Thursday, March 03, 2016

Daze in Review

Life is goof.

I seem to be losing track of time again. I posted Sunday and now it's Thursday. I thought I was writing every day.

Then I realize I have been writing everyday  but not posting it here. There's a lot of stuff I am trying to organize for another book. Hard work!

Also I have been reviewing products for Amazon. Recently I began receiving offers of free products in exchange for testing, evaluating and reviewing them. This has turned out to be loads of fun but tons of work.

If you decide to read my reviews, it's clear which products I bought and which ones I received for free. The Federal Trade Commission requires disclosure about receiving products in exchange for reviewing. My written disclosure is included on the products I received free for review.

Now moving on to funny stuff...

Below is a pic of Harley with a mouth full of ball. He just doesn't know he is a small doggy and he wants to play with big doggy toys. How he gets his tiny mouth around that great big ball is a mystery!

The strap in back is his leash wrapped around his body. Campgrounds require he be on a leash at all times. He was moving so fast, his leash wrapped around his rear end. Notice the blurry tale. He is so hard to photograph.

Harley has also been working hard at reviewing products for Amazon too. While the ball above, I bought for him in hopes of finding an indestructible ball he couldn't rip in half, the pic below is Harley reviewing a collapsible pet water dish he received for free in exchange for his review.

Life is tough on a working doggy.

Harley has also taken up cooking lessons. He is one busy boy! Here he learns to make a microwave casserole in a Corelle pie pan from rice, leftover chicken and Kashmir Spinach. He is a very attentive student.

I will be thrilled when he can cook on his own as this will save me tons of  time.

It seems lately every time I finish a post before I can publish it, the internet craps out again. I have no idea if this is a blogger problem or an internet problem, but it's frustrating for concentration to have these crazy internet hiccups numerous times while writing online.

OK, I go rest now.

Later alligator.

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  1. Actually, that sounds like fun. Many years ago, I wrote a newsletter for my employer that went to thousands of customers. I was running out of things to put in the newsletter one day, so I called a publisher of business books and asked them what was new. They started sending me boxes of books to the point where it was overloading my tiny office space. As long as I reviewed a book every couple of months, they would sent me more books, but it got to be like that sorcerer and the multiplying brooms! So I finally asked them to please send me fewer books and only ones in a particular area. Passing on all these books made my coworkers very happy, however.

    I like that collapsible water dish. Judy


Life is goof!