Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween

I love the eerie look of this photo I took at high tide.

To all my friends who told me I am from another planet, I took the hint and here's my costume!

I love fun creative home made costumes.
I give this little kid my sack of candy for the funniest homemade Halloween costume!



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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Checking Rumors

Back soon, out running around checking on rumors about a flying dog.


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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Dog and the Alligator

Hey you little alligator, leave my Frisbee alone!
 I will fight you for my Frisbee! Go away!

Oh now it's tug of war!
Splat! I win! You lose!
Doggy 1
Gator 0

See you later alligator!


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Monday, October 27, 2014


A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.

One of the most striking differences between a cat and a lie is that a cat has only nine lives.

Both of those quotes are attributed to Samuel Langhorne Clemens (November 30, 1835 – April 21, 1910), better known by his pen name Mark Twain.

I found a sack of money on the beach today.
But the money was already gone.

Give me a picture and I can make up a story. Is it fiction or is it lies?

The truth is, I woke up alive and that completed my entire bucket list. One item.

So I've put on my rose colored glasses, hopped on my magic carpet and gone to see the world.

Back sooner... or later. Today or tomorrow.

Maybe next week.

Life is goof!

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fun and Foolishness

 Life is goof.

My best friend goes with me too!

 Five kids in this picture.
You don't see them?

Let me magnify the picture.

Let me magnify it some more.

Five kids on a sandbar.

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Free Entertainment

I woke up alive, the sun is coming up and I am just oh so super grateful for another beautiful day on this wondrous planet. I feel such terrible guilt when I am forced to rest or fall into the depths of despair brought on by wild crazy pain, but somehow I battle it out and get on with life and living. If I could just get my body to straighten up and fly right, life would be perfect.

But I will settle for near perfect. Yippee doodle doo!

Despite the naysayers, bullies, thieves and miserable folks trying to trip and trick me, I just try to wrap myself up in a nonstick Teflon coat, put on my rose colored glasses and see life over the rainbow as a treasure chest full of exotic riches.

Moving on to beauty, fun and foolishness...
fulltime rving in a  tioga montara class c motorhome at Hunting Island state park in South Carolina
The tide is going out, leaving sandbars in her wake. 

fulltime rving in a  tioga montara class c motorhome at Hunting Island state park in South Carolina
Harley puts the finishing touches on his sandcastle. 
mermaid found, fulltime rving in a  tioga montara class c motorhome at Hunting Island state park in South Carolina
What the heck is that?
It's a mermaid growing legs!
Actually, I snapped a picture in case I completely vanished
and someone found the camera,
they might figure out the quicksand took me away.
Speaking of quicksand and foolishness...

The pic above was from a few days ago, I have no pic for my next skirmish with the quicksand nor pics of Harley soaking wet, we were way too busy with the comedy of life. But I've posted some pics of Harley because emails indicated folks want to see MORE of the goofy pooch!

fulltime rving in a  tioga montara class c motorhome at Hunting Island state park in South Carolina

Harley's treasured Frisbee ended up in the salt water flats when it was very cold and we were both bundled up in layers playing on the sunny beach. He tried to swim for the Frisbee but retreated quickly because the water was cold and he was shivering and shaking yet crying pitifully for his favorite toy.

The wind first blew the Frisbee into deeper waters, next it seemed to be headed for a sandbar. I was trying to hike around to the sandbar which took us further away from the Frisbee, and oh poor Harley was pretty upset with me unable to comprehend the curious reasoning behind the circuitous route.

fulltime rving in a  tioga montara class c motorhome at Hunting Island state park in South Carolina

At some point I decided to traipse through the shallow waters towards the Frisbee getting my long leggings soaking wet, but I found quicksand again, this time it sucked me in quickly almost up to my knees (no pics, camera was on bicycle). I was fighting panic and managed to extricate my feet with great difficulty, but now my shoes were buried deep in the muck. I was busy trying to calm my shivering crybaby, dig out my shoes and escape the area.

Oh yes, we may be good for nothing, but we provide the beachgoers with great entertainment!

fulltime rving in a  tioga montara class c motorhome at Hunting Island state park in South Carolina

A family with kids had arrived at that end of the beach and the kids were happily splashing around in the cold water shallows. Oh to be a carefree child again impervious to the weather! Funny that I was freezing with teeth chattering and they were merrily splashing around in the their swim suits.

fulltime rving in a  tioga montara class c motorhome at Hunting Island state park in South Carolina

At his mother's insistence, one of the children gallantly splashed through the waters, his light body weight unaffected by the quicksand and rescued the Frisbee. I thanked them profusely and Harley was thrilled as he shook and shivered, doing his curious spins in delight.

fulltime rving in a  tioga montara class c motorhome at Hunting Island state park in South Carolina

I threw the Frisbee a few times as far as I could to get him running and warming up before we took the bicycle back to camp but it seemed I was getting colder and colder. I had to wrap Harley in a little towel up to his neck, plop him down in his bicycle basket, then peddle home. Luckily I had a jacket with me which I buttoned up over my clothes. I thought the peddling would warm me up but mainly it just zapped my waning energy completely.

