Monday, August 31, 2015

Jost Van Dyke

This is my view from riding behind the passenger seat in the motorhome. Harley's trademark one ear up, one ear down. Maybe he is a half breed. He can lift his other ear and does so on a rare occasion.

I saw this sign at Tuck In The Woods Campground in the lowcountry of South Carolina. One of the RV owners saw us snapping pics and came out to chat. His friends made the sign for them at a party in their honor. What caught my attenrion was Jost Van Dyke which is in the Virgin Islands, where I spent many happy days rebuilding my old sailboat. I loved that place and sorely miss all my friends still living there.
Life is goof.


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Ten and a Half Weeks of Summer Rving

By the Numbers... Some of the Highlights of the past 10 and a half weeks of RVing:

21 year old motorhome
1 crazy canine
356 poop baggies
10 different campground stays
9 different campgrounds
2 different states (North Carolina and South Carolina)
832 miles added to motorhome
49 miles in rental car
192 miles on bicycle
1 sprained ankle
75 sunrises
1 blown tire
1189 photographs
227 meals
1 funeral
38 gallons of  iced tea brewed
21 pounds of dried beans cooked
2 pints of ice cream consumed
1 rebuilt transmission
19 minor motorhome repairs
41 hours of volunteer litter picking
1 river accident (shattered wrist)
2 hospitals
1 emergency surgery
61 pain pills
1 broken mirror
139 gallons of gasoline
3 lake campgrounds
4 river camps
1 creek park
1 horse camp
78 hours of laughing
2 hours of crying
177 dumpster trips on foot

5 good samaritans (THANK YOU!)
7 earthly angels (THANK YOU!)

Monday, August 24, 2015

Springwood Rv Park in Upstate South Carolina

Due to the RV breakdowns and shattering my wrist, we had to relocate several times to RV parks that were convenient to the chaos of the day. Life is goof! We were oh so lucky to find spots when we needed them in unusual places.
 Harley prefers to pick out the campsites. He likes economy sites with a huge grassy lot with trees, a sandy beach and water such as an ocean or lake or river. But he can compromise and willingly did.

 Springwood RV Park  was about 6 miles from the second hospital, where I had surgery, the first hospital was about 25 miles away. Springwood  is located in the southern end of my former hometown in the Donaldson Center which is mostly an industrial park with dozens of  tenants such as Lockheed Martin and Stevens Aviation.

Train tracks on one side of the RV park and an airport on the other side, plus a mobile home park and a trucking company on the other two sides, made for interesting sights and sounds. I loved to hear the train horns, but the tracks were rarely used, maybe every other day. One day when I was wandering around with my cast held in the air (eases swelling) a lengthy freight train came by and I stood there in awe watching it rumble by. The engineer saw my raised arm and waved back at me. I tried to peek into the speeding freight cars, some with open doors,  to see if any hobos were riding along.

Donaldson Air Force Base was founded in 1942 as Greenville Army Air Base, renamed Donaldson in 1951, it was deactivated in 1963 and converted into a civilian airport known as Donaldson Center Airport. The entire decommissioned base was turned back over to the city of Greenville. It eventually became a bustling industrial center.

It was used by the United States Army Air Forces' Third Air Force as a B-25 Mitchell medium bomber training airfield during World War II. It was home to C-124 Globemaster II transports and called "The Airlift Capital of the World" for its role in the Berlin airlift, Korean War, and Cold War, being assigned to both Tactical Air Command and the Military Air Transport Service.

I made two different visits to Springwood Rv Park and both times the Rv technicians came out to repair my air conditioning. Angels must be looking out for this fool, because warranty covered most of the work.  That's the two RV techs working on it. The first time either they had the wrong part or it was malfunctioning, I forget which, I was pretty zonked out at the time from surgery. The next visit they had the right parts (shipped in) and got me going again. I had to pay the service call, but it was well worth it, what with me in a ton of pain in 90 effing degrees and the humidity in July and August in the Greater Greenville area can be a bit oppressive, so I was thrilled to be chilling out again.

