Monday, August 24, 2015

Springwood Rv Park in Upstate South Carolina

Due to the RV breakdowns and shattering my wrist, we had to relocate several times to RV parks that were convenient to the chaos of the day. Life is goof! We were oh so lucky to find spots when we needed them in unusual places.
 Harley prefers to pick out the campsites. He likes economy sites with a huge grassy lot with trees, a sandy beach and water such as an ocean or lake or river. But he can compromise and willingly did.

 Springwood RV Park  was about 6 miles from the second hospital, where I had surgery, the first hospital was about 25 miles away. Springwood  is located in the southern end of my former hometown in the Donaldson Center which is mostly an industrial park with dozens of  tenants such as Lockheed Martin and Stevens Aviation.

Train tracks on one side of the RV park and an airport on the other side, plus a mobile home park and a trucking company on the other two sides, made for interesting sights and sounds. I loved to hear the train horns, but the tracks were rarely used, maybe every other day. One day when I was wandering around with my cast held in the air (eases swelling) a lengthy freight train came by and I stood there in awe watching it rumble by. The engineer saw my raised arm and waved back at me. I tried to peek into the speeding freight cars, some with open doors,  to see if any hobos were riding along.

Donaldson Air Force Base was founded in 1942 as Greenville Army Air Base, renamed Donaldson in 1951, it was deactivated in 1963 and converted into a civilian airport known as Donaldson Center Airport. The entire decommissioned base was turned back over to the city of Greenville. It eventually became a bustling industrial center.

It was used by the United States Army Air Forces' Third Air Force as a B-25 Mitchell medium bomber training airfield during World War II. It was home to C-124 Globemaster II transports and called "The Airlift Capital of the World" for its role in the Berlin airlift, Korean War, and Cold War, being assigned to both Tactical Air Command and the Military Air Transport Service.

I made two different visits to Springwood Rv Park and both times the Rv technicians came out to repair my air conditioning. Angels must be looking out for this fool, because warranty covered most of the work.  That's the two RV techs working on it. The first time either they had the wrong part or it was malfunctioning, I forget which, I was pretty zonked out at the time from surgery. The next visit they had the right parts (shipped in) and got me going again. I had to pay the service call, but it was well worth it, what with me in a ton of pain in 90 effing degrees and the humidity in July and August in the Greater Greenville area can be a bit oppressive, so I was thrilled to be chilling out again.

Both times we stayed at the park, we were lucky enough to be backed up to trees which were hiding a tall fence  separating the RV park from the trucking company on the other side. The couple managing the park were first class folks taking good care of the place and super helpful. All the sites have water, electricity and sewer. Most have paved patios.

There was an eclectic mix of residents, some long term, others transient like us. Some were units that belonged to absent working travelers what with trucks, trains and planes, plenty of traveling workers in the area that seemed to keep a camper around for when they were in town.

Harley dog was happy enough though confused. When we discovered we were close enough to town to have food delivery, this was a huge treat one evening and Harley got to have some delivery too (no he is not spoiled...). Typically I am camped in the middle of nowhere and dining out isn't in my budget, but what with the busted arm, surgery and chaos, it was a mega treat and surely gave my long suffering friend who has been helping me out tremendously a welcomed break.

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