The site of Harley riding in the bike basket ensconced in the little fluffy towel up to his neck just provided more goofy entertainment for the people we passed who laughed and smiled, some pointing us out to others.

We arrived at the little old motorhome frigidly cold, I took his soggy sweater off, exchanged my wet clothes for dry ones then we plunged into bed with the mattress warmer on high heat, trying to warm ourselves back up. From my window I could see  people walking by in their flip flops and shorts while others were bundled up for the cold weather. I fell into a deep sleep but eventually I woke up alive, all toasty warm with a salty doggy by my side.

fulltime rving in a  tioga montara class c motorhome at Hunting Island state park in South Carolina

Adding more comedy and mayhem, I realized Harley needed to go outside to water the bushes. He doesn't want to do this anywhere close to the campsite, that's his play area and he wants to do his pea-mail and fertilizing elsewhere.

I call it pea-mail because he sniffs for other dog messages then leaves his own message (pea-mail). I was trying to multi-task, so I was carrying a small bag of garbage to the dumpster area. It was when I arrived there I noticed my feet. I was still wearing my fluffy cozy oh so warm bedroom slippers rather than proper shoes.

Well, that's just more entertainment for the campers...

Just the other day a kind lady informed me I had a clothes pin clamped to the back of my shirt. I have no idea what happened but I do hang-dry my clothes for budget considerations and maybe I forgot to remove a clothes pin and somehow managed to dress with it on. I have no idea how long I had been walking around with a clothes pin on my shirt.

Well, Harley doesn't care how I look, he is way too busy with his own crazy antics.

frisbee dog, fulltime rving in a  tioga montara class c motorhome at Hunting Island state park in South Carolina

Pictures from Hunting Island, one of the numerous Sea Islands
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Famous Harley

Harley dog is rather famous in the campground. He makes friends easily what with his goofy look and enthusiasm at wanting to meet new people and dogs. He sometimes is polite to a new doggy just long enough to get his paws on their human and flirt with them too. 

People come up to us and say "Oh I remember you from last year." Most then ignore me while they play with Harley. He's been photographed quite a few times and he just soaks up the attention doing random tricks like a circus dog. Tricks he refuses to do on command. What a curious mutt!

Today while we were walking the garbage out, a man exiting the restroom we were passing came up to us and said "I remember you from last year!" Then he picked up Harley cuddling him. He said "I'll keep the baby while you carry the garbage out!" It was funny. Harley was more than happy to be cuddled and loved, but alas, I made Harley carry the garbage out with me. I encourage Harley to do his doggy business at the dumpster. Or maybe he got used to this waiting on me to finish dumpster diving. Either way, we linger around the dumpster area in case he needs to make a deposit too. 

If you travel and camp with a dog, this a good thing to teach or train them. Of course most folks don't walk the garbage out daily or more like I do, but in my case, if I don't get the little bits of garbage out daily then it might get too heavy for me to walk it out. 

Sometimes I can't resist dumpster diving and I said I wasn't going to do that this trip,  but I guess old habits are hard to break. Just the other day I came home with a stainless steel baking sheet and a nearly new broiler pan that both fit my oven perfectly. Amazing! I can and will use both of those. They were inside a toaster oven. I didn't need the toaster oven (no room). Though two winters back while I was camping for 8 weeks in one spot, someone gave away a big electric convection oven. I baked outside with it for the rest of my stay, then I gave it away. No room to travel with it. 

I've been taking Harley on the bicycle to the far end of the beach where he slips his leash long enough to play about 50 rounds of Frisbee. I have to take the Frisbee away sometimes and insist he drink water. He will happily gulp down a a good bit, then sometimes spit and sputter water he breathed in by mistake in his haste to finish this ritual. 

Then he spins around once, twice, thrice beckoning me to throw that beloved Frisbee again. Other beachgoers find it hilarious to see such a tiny dog playing with a big Frisbee. Shhh... Harley doesn't know he is a small dog. A few times I've told inquiring minds he was a Saint Bernard. 