Both times we stayed at the park, we were lucky enough to be backed up to trees which were hiding a tall fence  separating the RV park from the trucking company on the other side. The couple managing the park were first class folks taking good care of the place and super helpful. All the sites have water, electricity and sewer. Most have paved patios.

There was an eclectic mix of residents, some long term, others transient like us. Some were units that belonged to absent working travelers what with trucks, trains and planes, plenty of traveling workers in the area that seemed to keep a camper around for when they were in town.

Harley dog was happy enough though confused. When we discovered we were close enough to town to have food delivery, this was a huge treat one evening and Harley got to have some delivery too (no he is not spoiled...). Typically I am camped in the middle of nowhere and dining out isn't in my budget, but what with the busted arm, surgery and chaos, it was a mega treat and surely gave my long suffering friend who has been helping me out tremendously a welcomed break.

Thank you for stopping by.


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunny Sunday

Another gorgeous day in paradise.

Hartwell Lake
The border between Georgia (background) and South Carolina (foreground) is an invisible dotted line somewhere in the middle.

So much to be grateful for!
I am thankful for one more chance to savor planet earth.
I am hugely indebted to gracious angels that have made my life sensational. 

Trees produce oxygen, clean the soil and control noise pollution.

Asheville Bear Creek Campground North Carolina


Thank you.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Ducky Dwelling

Today I woke up alive with a roof over my head and food in the pantry. What more could I want? Life is magnificent!

Thank you for showing up at my blog. I am oh so blessed.

Just to be sure, I went outside to witness the sun coming up. My mind was racing in a hundred unconventional ways while my body moved at a snail's pace trying to ache and complain while I shushed it up. The world seemed silent. No human noise,no vehicles, no birds twirping, Just silence.

Splish splash. A dozen or so ducks just magically appeared, paddling across the lake. I flailed around for my camera, found it inside the RV then came back out.  I was a few hundred feet away, trying to move quietly. I managed to snap a few quick pics without taking time to fiddle with the camera settings because the ducks were paddling fast out of my range.

Suddenly something jumped out of Hartwell Lake. I have no idea what, I didn't catch it in the photo, but it startled the ducks. They flew off in a hurry with squawking alarms.

hartwell lake, ducks, campground lake hartwell state park

hartwell lake, ducks, campground lake hartwell state park

hartwell lake, ducks, campground lake hartwell state park


Many folks have emailed, written, phoned and posted lots of advice and creative solutions. The hardest thing about receiving advice, is to shut up and listen. It might be good, it might be bad, it might be worth mulling over a long time before it sinks in that perhaps that was some very good advice indeed. Take it. Use it. Some advice is very bad, some is brilliant, sheer genius. How to tell which is which? Either way,  it's good to hear lots of options, think outside the box and look at all the "what ifs".


Throughout my life numerous bizarre opportunities have briefly presented themselves. It's probably how I've ended up  traveling so much, working unique occupations and living a lifestyle that is off the beaten path.  Often those opportunities had a very brief window to accept or decline. Sometimes they ended in near disaster and other times it turned out to open up a fascinating wondrous world to enliven my tiny little brain.

Older Folks...

In my younger days (mid teens and 20's) I lived a lifestyle that isolated me from peers my own age and thrust me into a world of people much older than me by decades. I must have seemed like a hungry dry sponge anxious for water because I wanted to know what they knew, what worked for them, what didn't work. How to get along in this massively complicated existence? Sure they told me things I ignored and wish I had not and other things, I held onto every word as gospel. Some advice I took didn't turn out to be a good deal after all, yet other advice I took lead me onward to a happy adventurous blissful journey. It's live and learn. Trial and terror.


It seems so many of my trusted cohorts, those I loved dearly that loved me too have passed over the rainbow far too soon. Now as life moves on seemingly aging me rapidly, there is this strange bewilderment of loneliness. When did life go from being laboriously slow to rapid changes that seem to leave me in the dust scratching my head feeling like I can't keep up with the breakneck speed of day to day living?


