Saturday, August 15, 2015

Mo Mo Mo

just say mo' to pain pills


my grumpy level seems proportional to the lack of pain pills, so i give up, caving in to the "swallow a pill-make it go away" stigma

i don't want to take chemicals aka prescriptions because they damage my kidneys, but waking up in middle of night and discovering i am chewing my arm off like a rabid fox caught up in a bear trap reminds me to choose the lesser of evils

eat prunes, drink juice, gobble down a pucking fain pill, eat more fruit

speaking of prunes, i found these super fresh delectable moist Newman's Own Organics California Prunes at Amazon. they are actually a joy to eat, yummy!

pain pills have many unfortunate side effects (including constipation) at least that malady can be overcome with lots of fruit, juice, water and roughage

oh joy!

adaptive tools...

i've always opened cans with a manual can opener, but it requires two hands... so i bought this one handed battery operated can opener

it arrived in a package that needs two hands, a pair of scissors, a box cutter, 3 cocktails plus brute force to open


my friend fought with it for 10 minutes then finally i was able to test it out. i give it an A+  for one handed operation and a 10 for entertainment value because it does an undulating dance while opening the can hands free

while i was up typing, harley and his teddy bear commandeered my padded cell where i try to lay in such a way that i can prop my injured wing above my heart while weighing it down with a baggy of ice

time to go rest, pardon my horrendous editing...

a GIANT THANK YOU to saintly angels who are looking out after this fool with good well wishes, positive vibes and gifts of aid

i am reduced to tears of humbleness and gratitude


NOW... if you are looking for oodles of giggles,  just follow me around for a day with a video camera while i learn to do two handed tasks with one hand tied behind my back



  1. Been there with the binding effects of pain pills. Yes eat the prunes and fiber, but Stool Softeners also help a lot. Take maxim dose of over the counter, at night before bed. They are not a laxative. They just help things go more smoothly so you don't feel like you are passing a brick. They are non addictive, you should use them as long as needed, and afterwards your system will go back to normal with no future need for laxative or stimulants.

  2. thanks for the info! so far lots of fruit works fine and plenty of water :) of course it keeps me hopping around to the broom closet often LOL

  3. Your hand is still so swollen my goodness. Glad the extra fruit and water are helping you. I had the same problem from muscle relaxers and had to take the softners. As for the pain I just take 3 tylenol and once a day and it has helped more than those nasty pain pills which yes cause more constipation. I had one of those can openers it last about 2 yrs then died. I love it and was thinking about getting another one. So much easier then dragging out the big one

  4. You have me laughing about trying to open a package that takes two hands to maneuver, but with only one hand available. I know it isn't funny in reality but you make it sound humorous! Hang in there - things will get better.


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