Thursday, November 07, 2019

7 clicks. 

It takes 7 clicks to sign into blogger, each one with a weird delay. Are they afraid I will type too fast if I ever get in?

I went to the managers drop-in midday Halloween party. It was loads of fun! I must admit we have the best manager ever. She is new here. In a few short months she has done more for this place than I had seen in 2 years of living here!

First on her agenda was to improve the maintenance and looks. Gardening was tackled, roads repaved, new yellow road paint added. Numbers have been painted in front of our lots. We've needed that for decades. Now EMS and the delivery boys can find us! The numbering here seems a bit chaotic. I've seen new UPS drivers make circles around here and I feel sorry for the driver. Now they might find it a wee bit easier.

Many people received letters from the manager with instructions to clean up their act. I received a letter that said my place was beautiful!


A dear friend brought me chicken noodle soup, enough for several meals. It was delicious. I feel better already. 

Last night I went to the potluck. I made a Mexican casserole. Man tried it and liked it. It was made with black bean chili and corn tortillas all stacked up layered in a crockpot. The corn tortillas soaked up the chili sauce and flavors. It was indeed very tasty. 

Some new folks were at the potluck and I tried to introduce myself to be neighborly. 

Sadly one lot near me with a trailer and sunroom sold. The lady spent months remodeling it to look new inside and out. Then she still wasn't happy with it so she sold it. 

Life is goof. 

I never even knew it was up for sale. Lately lots have been selling quickly here. 

One lady has come by my lot a few times to let me know if I ever want to sell she will buy it. 

I am lucky because my lot affords unique privacy. Since I enjo the outdoors, this is very handy indeed. 

I actually have more outdoor furniture than I have indoors. This is Florida so I get to enjoy it most of the year. YAY!

Most of my outdoors has been furnished with hand-me-downs and dumpster diving. It's all used so it blends right in!

Well, I am off to straighten this place up. Since I been sick, the housekeeping has slid into a gigantic mess. UGH. Not the way I like things.

Amazon sells loads of organizers.I am getting lots of interesting ideas there. 



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Life is goof!