Matter of fact there is a Saint Bernard in the campground. One thing I love about South Carolina State Parks is that they are dog friendly without imposing ridiculous restrictions. Some folks come over to love on Harley because for whatever reason, they had to leave their dog(s) behind. Several families admitted they have so many dogs from rescuing those with sad tales, that they felt it was too many to bring the whole pack camping. 

I met a 3 generation family of 6 camping that arrived with 6 dogs, each one vastly different, big and small. When they walked, it was like a pet parade, with each family member having their own dog on their own leash. It was cute as can be and the dogs were all well behaved. They put up a temporary fence around part of their camping area. I would see them sitting outside with all their dogs lazing about, some on laps, others laying on the grass, some playing. They said it started when they adopted one doggy who was smitten with the grandmother. The rest of the family was a tad jealous, so they went to adopt a second dog. This time the new dog was nuts about the father. And so it began. They each ended up adopting a dog of their own. 

And of course, Harley is famous as the doggy on a bicycle! He likes to sit up front regally with the wind blowing his fur as we traverse the campground and the beach. Lately it's been a tad cold, so he has had to wear his sweaters to brave the winds. He loves getting dressed! Too funny. 

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Harley and I keep rolling along.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Thanks and More Thanks

I woke up alive. Give thanks, rejoice! Thank you to my wonderful angels, fans, readers, framily, subscribers, amazon shoppers and a silly dog. You make my life possible in so many ways. I feel like I should say THANKS every day to every one the moment I wake up. Can I speed dial dozens of people simultaneously?

What about those that live elsewhere? What's the area code for heaven?

What a beautiful day! C-c-c-cold but awesomely gorgeous. Went out to walk the doggy, who insisted on a sweater and vest before he would put his paw outside the rolling doghouse (also known as my wheel estate).

Maybe I need to write a glossary of Dear Miss Mermaid terms:

Rolling dog house (ramshackle motorhome dog lives in)

Wheel Estate (rolling dog house I caretake for owner)

Cruising Cottage (rolling home)

Caravan (Brits and Aussie's favor this term for movable accommodations)

Harley's Ride (doggy's bicycle)

Monkey (my foolish pooch who looks like a wet squirrel when he is bathed)

Life is goof (testament to my lousy typing skills and eternal optimism)

Watching my hair (taking a shower without a sower cap, more evidence of erratic typing)

Sower or Shower Cap (bowl cover for my silly head)

Efficient living (teeny tiny itsy bitsy budget)

Vet Tutoring (what I told Harley when he was going to be neutered, he is still confused)

Dark Ages (my life before the millennium)

Broom Closet (where I hang my broom and keep a toilet stashed, it's really not as big as a broom closet but I like grandiola terms)

Grandiola (delusional living)

Oh and back to the rest of the story...

While walking the doggy, I noticed the campground was having a church service behind the playground under a covered shelter. I figured the powers to be would forgive us for being late but since we had so much to be thankful for, perhaps we could rejoice with the others. Doggy and I tiptoed up and stood in back just outside the open-air structure in the sunshine. A man I had previously met on the beach (he was laughing at our antics) kindly motioned for us to come under cover to sit down at a bench or picnic table. I was afraid Monkey would get cold and start shivering and shaking rattling up his tags noisily. (I think he enjoys this sound as a way to let me know he is either cold or needs a flea treatment or is tone deaf).

I pointed to the dog who had flopped down quietly in the sunshine. He craves any little piece of sunshine, a smidgen of proof that he must have some bit of chihuahua in his DNA as they are famous for craving a spot of warmth. Luckily he stayed perfectly quiet and found no need to rustle up a dog tag concert.

I must commend the family in attendance with 4 children under 4 years old. (Must be cold where they live!) The children were extremely quiet, though looking a tad bored except for the baby who occasionally let out a joyful yelp. His mother came out to pace in the sunshine cradling the baby who still gleefully muttered the odd babble now and then.

I was pretty cold in spite of my sweater and jeans, wishing I had put on more clothes, so the sunshine was helping to keep me warm. It was a breezy 65F degrees and it felt like a freezer. I don't think my mermaid blood is ever going to warm up.

After the service, people came out in the sunshine too. They were very friendly and nice. Harley was smitten to discover a cute immaculately groomed girl doggy came waddling out with the people. He tried to flirt with her, but she just looked at this ragged waif, stuck her nose up and thoroughly ignored him.