Much of my life has had ample solitude and for this I am grateful. Other times, I fancifully wish to have a few trusted living souls around for comfort and laughter. But what happens when your nearest and dearest are living over the rainbow? Floating on lofty clouds, sending messages in my sleep, poking my soul, whispering in my ear.

Fitting In...

I don't know where I belong. If I did, I would stop traveling and settle there. I may be picking a place sooner rather than later and I am clueless. Life is goof.

Heaven help me. It will all work out, I have faith.

I woke up alive and that's good enough to celebrate all day long!

Life is ducky

A Thing of Beauty

Every day I try to find a thing of beauty to snap a picture as a gentle reminder that any day I wake up alive, it's going to be a fabulous day. 

Magnificent Mother Nature:

Thank you for stopping by.


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Erratic Camping and Healing

as of  Tuesday, back in nature, on a lakefront lot surrounded by a nightly chorus of lively cicadas. I can recuperate anywhere... might as well seek out a budget view as ironically, this is the nicest place at the cheapest price in the past 3 weeks of medical and RV chaos. Just this week has been a whirlwind  of rv repairs and ortho trauma visits plus moving around multiple campgrounds.

Pardon my typing I am still having a rough time with my hands but it will all get better soon.

wednesday-transmission repair took all day, we rented a car to live in for the day finding things to do with an energetic canine. it turned out to be a fun busy day but exhausting all around. doggy loves touring rv's so in the morning before it was hot and muggy, we drove southerly to a small rv lot that had only used coaches. harley dog can be hilarious when shopping. if he doesn't like the rv, he just gloomily walks around it staying at my heels. such was the case with first class c.

at the 2nd rv, he hopped up on the sofa and sat down briefly then leaped off again. At another Rv with old thick carpet, he rolled across it to see if it was soft enough. The bedroom didn't win him over, he left the bed untouched.

One huge tour bus at least 45 feet long was designed for a band on the road had 385,000 miles on it with 12 bunk beds stacked in three's from the floor to the ceiling with six on each side of the middle of the bus.  At either end of the bunk section were two different lounges. All the bunks came with luxurious thick padded curtains to dampen noise and black out all hall lights. The exterior of the bunk curtains which faced the narrow hallway running down the middle of the coach was made of what appeared to be thick faux mink fur. Harley dog especially like this enormous bus, he could race up and down the length of it and the fur curtains really caught his fancy.

After sniffing the bus from bow to stern, he picked out a lower bunk, that had the curtain partially drawn. He seemingly moved in by entering the bunk gingerly, hiding behind the curtain then slowly turning around three times before contentedly curling up for a nap with a long sigh.

We were laughing ourselves silly the way he just settled in like he was ready to travel to the next show.

Laughter is the best medicine.

Hard to believe that was a week ago, it seems like yesterday.

Heavenly healing, over 100 campsites and only 3 campers, talk about solitude and peace... ahhh... the view from my bed sofa in the rear of  my little old wheel estate looks out on the receding Hartwell Lake. Not bad at all for $15 a night.

Now on to gory stuff...

Below at the end of this post is a picture of my arm with the stitches removed. There is another warning below STOP NOW if this is going to upset you.

If you do want to see the ugly incision then scroll way down, otherwise stop at the next warning.

I was so shocked when I saw the incision, the splint had to be removed so the oh so sloppy stitching could be taken out. I would expect an erratic mess if I had torn my arm open through misadventure, but I thought since this was surgery it would be nice and neat. Back in the 90's I had emergency surgery and they stitched me back to life beautifully, so when I saw this mess, I was not prepared.

I am baffled by the trauma center which keeps handing me off to different surgeons and no one seems to know what's going on. The first orthopedic surgeon I saw that said I needed surgery immediately seemed very knowledgeable and caring. But then while waiting to be hauled off for surgery the next morning after showing up at the hospital, another surgeon bolted in the room breathlessly introducing himself, scribbled his initials on my elbow then vanished. In recovery, no one came around to talk to me at all and I had loads of questions. Next thing I knew I was being rolled out in a wheel chair to the RV in the parking lot of the hospital.

