Sunday, August 02, 2015

A Goofy Life

The good news is... they didn't amputate.

The bad news is... they did't amputate.

Woke up alive and life is goof. Bad dream is reality, but sometimes dog poop flies in your face when you were hoping for a butterfly.

Trying to find sanity in the chaos, see about arm/hand/wrist and work towards fixing RV transmission. That's tip of iceberg. Have to move again, in an area with scant options.

Discovering how wild and crazy it is to live with use of only one hand.

Smile, laugh, and pray it's all just a bad dream.


Good stuff to know...

I love windows in my RV and walking/bicycling outdoors for the sheer torture of the wonderful health benefits of exercise and natural light.  Anyhow Havard explains it a bit better than I can.

A prescription for better health: go alfresco
Read the full article at: Harvard Health Letter



  1. fixing transmission? what is fix? overhaul or change fluid? or in between.

    ice cream. raz

  2. trans spits out all fluid twice in 11,000 miles with no warning, both times in middle of nowhere after short drives, more details but typing a witch with one hand and pucking fain


Life is goof!