Monday, October 28, 2019

Goblin Walk

I hope I don't look how I feel!

Today I walked to my friend's home. It's the longest walk I have had unaided in over a month. Also, I wasn't tethered or plugged in to any medical equipment. I felt super triumphant.Luckily she has two identical coral colored sofa's. Matter of fact we found them together one day while out shopping thrift stores. They looked brand new. I pushed her to buy them because I thought they would be stunning in her sun room. She was toying with the idea of two identical sofa's because she likes to lay down so much and it would give her friends a place to sit across from her.

We measured and went back to her home. The measurements worked so she bought them the next day. I am saying all this because it's handy. Today I was so pooped from walking that far, I could lay down on her extra sofa. Since the two massive comfy sofas face each other, we could visit quite nicely. Matter of fact she laid down on her sofa, so we were across from each other laying down chatting. 

Life is goof. 

Sadly I have not been on my bicycle in weeks! I miss it too. Recently I had a dream I was on my bicycle and shifting gears to go faster and faster. I woke up right away with the pleasant dream memory giving me a smile. 

Our new manager at the RV park is hosting a Halloween party mid day Thursday, so I might go and rummage around for dark chocolate. I heard they are bobbing for caramel apples but my teeth are not up to the task. 

Snowbirds are showing up daily, filling the empty spots.  We're a singles community so you can imagine there is always curiosity when new folks arrive. Some of course are repeaters and others are new visitors. Some own their lots here but only use them in the winter. Many brings pets.

Did you know that everyday Amazon offers special deals at drastic price reductions? Check it out. Anytime you order something through any of my amazon links, I often earn a small commission that helps me out monthly. 

Thank you! 

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Twick or Tweat

A starving goblin turned up at my door late one night so I made him a grilled monster-ella sandwich.

I'm always fixing things. This year I am mending my broken jack-o-lantern with a pumpkin patch.

I warned my dog not to bite the ghost but he ignored me. Not only did he bite the ghost but it scared the ghost too! Now my pooch  has a mouth full of stinky sheet.

A witch stopped by for a visit and handed me her broom for valet parking.I stuck it in the broom closet.

Then a drunk ghost came stumbling across my lot. He said he was sorry he was drunk but he had too much boos.

Not much I could do to help the stressed out mummie. He just didn't want to unwind.

The new vampire bumped into the skeleton. Looking him up and down for a vein he finally said "You suck!"

A new movie studio is being built nearby. They are going to only make scary movies brought to you by Howlywood.

This year they are locking up the ghosts unless they have their haunting license.

We've been learning a new howl-arious game. It's called Hide and Ghost Seek.

I heard Bambi got crossed with a Ghost. Now they have a little Bamboo.

Once the new roller-ghoster goes up, we will have a new ride attraction.

I hope it doesn't rain on Halloween. It might dampen the spirits.

Tomorrow I will be attending a vampire wedding. They fell in love at first bite. 

Happy Halloween! There is still time to order up hilarious costumes from Amazon with 1-2 day delivery.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Great Pumpkin Tales

Enjoy the giggle!

I am alive and kicking and almost screaming. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I seem to have the endless flu or cold or something gawdawful.

Some sweet soul left 2 pears at my gate on the little table out there. I don't know WHO, but thank YOU!

Friday, October 11, 2019


I am alive!

Thank you for all the emails asking me if I am OK. I have been super sick and it's not been a whole lot of fun. I haven't felt like sitting upright long enough to type.

My sofa has a recliner on both ends. I am using one end as a hospital bed substitution. It came with the 5th wheel RV. It's leather the color of mushroom. I have to say it is super comfy, I just wish it were ultra suede. The leather gets c-c-c-c-cold. But I've been tethered to medical equipment and the couch makes it easier to deal with and easier on me resting. 

The TV seems to work as my napper. I turn it on and soon I am so bored I doze right off.

In a round about way I found out blood wipes right off the leather, so that works for being handier than ultra suede I guess.

Mostly I am cuddling up with a cheap semi-down pillow and a super soft cotton blankie. I dream of comfort foods and a better down pillow. 

Last night I crawled into my bed for an hour or two. Oh man, I miss my bed! But my body could only do the hour or two, so I had to sadly move back to the couch.First I dragged the tethers up there, then back down again. All in my sleep cause I had to get up and visit the water closet. I keep drinking mountains of water to process the bad germs to flee my body one way or another.

A few weeks ago when I was at the emergency room, I think I caught some sort of nasty bug there. I saw lots of people in scrubs doing computers and paperwork but nobody doing cleaning and sterilizing. 

I am never using CVS Pharmacy again. When I left the hospital I had a prescription for pain pills and a sturdy antibiotic. Both I needed for the surgery on my head. It took CVS Pharmacy TWO and a half freaking days to fill my prescriptions. By then the extreme pain was making me entertain violent feelings. 

How can a pharmacy get so far behind it takes them 2.5 days to count out 22 pills?

That is ridiculous!

Maybe they were too busy loading computer tape cause my printout from CVS was nearly 4 feet long with complicated discount coupons on overpriced products. 

Speaking of mega corporations...

Now that Walmart is online it's easy to compare with Amazon. I am amazed how many times Amazon beats out Walmart on prices. I've also had good luck with Amazon coupons.

 Recently I received gorgeous flowers for getting well. They are stunning. I am luckiest person in whole wide world. 

Thank you EVERYONE for all your help and emails and paypal and being an Angel.

Angels keep me down to earth. 

I am so blessed to be alive.