When my friend opened the door, my doggy was dancing around ecstatic to have me back but the attendant pushing the wheel chair freaked out saying "I don't do dogs!" over and over then fled with the chair. I collapsed in my bed in the rear of the coach. when I woke up again, we were camping at Springwood RV Park at Donaldson Center in Greenville, South Carolina. It's about 5 miles from the hospital where the surgery took place but my friend had already taken us shopping for meds and foods while I was oblivious to the world.

The incision looks like it was cut with a dull rock rather than a sharpened scalpel. The stitching looks like they let a student practice on my arm for the first time. If they gave him/her an F, I wouldn't be surprised.  Luckily the sleeved it all back into an adjustable splint, so I don't have to face the ugly mess daily... yet.

Scroll down for pic but STOP NOW if this sort of thing upsets you. This is after the stitches were removed, the one with the stitches still in didn't show up well and it's super hideous like bride of Frankenstein.









Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Arm Is Alive

I went back to Greenville Ortho Trauma yesterday after descending 70 miles from mountains to Piedmont. I can't get over how much nerve racking fun it is to be a passenger in my little old motorhome.

The surgeon was concerned about the teeth marks on my cast. My friend piped up "Oh she does that in her sleep, tries to gnaw off her arm..."

My friend is extremely tolerant of my backseat driving. I can't ride in the front passenger seat because it gets too complicated since doggy sits on the lap of whoever sits there. When it's just me and him, or he and I, he is of course accustomed to having the passenger seat all to himself, outfitted with pillow, blanket and bed. If someone else is riding in the front passenger seat, then Harley dog still claims it, by sitting on their lap. It's not just a cute little curled up doggy either, he might be standing on two legs on your lap, hanging out the window, or stretched out floppy style sleeping with legs dangling down the sides of your thighs, or if he thinks we are near a campground, then one is smothered in dog kisses of joy.

With me in such pain, trying to hold doggy, buckle seat belt on left side with right hand, prop up sprained ankle, navigate for driver, sip water, chew gum... well it's just too much especially when I say OWIE OR #$%^&*  every few minutes, sometimes followed by muffled screams.

Yep, I am just a sack of fun these days!

Oops have to clear the table... more later... the air conditioner repairman is driving up, warranty work will be completed soon.

THANK YOU to my readers and angels, both earthly and heavenward. 


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Bear Creek RV Park










Saturday, August 15, 2015

Mo Mo Mo

just say mo' to pain pills


my grumpy level seems proportional to the lack of pain pills, so i give up, caving in to the "swallow a pill-make it go away" stigma

i don't want to take chemicals aka prescriptions because they damage my kidneys, but waking up in middle of night and discovering i am chewing my arm off like a rabid fox caught up in a bear trap reminds me to choose the lesser of evils

eat prunes, drink juice, gobble down a pucking fain pill, eat more fruit

speaking of prunes, i found these super fresh delectable moist Newman's Own Organics California Prunes at Amazon. they are actually a joy to eat, yummy!

pain pills have many unfortunate side effects (including constipation) at least that malady can be overcome with lots of fruit, juice, water and roughage

oh joy!

adaptive tools...

i've always opened cans with a manual can opener, but it requires two hands... so i bought this one handed battery operated can opener

it arrived in a package that needs two hands, a pair of scissors, a box cutter, 3 cocktails plus brute force to open


my friend fought with it for 10 minutes then finally i was able to test it out. i give it an A+  for one handed operation and a 10 for entertainment value because it does an undulating dance while opening the can hands free

while i was up typing, harley and his teddy bear commandeered my padded cell where i try to lay in such a way that i can prop my injured wing above my heart while weighing it down with a baggy of ice

time to go rest, pardon my horrendous editing...

a GIANT THANK YOU to saintly angels who are looking out after this fool with good well wishes, positive vibes and gifts of aid

i am reduced to tears of humbleness and gratitude


NOW... if you are looking for oodles of giggles,  just follow me around for a day with a video camera while i learn to do two handed tasks with one hand tied behind my back