Monday, October 28, 2019

Goblin Walk

I hope I don't look how I feel!

Today I walked to my friend's home. It's the longest walk I have had unaided in over a month. Also, I wasn't tethered or plugged in to any medical equipment. I felt super triumphant.Luckily she has two identical coral colored sofa's. Matter of fact we found them together one day while out shopping thrift stores. They looked brand new. I pushed her to buy them because I thought they would be stunning in her sun room. She was toying with the idea of two identical sofa's because she likes to lay down so much and it would give her friends a place to sit across from her.

We measured and went back to her home. The measurements worked so she bought them the next day. I am saying all this because it's handy. Today I was so pooped from walking that far, I could lay down on her extra sofa. Since the two massive comfy sofas face each other, we could visit quite nicely. Matter of fact she laid down on her sofa, so we were across from each other laying down chatting. 

Life is goof. 

Sadly I have not been on my bicycle in weeks! I miss it too. Recently I had a dream I was on my bicycle and shifting gears to go faster and faster. I woke up right away with the pleasant dream memory giving me a smile. 

Our new manager at the RV park is hosting a Halloween party mid day Thursday, so I might go and rummage around for dark chocolate. I heard they are bobbing for caramel apples but my teeth are not up to the task. 

Snowbirds are showing up daily, filling the empty spots.  We're a singles community so you can imagine there is always curiosity when new folks arrive. Some of course are repeaters and others are new visitors. Some own their lots here but only use them in the winter. Many brings pets.

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Thank you! 


  1. Must have felt great to get out and walk even if it did knock you for a loop. And you both had a wonderful lie down visit.

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Life is goof!