Saturday, August 08, 2015

PP Head

pawdon my terrible typing but doing the best i can wiff my wittle paws while my pet parent is healing, she fusses  about having only use of one hand but hey wait a minute

think about it

she still has one THUMB and this wittle puppy has no thumbs, not even one, would i give my right paw to have a thumb? hmm... it's worth considering

first off... well second off... THANK YOU to all the wonderful angels sending us love in so many different ways, i am way behind on thank yous, but i am trying to plow my way around wiff my wittle paws

to make things easier, i shall call my pet parent "pp" for pet parent, but also pp cause she is in so much pain she acts like a pp head, you probably know pp head is nice term for something else i would like to say... but won't cause we try to keep thinks polite around here

i am still trying to figure out what pp head means when she screams "oh the pucking fain is awful!"

tee hee hee, don't tell her i called her a pp head!

i still need her one good thumb to open my food...

Just in case, i eat my greens when i am out walking in case pp forgets to feed me, i call this my wild salad, here's my beautiful pic of me dining al fresco

in a nutshell... here's what happened to pp...

we were camping in a delightful place in eastern north carolina when an emergency forced us to change plans and aim for upstate south carolina which meant traveling westward for several days and nights cause pp kept getting sick or lost or tired ,or sick with grief, so we stopped to camp along the way

one day in middle of nowhere our transmission overheated and expelled all fluids, now as a doggy, if i had done that... i would have heard mumbled curses and seen stern looks from pp but the rolling doghouse died at the entrance to an rv park...

angels must have been looking out after us cause it was super hot humid day, we still not sure about transmission... more on that next week maybe

good samaritans pushed us with their hands, thumbs and backsides to get us into the park......whew...

there's grief and a funeral mixed up in all this chaos but not talking about that now cause it makes pp waaaaaaay too sad

amazon shipped us gallons of transmission fluid and bandaids for rv, getting a tow truck to come  find us was an option that kind of died too... we were hoping once trans cooled it might reseal and let us refill and limp to a place for repairs

nice cold river in hiking distance and pp was wearing a leg brace and we liked to walk to river and pp soak her injured paw, i mean leg, cold river on hot humid day feel good

you can see little fishes nibbling at pp and some say sitting in this river will cool you down for rest of summer and it's very healing which came in handy, it's so cold that this wittle doggy would shake and shiver after wading and swimming toooooooo cold for this little doggy's heart but some days i splash around in it anyhow

pic above on clear day, pic below was muddy day, most days river clear but c-c-cold

one day she hurt her paw i mean arm, by the time we get wheel estate rolling again, and find hospital, i think we take 2 days, they say pp in bad shape, must travel more and wait to see another doc.. big delay cause doc admin had  computer problems and not seeing patients cause they can't use old fashioned pencil and appointment book

more daze while pp cry and fuss

see doc and he say pp need immediate surgery to save paw, hand, thumb, so now she cry fuss more cause the make her more pain and she sad already and worried about our rolling home and bicycle cause we don't have car so we take rolling dogouse everywhere and sometimes parking real hard

we checking trans fluid and trying to get help, but everything takes time and total chaos

oops continued later...


  1. Sent email aol.... hoping you better.

    Lynn in GA

  2. Personally, I can not take very many pain meds. I hope you have found something that gives you relief. We all wish you the best.


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