Sunday, August 30, 2015

Ten and a Half Weeks of Summer Rving

By the Numbers... Some of the Highlights of the past 10 and a half weeks of RVing:

21 year old motorhome
1 crazy canine
356 poop baggies
10 different campground stays
9 different campgrounds
2 different states (North Carolina and South Carolina)
832 miles added to motorhome
49 miles in rental car
192 miles on bicycle
1 sprained ankle
75 sunrises
1 blown tire
1189 photographs
227 meals
1 funeral
38 gallons of  iced tea brewed
21 pounds of dried beans cooked
2 pints of ice cream consumed
1 rebuilt transmission
19 minor motorhome repairs
41 hours of volunteer litter picking
1 river accident (shattered wrist)
2 hospitals
1 emergency surgery
61 pain pills
1 broken mirror
139 gallons of gasoline
3 lake campgrounds
4 river camps
1 creek park
1 horse camp
78 hours of laughing
2 hours of crying
177 dumpster trips on foot

5 good samaritans (THANK YOU!)
7 earthly angels (THANK YOU!)


  1. Go Girl! Hope there are many more adventures on your Bucket List. Hope to see you and that crazy Monkey soon :)

    The Troutman

  2. You are WAY too low on the ice cream!! And did I miss the chocolate?

    Glad you are feeling better.



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