Poor Harley has such a hard time finding a girlfriend. He did recently fall in love with this great big black Labrador doggy that was camping here for a few days. She romped around with him with pure love in her eyes and in spite of his tutoring at the vet, he made some silly attempts to breed her. Sheesh. The lab owners were amused when I said "Stop that, pick another game!"

Seeing Harley rebuffed by the girl doggy, the chaplain came over to greet us and play with Harley. He introduced me to his wife and was telling her all about Harley's antics on the beach. Thankfully he didn't mention our bicycle fiascoes.

Several times he has driven his golf cart to the far reaches of the beach where Harley and I are often very alone, checking to see if we are OK and giving us icy cold water.

I just figured either he has a 6th sense or he is another earthly angel. Imagine my surprise when I learned he was the visiting chaplain. I guess he is a man of many talents.

We owe so much gratitude to so many angels, here on earth and those above us for watching out for us.

Life is goof!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sea Islands and Sailboats

In the past when I was doing research on the Sea Islands which stretch from North Carolina through South Carolina, Georgia and northern Florida, I stumbled across an island near where I am camping on Hunting Island, that is only reachable by boat and rumored to be owned by Ted Turner.

At the time I had this ridiculous dream of visiting every Sea Island. As a mermaid this would be possible, just swim to each one, but as a humanoid in a little old motorhome, I discovered this just isn't feasible. Many are privately owned and off limits, some have bridges that end in guarded gated communities. Some in Georgia are open to the public but don't allow dogs on the beach. Total insanity. I can't imagine going to the beach without my canine companion.

daufuskie island, sea islands, south carolina, yamacraw island

Today in the news, it was made official (if the news is to be believed...) that Ted Turner owns St Phillips Island in South Carolina. It has one 5 bedroom home on it plus caretaker quarters. You can buy it for a mere 23.777 million dollars. There is no bridge, one reaches it by boat (or swimming like a mermaid). Perhaps it is true, I found the link to the real estate listing.

The pictures of the island look nearly identical to the sea island where I am camping in my little old motorhome. I am blessed to go visit and commune with nature whereas others have to spend 23 million to go do the same thing. Life is goof.

Back in the late 80's I worked aboard a gorgeous private sailboat that was owned by a visionary man who was developing Daufuskie Island, another sea island in South Carolina. He was hoping to eliminate the need for cars on the island with folks only using bicycles, electric golf carts and horses to traverse the island after reaching it by ferry. I've always wanted to visit the island.

When I was growing up, my mother instilled in me a love for books. She required that I read "The Water Is Wide" a memoir by Pat Conroy first published in 1972 because he was a South Carolina native and the island where his story took place was close to Hunting Island, where I am now. My family used to vacation on Hunting Island in the 60's in a simple cabin that I still have a complete photographic memory of (it's no longer standing). In his book he refers to the island as Yamacraw but today it is known as Daufuskie.

daufuskie island, sea islands, south carolina, yamacraw island

I had seen another unique place my yacht owner had helped to develop, El Morro near Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela (that is where he flew me in to join his yacht.) The marina he had designed was one of the most beautiful I have ever seen with lots of xeriscape landscaping separating the harbor from the parking lots. He and his wife took me on a tour of the El Morro area, explaining the unique development. He had designed super wide sidewalks for electric carts, bicycles and pedestrians to commute in safety. Sadly, the sidewalk was rarely ever used and I never saw any electric golf carts. People didn't understand about being kinder to nature, importing the electric carts hadn't happened or they weren't being built locally, can't remember which, but they weren't embraced or on hand to be used. It seemed folks preferred noisy polluting cars. No idea if it is different now or not.

Another area in El Morro he had set aside for houseboat living. It was beautifully developed with exquisite landscaping, parking, underground utility hookups, and even the garbage containment was underground. The only problem was there were no houseboats. Something complicated had become bogged down with the government over building or importing houseboats, so it sat unused. No idea if it has come to fruition by now or not.
daufuskie island, sea islands, south carolina, yamacraw island

Another section had colorful picturesque townhouses whimsically built along curvaceous canals with common walls separating the homes. No two townhomes were identical, some small, others much larger. An artist had been commissioned to design an overall paint job with each townhome painted differently but the end result looked exquisite.

I used to walk up the huge lonely sidewalk to the only hotel to use their international pay phone on occasion. The sidewalk was immaculate, it was a shame the residents hadn't or couldn't embrace the idea at that time. I have no idea if it's pressed into service now or not.
daufuskie island, sea islands, south carolina, yamacraw island

Well, I've managed to wander all over several islands and two countries with my tale today. My brain wanders far and wide too...

Above photos are from my visit to Hunting Island 2014.

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