his electric company recently and they started sending him refunds after every payment. Yet he still has electricity only now he is seemingly getting it for free. He sends a check, they send a refund.

Dang. I wish I had his luck!

My electricity company posts a stern warning on their bills that they will no longer accept any payments under $5.

Not sure why they feel the need to post that on the electric bill. Does anyone really get an electric bill for under $5?

Life is goof...

Maybe I will tear a few pages out of my coloring book to scribble notes on to some of these wacky companies. 

Yes indeed this book is available for sale.