Thursday, July 30, 2015

Big Cry Baby and Funny Doctor

Alive, kicking and screaming....

um not really, too weak to kick and scream!

this post is a mess because
i am dealing with only one hand for typing

i never learned texting, so i am no good with full sized keyboard and only 5 fingers to type with

confused? me too!

I am in a lot of pucking fain and the pucking fain pills are weak weak weak.

the emergency room folks were pretty nice even though i was a lousy patient

it takes extreme pain to get me to go beg for help

the events of the last week are astonishing

i had to drop what i was doing to go deal with a loved one's finality and that has been sad sad sad

during that event my rv broke down, i have tempoary bandiad on that fix now, took a few days cause  i was weak and exhausted

i went to soak my swollen right leg ankle calf  in an icy cold river and the relief was awesome even though the steep trail required me using the quad cane coming and going

i was waiting for amazon to deliver rv transmission fluid so i could refill it then hopefully drive rather than be towed

confused? me too!

on one of my leg soaking trips to icy river, i was super hot as its been hot humid weather in upper south carolina where i trveled to on short notice, long sad story... but i went to river and  left shoes on cause hot rocks can burn feet and day before burned feet when a child in river let out ear piercing screams.... determined child was not hurt but communicates in loud shrill screams that delight his family

confused? me too!

I entered water with shoes on when usually off and i guess cause my feet decided to scratch my nose and i am not sure my nose was itching so suddemly i was levitating looking at my toes thinking my quad cane in right hand would hold me up like a circus performer but when i landed on my well padded rump, my left arm looked funny and hurt

and hurt

and hurt

and hurt

so i stayed in icy cold river with body parts submerged until my teeth chatter so arm and leg no hurt because i am so c-c-cold now

confused? me too!

next day got rv rolling with bandaids and drove a mile with one hand and one leg, dead tired from lack of sleep and grief and pain

stopped to say another final farewell to my now deceased beloved, i couldnt drive anymore cause by now my arm had been torturing me for well over 24 hours and i was crazy or crazier? from pain

my friend took over driving my rig and we had to stop  along the way to make sure rv would make it and  rv transmission level  seemed happy with temp  fix

confused? me too!

ran into young couple who needed jump start and decided to help them out, old beat up car that sounded awful, like a junk yard reject, the young woman was covered in numerous open sores  whether a dreadful disease or really bad drugs, i don't know but we helped them out, then we checked our transmission, mind you this was at an ancient store of used goods and eclectic hardware on a country road in cherokee foothills in middle of nowhere

seemed like hours before we found small hospital with ER

by then i was in so much pain i could barely talk to point at arm and hand over ID and beg to lady at desk in busy hospital

confused? me too!

xrays and a super nice young doc who was incredulous cause my arm was badly broken close to wrist from about 30 something hours earlier and he funny too cause we laughing about this
by now i was whacked out giggly

so THATS why my arm looked lumpy and me crazy with pain thinking i be such a big cry baby over grief and lack of sleep making me cranky

confused? me too!


  1. OMG-did all this happen after I stopped by for a short visit? Do you have a pretty cast? Hope you mend quickly and am sure Monkey can drive while you're mending :)

    The Troutman

  2. yepper, life is goof and a super big thank you for awesome visit and the wonderful dog treats and people treats, monkey loves driving...

  3. Oh so so sorry. At least they could have given you some good pain RX. As bad as everything you've been going through you still paint a laugh out loud blog. Take care miss mermaid and Harley and be safe.

  4. 30 hours! How very painful it must have been. Hope you heal quickly.


Life is goof!