Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hear Ear

Keep an ear out.
You might hear something.

travels with harley

I hear you can get most anything
at Amazon

Life is goof. 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Monkey Business

I know I act like a monkey, but taking my pic with this banana is embarrassing.

Did you know that the affenpinscher dog is nicknamed the monkey dog? Sometimes I pretend to look like one or both or none.

Thank you for stopping by and pawing around.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Some days you just gotta slow down and sniff the earth.

Thank you for stopping by. Come smell a spell.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Doggy Wisdom

Little Red Riding Hood hands out truisms.

Beware of woof in sheep's clothing.

Might be a gator pretending  to be your friend.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Monday, March 14, 2016

Watch Dog

I type wiff my wittle paws while Dear Miss Mermaid takes a break.

The sky is peeing on the lawn!

I thought only doggies were allowed to do that.

They changed the time and I didn't get the memo.

What't the use of all these toys if none of them thought to tell me the time changed?

I don't even own a watch.

So why am I called a watch dog?

Thank you for stopping by today. 

Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Dog Gone Day

I woke up alive.

I'm looking at the green side of the lawn.

Now I shall pee on it.

Water in my bowl, food in my dish. 

Life is paws-itively wonderful!

Gotta quit typing cause it's my turn to drive and it's still dark-thirty.

It's a ruff road ahead. 

Luckily I have tons of energy cause I ate Newman's Organic Dog Food from Amazon. 

THANK YOU to my gentle readers for stopping by and sniffing around. 

THANK YOU to all the wonderful angels who are watching over us. 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

More Water

For me the glass isn't half full or half empty, 

What I see is WATER and the endless possibilities I can do with that. 

Life is goof. 

Grissom Wetlands

Grissom Wetlands

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Spring Break Broke It

Spring break is in full force and the internet in this area is slow to nonexistent due to overload.

Back soon when internet improves!

Monday, March 07, 2016

A Grand Day

Another beautiful day in paradise!

I woke up alive. The sun came up. Cool breezes blow through my bedroom windows where I try to write this now.

Neighbors left so my view is even grander. I hear the birds singing and watch the early morning dog walkers take their pooches out for a stroll.

My fur baby boy is still sound asleep. He doesn't do early mornings.

I wish to thank all my wonderful readers and angels and good spirits for rallying around me. All these fabulous comments, emails and well wishes really bouy my spirits making me laugh, cry and rejoice.

I am oh so lucky.

Happiness is  a double edged sword. In most cases happy people make other people happy. Some folks equate happiness with monetary wealth. If they see a happy person, they think they must be fantastically rich at the bank. Maybe they are a very unhappy person. They decide to attack happy people because they have what they want and they want to destroy them because in some warped way in their mind, this will bring them happiness. But it doesn't.

Money doesn't buy happiness. Sure it's a wonderful tool for providing the bare basics like food, shelter, clothing. If someone has loads of the stuff they can perhaps buy loads of luxuries.

But for some folks, just being happy whether the bank account is 10 cents or 10 thousand is a quality that can baffle others.

I have a habit, whether it is good or bad, to make things seem fantastically wonderful because to me, my life is fabulously wonderful. For instance I take a picture and I crop out the ugly and just show the beauty. My campsite in pics always seem to look huge and wonderful because I have cropped out the neighbors and my rig is often much smaller than everyone else's so I have more land and less rig.

In my happy eyes I see myself living in a grand wheel estate having the time of  my life. Someone else might look at my happy lifestyle and think oh my gosh, she lives in a 22 year old battered up rig how on earth does that add up to a grand wheel estate? She's knocking on heaven's door suggesting that riding a bicycle a mile down the road is the grandest adventure around.

Life is goof!

Recently I was bullied again. I  don't pretend to know how or why someone is  a bully or what goes on in their warped mind or how I became their latest victim.

All I know is that my apparent happiness seems to be an insult to them and their misery. They erroneously may think my happiness is the result of extreme wealth because they think if they had extreme wealth their miserable life would be happy. How this equates to bullying me in an extreme way is just well downright baffling.

I dare to think that 95% of the people around me could not live on the efficient budget I manage to live on and do what I do. But it's a series of happy trade offs.

Think outside the box and magic can happen.

THANK YOU for being wonderful readers, supporters and angels. THANK YOU!

There is more I want to write, gorgeous pics I want to post, but for now I have to go. Life is calling and I have heaps of thanks to hand out.

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Nature Found

You never know who will drop by my campsite.

 A side trip to wetlands 15 miles away. My bicycle had to go to the bicycle shop for a tune up. A friend went with me. Turns out the bicycle shop was pretty busy and the bike had to be left there overnight. That seemed like a pretty good excuse to take the rig out to some wetlands. My soul needed to escape.

An impromptu indoor picnic at an outdoor park.

 This might be why there are no outdoor picnic tables.

A gaggle of baby ducks sailing by.

Ton more pics and info, but I need to rest now. More later, alligator.

I woke up alive and life is beautiful. Yesterday was a treasure. Today is another gift.

My spirit soared with the eagles, sunned with the gators, swam with the ducks. One day I will return to my roots forever.

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Daze in Review

Life is goof.

I seem to be losing track of time again. I posted Sunday and now it's Thursday. I thought I was writing every day.

Then I realize I have been writing everyday  but not posting it here. There's a lot of stuff I am trying to organize for another book. Hard work!

Also I have been reviewing products for Amazon. Recently I began receiving offers of free products in exchange for testing, evaluating and reviewing them. This has turned out to be loads of fun but tons of work.

If you decide to read my reviews, it's clear which products I bought and which ones I received for free. The Federal Trade Commission requires disclosure about receiving products in exchange for reviewing. My written disclosure is included on the products I received free for review.

Now moving on to funny stuff...

Below is a pic of Harley with a mouth full of ball. He just doesn't know he is a small doggy and he wants to play with big doggy toys. How he gets his tiny mouth around that great big ball is a mystery!

The strap in back is his leash wrapped around his body. Campgrounds require he be on a leash at all times. He was moving so fast, his leash wrapped around his rear end. Notice the blurry tale. He is so hard to photograph.

Harley has also been working hard at reviewing products for Amazon too. While the ball above, I bought for him in hopes of finding an indestructible ball he couldn't rip in half, the pic below is Harley reviewing a collapsible pet water dish he received for free in exchange for his review.

Life is tough on a working doggy.

Harley has also taken up cooking lessons. He is one busy boy! Here he learns to make a microwave casserole in a Corelle pie pan from rice, leftover chicken and Kashmir Spinach. He is a very attentive student.

I will be thrilled when he can cook on his own as this will save me tons of  time.

It seems lately every time I finish a post before I can publish it, the internet craps out again. I have no idea if this is a blogger problem or an internet problem, but it's frustrating for concentration to have these crazy internet hiccups numerous times while writing online.

OK, I go rest now.

Later alligator.