Friday, August 07, 2015

The Ugly

thank you so very much for all your well wishes, prayers, good positive vibes and for stopping by to check on my latest misadventures

pain was still excruciating, 24 hours after booboo, i took this pic cause i didn't like the big lump and swelling, we patched up rv with temporary repairs to go seek medical help, i just wanted something for the mind boggling pain, i had no idea the extent of my injuries

still have no use of hand, but this is my humongous thumb and fingers 2 days after surgery

still can't straighten out fingers, but i have high hopes!

i woke up alive, the sun came up and angels are watching out for this fool

i feel like the luckiest person alive  but my dog is a lousy at typing
(pawdon the less than pawfect writing)

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  1. That looks so painful! You still have a bit of your sense of humor, which is good - better than crying,


Life is goof!