Wednesday, August 05, 2015


thank you for prayers and well wishes

RV was parked in hospital lot in unmarked parking spot  near entrance with generator running and doggy keeping watch, no where else to leave it, parking laid out for cars only, all shades were up so canine was entertained with lots to watch go by like ambulances and wheelchairs and people

security didn't have the heart to harass us or else scared of doggy LOL

anesthetist forgot to remove sandpaper cover on end of breathing tube before he jammed it down my throat

can't talk, i am so hoarse and lungs so dry and throat so sore

i was bad patient and they thoroughly punished me

my hand is huge and numb, bandages make it impossible to see mess, incisions or use it. hurts worse than before

first they starved and dehydrated me before surgery then when i woke up at end of day half dead craving food for my rumbling tummy, they offered me junk food YUCK and sodas YUCK i don't eat junk food when i feel well and was mad at their piss poor super unhealthy selection and kept demanding more water, they couldn't understand my curious request for apple juice, honey and a banana, just kept showing me candy junk and sodas like my request was too complicated

i was unhappy patient

now back at rv
honey in a bit of warm tea is big help

bloody holes and little bandages all over me like i been the loser in a bb gun shootout

i was terrible patient,

they were trying to force me to sign papers without reading them first and me insisting on reading them made everyone angry

rv transmission repair is supposed to be next week and more torture for me sack of bones in the interim no choice but to drive it while angels protect and watch over the chaos

back to bed

life is goof


  1. This is the second time to write this. It disappeared. Glad your out of the hospital. Happy Harley was ok and no one dog napped him. My sage advice is hang in there. God is looking out for you. Get well and stay safe. Martha Petru

  2. I hope you don't have to drive the RV very far. I'll be sending you the best vibes I can raise!

  3. I think the hospitals just want you to agree that it's ok if they kill you doing surgery.

    Wish you were somewhere someone could look out for you and Harley. Hope you can get your RV fixed soon.


Life is goof!